Bringing Government Down is Selfish!

by Gil Hoffman

Former PM Netanyahu is presenting himself as an opposition leader with endless energy, but he is taking risks that could lead to rebellions in Likud.

He has unquestionably proven himself an effective leader of the opposition by bringing down Prime ministers Shimon Peres and Ehud Olmert much quicker than anyone could have expected.

Netanyahu has angered MKs in his party by insisting that all of the other 29 MKs in the party vote against a bill preventing family reunification of Palestinians with Israeli-Arabs, even though the Likud has passed the bill every year.

Dichter, who is a former head of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), accused Netanyahu of putting petty politics ahead of Israel’s security. Other Likud MKs privately accused Netanyahu of worse.

(In the past) Netanyahu offered a rotation as prime minister to the leaders of four other parties but made no serious offer to anyone in Likud.

Even the pro-Netanyahu newspaper Israel Hayom reported that there is anger in Likud toward Netanyahu. Under the headline “the knives are coming out in Likud,” former ministers complained that Netanyahu has nothing to give, no jobs and no budget.

“There is no one in the party who thinks he really cares about them,” a former Likud minister and MK told the paper. (Netanyahu is willing to destroy the Likud party for the sake of his personal political survival! After four elections in two years Bibi could not form a government. At the moment, he has nothing to offer but political chaos!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The break down and fragmentation of Israel’s well established political parties is another proof that political affiliations should not interfere with Zionist ideals of the Jewish people. We are one people with one National Goal!

-        Israel needs leadership that cares about the future of the Jewish people and is brave enough to do what is necessary in order to secure it!

-        Leadership that has a plan, which will bring the end to terror against Jews in Israel, and ends enemy occupation of the Jewish land.

-        Leadership that is able to unite Jewish people behind this plan.

-        Leadership that has a will to execute the plan!

Unfortunately, most Israeli political leaders remember Jewish national aspirations only before elections, and find justifications and excuses to not do anything after the election!

Plan to Shorten IDF Service is Cancelled

Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman agreed to cancel a plan designed to shorten military service for male and female conscripts in a number of roles. The IDF has objected to the plan as it cannot utilize the fruits of its training for long enough if the service time for conscripts is reduced.

The House Advanced Security Aid to Israel

The House Appropriations Committee, in a 32-25 vote, advanced a bill that provides security aid to Israel without putting in place any preconditions, despite calls from a number of left-wing Democrats in recent months to condition security assistance to Israel - $62.24 billion during fiscal year 2022. The bill fully funds the $3.3 billion in security assistance to Israel agreed upon in a 2016.

Enough with the Balloons!

In response to incendiary balloons launched over the frontier into Israel, the fourth times since the ‘ceasefire’, Israeli fighter jets struck Gaza targeting a facility used by Hamas to develop weapons. It was the third time Israel has carried out airstrikes in Gaza since the end of the 11-day period of attacks. (Netanyahu ignored incendiary balloons attacks! Clearing Gaza from the enemies must be the next step.)

Israel has the Right to Deal with Iran

During the meeting between US President Joe Biden and President Reuven Rivlin, Biden himself made clear that Iran will not never get nuclear weapons during his watch and that Israel has the right to do what it sees fit regarding Iran. As far as the Iranian issue is concerned, the impression was given that the United States is very concerned about President-elect Ebrahim Raisi. President Rivlin said that a two-state solution is an irrelevant proposal today. (It was always “irrelevant”, used by anti-Israel bigots to undermine the Jewish state As any sovereign state, Israel has the right to defend itself from the enemies!)

Moroccan Air Force Plane Land in Israel

A Royal Moroccan Air Force C-130 landed at the IAF’s Hatzor air base, marking the first time an air-force platform belonging to the North African country landed in Israel. The plane flew to Israel ahead of an international drill set to take part in the South with the US this week. Israel and Morocco have had close economic, diplomatic and military ties for years, and they signed a normalization agreement in December. Military ties between Israel and Morocco primarily involve intelligence cooperation and trade in arms.

Israel is Cyber Power

“Israel was one of the first countries to identify cyberspace as a potential threat to its national security,” according to a new report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. After USA, Israel was ranked in the second-highest category, along with Australia, Canada, China, France, Russia and Britain. 

Quote of the Week:

“Returning to the Iran deal is a mistake that will once again give legitimacy to one of the most violent, darkest regimes in the world. Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. Israel is not a party to the (nuclear) deal, and will maintain total freedom of action.” - Israel’s new PM, Bennett – a "no surprises" agreement with the US must work both ways!

Why Arabs Hate Palestinians

by Khaled Abu Toameh

You simply cannot burn pictures of the Saudi crown prince one day and rush to Riyadh to seek money the next. You cannot shout slogans against the Egyptian president one day and go to Cairo to seek political backing the next.

...the Palestinians are known for betraying their Arab brothers, even effectively stabbing them in the back. The Palestinians, for example, supported Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait – a Gulf state that, together with its neighbours, used to give the Palestinians tens of millions of dollars in aid each year.

This disloyalty is precisely how a growing number of Arabs, particularly those living in the Gulf states, have been describing the Palestinians for the past few years...

At the core of this deep sense of disillusionment is the Arabs' belief that despite all they did to help their Palestinian brothers for the past seven decades, the Palestinians have proven to be constantly ungrateful toward the Arab and Muslim people and states.

Such a widespread view as that now being expressed in various Arab states accuses the Palestinians of betraying their Arab and Muslim brothers...

Until a few years ago, it was the Egyptians who were spearheading the anti-Palestinian campaign in the Arab world. Prominent Egyptian media personalities, journalists, writers and politicians seemed to be competing for a blue ribbon on who could attack Palestinians harder.

The Egyptians focused their criticism against the Palestinian terror group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip -- a coastal enclave that has a shared border with Egypt...

Now it seems that it is the Saudis' turn to "tell it like it is" to the Palestinians. Like their Egyptian colleagues, many Saudi writers, bloggers, activists and journalists have taken to social media to denounce the Palestinians in an unprecedented manner. Some Saudis, for instance, are describing the Palestinians as terrorists and accusing them of selling their land to Israelis.

These denunciations are coming not only from Saudis, but from a growing number of Arabs in other Arab and Muslim countries, particularly in the Gulf...

Other Saudis seem extremely unhappy with the Palestinians' relations with Iran. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the two terror groups controlling the Gaza Strip, receive financial and military aid from Iran and political backing from Turkey. The Saudis and other Gulf states see Iran, not Israel, as the major threat to their stability. Because of that, these states have come closer to Israel in recent years. Israel and they have a common enemy: Iran...

What they see is Palestinian stagnation, mainly thanks to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas leaders, who are too busy poisoning their peoples' minds and ripping each other to shreds to have time for anything positive. The Palestinians may just wake up one day to discover that their Arab brothers can truly no longer be duped...