Blame Jews for Everything!

by Steven Shamrak.

Throughout history, Jews have been blamed for almost everything. We were responsible for the Black Death during the Dark Ages and responsible for the exploitation of working classes by Capitalist society and spreading the ideals of Communism around the world. Jews were slave traders and were fighting against slavery; we are branded as Imperialists and human rights activists; we destroyed the rule of Tsar in Russia and created and obliterated, 70 years later, the Soviet Union. We are Anarchists and Socialists, Hippies, gay and women’s right’s activists, as well as neo-Conservatives!

All this stupidity began after a Jewish guy, Jesus, started preaching a basic Jewish law – LOVE - for fellow human beings! Several hundred later his followers, with the blessing of a Roman Emperor, alleged that Jews are responsible for his death. After two thousand years most people, mainly Christians, still have not asked or even want to know about the facts. Crucifixion was the Roman way of punishment of ‘criminals’, people who opposed the brutal Roman occupation and Judea and Samaria were the hot spots of resistance to the Roman Empire. It is only after the Rome adopted the Christianity that Jews were blamed for the killing of the Jewish guy. After all, the Romans and the early Church could not admit killing their own chosen god!

There used to be a saying in the Soviet Union: “If there is no water in a tap, it must be Jews who have drunk it all” – in a word, that means, blame Jews for everything! Paranoid accusations and anti-Semitic propaganda that Jews are in control of the world have now spread from the Christian to the Muslim world.  This technique has always been used by kings, dictators and even by democratically elected governments to control and divert the attention of the mob, sorry population, from the problems that a kingdom or country has been experiencing and their true causes. We have even been accused of using the blood of Christian children in preparation of Matzos for Passover, with complete disregard for the fact that the Torah explicitly forbids Jews from using or eating any blood in food.

Jews have persistently been used as the most effective scapegoat! Some say: “If there were no Jews, they would be invented.”

If all these innuendoes that a nation, which numbers less than 0.2% of world population, has so much power over all Humanity are true, Jews must be really the Chosen people! Therefore, it would be a clear sign to any Christian or Muslim person, who believes in the Jewish teachings, as the Christian Bible and Koran claim, that they must worship Jews and allow us to gain full ownership of all Jewish land. Otherwise, they are not true believers! But we do not ask for any of this. The only request we have is: please leave as alone and let us live in peace on our land, Eretz-Israel!

And finally, I wonder if Jews are so powerful and such a world-controlling nation, as our ‘admirers’ say, why aren’t we yet, almost 60 years after declaration of independence of Israel, in complete control of the land of our ancestors? Furthermore, all of us must ask: what a low level of self-esteem and/or heightened hate for Jews those idiots, who blame Jews for everything, have? Aren’t they able to do anything significant at all, good or bad, on their own? At the same time, I sincerely wish that they were right!

In four days, 165 Qassam, 76 mortar rounds and one Katyusha rocket against Israeli civilians were fired from Gaza.In response Israeli Air Force bombed empty, as usual, Hamas interior ministry in Gaza. It is not the way to end terror!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Jews have been told for almost 2 millennia that there is something wrong with us. We need time and new victories to change this belief, to shift from self-hate to self-respect and self-appreciation! Having a decent leadership and clear National goal would help.

Olmert’s Non-committal War. “We don’t seek to fight in the Gaza Strip,” Olmert said, “but neither will we put up with these attacks. We will continue to target the terrorists with wisdom and boldness.” Olmert stressed there is no magic formula for stopping every missile. (He just does not want to see or look for it! By fighting only the symptoms one cannot defeat disease!)

PA: No Agreements on 'Give and Take'. The Palestinian Authority cannot negotiate compromises with Israel and will cut off talks if the IDF does not halt its attacks on terrorists in Gaza and stop Jewish communities from being built, PA negotiator Saeb Erekat said Thursday. (No commitment to end terror attacks and recognise Israel! Since the signing the Oslo agreement Israel gives but the Arabs only take!)

