Happy  Purim  to  all  of  you!

Boycott next Good Friday!

Church is still dressed in anti-Semitic robe.

Pope Benedict is refusing to change a Latin prayer calling for the conversion of Jews. A delegation of rabbis is to visit the Vatican this week to request a change in the Good Friday text. One rabbi complained, "What is 50 or 60 years of dialogue worth, what worth is the confession of guilt [by the Catholic church] after the Holocaust, if we are shown so little respect."

(…but plenty of support, understanding and compassion for Muslims! The Church has not singled out and prayed for the deliberate conversion of Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists. It is still unthinkable for the Catholic Church to take off the millennium old anti-Semitic robe. I wonder how many good Catholics out there will walk out of a church in protest during next Good Friday mass? In contrast, the killing of the Catholic archbishop in Iraq was met with conciliatory condemnation from Pope.)

Anti-Judaism Foundation of Church. What caused the switch from worship on Saturday to Sunday? One of the principle motivations in the early church was anti-Judaism, according to a Christian researcher Samuele Bacchiocchi. Nicene conciliar letter from Constantine written in A.D. 325 wrote: "Let us then have nothing in common with the detestable Jewish crowd: for we have received from our Savior a different way ... Strive and pray continually that the purity of your souls may not seem in anything to be sullied by fellowship with the customs of these most wicked men...” Not surprisingly, anti-Sabbath laws followed in Rome – imposing harsh penalties for anyone who refused to work on Saturday or who deigned to worship on that day of the week.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Endless Hypocrisy: In July 1922, the League of Nations recognized "the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine". Great Britain was called upon to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine - Eretz Israel (Land of Israel). Great Britain did everything possible to sabotage its mission: illegally ceding trans-Jordan; encouraging settlement of Arabs in Palestine; disarming Jews; permitting Arab terror against Jews to flourish. Even now Israel is not allowed to defend herself!

Transfer of ‘Palestinians’ from Iraq is Permitted. Chile has agreed to receive 117 Palestine refugees from Iraq who have spent months living in tents along the desert border with Syria. The Catholic Church and the UN agency for refugees are involved in the plan to bring the Palestinians. (This proves again that the 4th Geneva conversion was adopted in 1949 primary to prevent Israel from removing enemy population from Jewish land and only enforced against the Jewish state! Due to this international hypocrisy Jews in Israel have been suffering from Islamic terror for 60 years. At the same time, lying monkey Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing”.)

Hidden Enemy is Defending the Enemy of Israel. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice defended Mahmoud Abbas during testimony before the US Congress last Wednesday. Rice was responding to a question about a statement made by Abbas in which he said he is opposed to armed struggle "because we cannot succeed in it, but maybe in the future things will be different." (They turn and twist like an ell on a frying pan!)

Call for Real Action Against Terror. Ashkelon's Deputy Mayor Levi Shafran told Olmert the city's 26,000 students have nothing but a desk to protect them from rocket attacks: "[The government] must protect, not fortify. It must deal with the Kassams and Grads and not fortify the city with a budget that's equal to what the city spends in 15 years." (Israel can end the Arab terror. For this the country needs a National Zionist government, not a bunch of self-serving, paralysed idiots, who play games with Jewish lives!)

Lies Again. Despite Israel's government denial, Egypt officially confirmed that talks have taken place between Israel and Hamas for a truce. (Israeli leaders have been lying again to the people of Israel by denying that they were engaged in negotiating another truce, Hudna, agreement with Hamas. This is not a democracy, but rule of traitorous idiots!)

So Much for 'Calm'. A barrage of at least 15 Kassam rockets rained down on the western Negev early Thursday morning. Two slammed into the rocket-battered city of Sderot, one near a school and the second damaging a house. (No more ‘Hudna’, all enemies must be removed from Gaza! Terrorists in Gaza have fired more than 830 rockets at Israeli cities in the first two months of 2008)

Quote of the Week:

''Our existential war takes place day after day and hour after hour, but no force in the world will overcome Zionism. We will continue to fight to ensure our security''. - Ehud Olmert. - Nice words. Does he read his own words? We must not “continue to fight” but end this fight and start living!

“Greedy” Jews? Israel is a world leader in the magnitude of its non-profit sector. In 2004, the activities of the non-profit organizations amounted to 80 billion shekels, or one-tenth of the overall activity of the Israeli economy. 365,000 people work as volunteers, which represents 15% of the total workforce in Israel.

Another ‘Partner’ in the Fake Peace Process. PA leader Mahmoud Abbas issued an emotional denouncement of Israel's Special Operations action in Bethlehem which left four senior terrorists dead, including Muhammad Shehadeh who is believed to be the mastermind behind the deadly terror attack on the Merkaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva in Jerusalem. "This barbaric crime against our fighters and against our Palestinian people tears the mask off of the fake mask covering the face of Israel, which speaks of peace and on a daily basis commits crimes, murders and executions against our people." (Who is wearing mask? It sounds like he spoke about himself and the murderous mob he is representing!)

Young Israelis Say Enough! According to data from the IDF human resources department on the eve of the traditional March mobilization, a growing number of recruits are entering combat units. Among them, the Golani brigade is the most requested.

Hypocrisy of the ‘Loaded’ Headlines:

Sarkozy: “Israel must stop 'colonization'.”Very catchy statement, which is based on lies and creates a fake perception:

1) Even by modern legal standards, all Palestine is the Jewish land. Therefore, Arabs are the actual occupiers of Jewish land!

2) Throughout all of the history of humanity, no country in the world, being in a position of military superiority, has done more than Israel to find a peaceful solution to a conflict with its mortal enemy.

Money Pit. Iraq war has cost the US 50-60 times more, $US3trillion, than the Bush administration predicted in 2003 and was a central cause of the sub-prime banking crisis threatening the world economy, according to Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz. (Iraq is in disarray and true democracy will never be achived in Iraq. Time to cut losses!)

Inhumane Terror Against All. An Arab from Jericho tried to abduct two five-year old children in a playground on moshav Porat near Netanya last week.

Maintaining Unbearable Life. There is a direct connection between the terror attack at Marcaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem and Kassam rocket attacks on southern Israeli towns - both are meant to make Israelis’ lives unbearable, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said a week ago. (What about negotiating with enemies? The Israeli government is even more responsible for the death of Jews than our enemy, because it has the power but refuses to take decisive action to end this intolerable situation once and for all!)

First-Temple Building Found.

The Israel Antiquities Authority announces the first time in the history of the archaeological research of Jerusalem that building remains from the First Temple period (8th-6th centuries B.C.E.) have been exposed close to the Temple Mount – on the eastern slopes of the Upper City. The dig is being carried out in the northwestern part of the Western Wall plaza, near the staircase leading up towards the Jaffa Gate.

Another impressive artefact found in the salvage excavations is a personal Hebrew seal made of a semi-precious stone that was apparently inlaid in a ring. A vast amount of pottery vessels was also discovered, among them three jar handles that bear similar stamped impressions. An inscription written in ancient Hebrew script is preserved on one these impressions, reading "Belonging] to the King of Hevron." (In order to discredit Jewish claims to the Holy land, Israel’s enemies hinder archaeological work in Jerusalem and disallow any genuine archaeological research in trans-Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Sinai.)

Self-Hating Enemy Within. Reform rabbi Arik Asherman, head of the leftist group “Rabbis for Human Rights” has been arrested, while taking part in a protest against archaeological digs in Jerusalem, which they blamed for the recent destruction of illegal Arab structures in the area.