Dead Terrorists – No Strategic Gain. MK Yuval Steinitz (Likud) reacted to the news that the IDF has killed 1,000 terrorists in Gaza in the past two years by saying that this was only a limited achievement. "There is no strategic achievement here. There is a limited tactical effect on the other side." (With no goal for ending Arab occupation and re-unification of all Jewish land the conflict will flourish endlessly!)

Misguided Objective. President George W. Bush gave Israel the nod for its long-delayed military operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. (Why would Israel need permission to defend herself?) The US president, Israeli Prime minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas agreed that the Israeli operation’s prime objective must be to purge the Gaza Strip of Hamas strength in order to hand it over to the PA. (…from one terrorist entity to another! This is a conspiracy to prolong the Arab-Israel conflict! Ending an occupation of Jewish land by Arabs is the only way to cease this conflict. Removal of all enemy population from Gaza would be a good first step of the new peace process.)

Quote of the Week:

"They (Jews) will no longer be uprooted from this land that I have given" - Prophet Amos. - Jewish Olmert and born again Christian president Bush do not know their own bible!

Stupidity of Inaction. The Israeli government told the court that it is unable to decide how to protect Sderot from rocket attacks at this time. Terrorists are using rockets with longer ranges, and more cities are coming under attack, officials explained, so whatever the government does in Sderot will set a precedent.  The government cannot afford to provide protective shielding for larger cities. (The best protection for Sderot and other cities from Qassam and Katusha rockets would be re-unification of Gaza, cleared of its terror-infested Arab population, with Israel! For that politicians must have love for their own country, integrity and guts!)

Israeli Arabs – Enemy Within. An Israeli Arab group called Ahrar al-Jalil (Free People of the Galilee) claims it attempted to bomb Jewish cars in Haifa and near the Harish Junction. The group said it would continue to attack Israelis within Israel’s 1948 borders.

Another ‘Friendly’ Gesture from Bush. The U.S. announced its intention to sell Saudi Arabia 900 JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munitions) laser-guided bombs. Israel has warned that if a fundamentalist rebellion takes place in Saudi Arabia, any technology it possesses could fall into the hands of terrorists.

Iranian-Made Rocket Hit. The origins of the rocket, which hit the Israeli town of Ashkelon on Jan. 3 was made in Iran. This is clear indication of ties between Gaza's militants and Iran's hard-line Islamic regime.

Democracy in Israel?

by Aaron Kinsberg.

As a former high school history teacher, I always began the unit on the American Bill of Rights with the question, "If all rights were eliminated, which is the one to preserve?"  I would be pleasantly surprised when students answered "The Right to Free Speech and Peaceful Protest because without these, all other rights would be lost. But with these, other rights can be obtained and protected."

In Israel a dangerous trend has developed that threatens Israel's future as a true democracy. The Olmert government has attempted to limit Freedom of Speech and the Right to Peacefully Assemble by those in the Jewish nationalist camp opposed to Olmert's policies.  Opponents might be harassed, charged with incitement or accused of racism.

Questions must be raised when, during Bush's visit, 4 adults were prevented from giving out literature to journalists and had their literature confiscated under the excuse of "Possible Incitement". One was temporarily taken into custody. There is a problem when Tzvi Fishman was arrested for wearing an American flag at a peaceful demonstration, accused of "disturbing the peace". Without provocation, the arresting officer lunged at Mr. Fishman, grabbed his hat and pulled his hair.

During the Gush Katif Expulsion, when a top police officer said that excessive force should be used, and when police use excessive force even at non-violent demonstrations, there is a problem.

When under aged girls are arrested for a political act and they are kept in jail longer than criminals awaiting trial, there is a problem.

When a nationalist radio (Arutz7) is refused a license and is forced off the air, but pirate stations, who do not criticize the Prime Minister and the government are left alone, there is a problem.

When Israeli Arab groups urging secession from Israel and Leftist groups (e.g. Machsom Watch) get a free pass, questions must be raised about the selective use of laws of incitement as a tool of political oppression.

In true democracies, civil rights groups, the media and the courts act to protect these rights and move to prevent abuses by the government. However, when these three institutions become politicized, the government can act with impunity. I wonder if my above views violate the government's guideline on incitement.