Political Exit Stunts of Abbas

Each time Mahmoud Abbas threatens to step off the stage, and in recent years it has been happening once every few months, Israel panics.

As always, Israel is trying to understand whether this threat is more serious than before, and who Abbas' potential successors in Ramallah might be. As time passes and Abbas grows old (he celebrated his 80th birthday this year), Israel treats his threats more and more seriously.

Over the past few months, Europeans have publicly given Abbas their commitment to restart peace negotiations right after the Iran deal is approved. The Americans made him a similar promise as well, but only half-heartedly and in private. The Obama administration is intentionally presenting a vague position on the renewal of peace talks so as to not harm its Congressional prospects (on the Iranian nuclear deal).

Abbas' hints about retiring from the Palestinian Authority's leadership are accompanied by his recent announcement that he will not be renewing his candidacy for another high position he currently occupies: Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). He and nine other members of the PLO Executive Committee have announced their resignations.

No one will be surprised if the council calls for him and his friends to go back on their resignation, and no one will be surprised if Abbas reluctantly accepts the movement's decision and stay at the PLO's helm. At the same time, he's planning on distancing his enemies.

These kinds of stunts prove not only that Abbas isn't about to quit tomorrow morning, but that he wants to remain influential.

United Only by Killing Jews and Destroying Israel!

Representatives from a number of Palestinian terrorist organizations met in Beirut in order to work out a joint strategy to continue fighting Israel. The groups included Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Fatah, the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF) and the Revolutionary Palestinian Communist Party. The meeting focused on fighting Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, the "Judaization" of Jerusalem, and plans that would permit Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

Dear readers, I publish this editorial letter to promote Zionist ideals, and support the rights of Israel to exist and Jews to live on all Jewish ancestral land! The purpose is to educate people by presenting facts and, hopefully, change their attitude about Arab-Israeli conflict. It has never been my intention to offend anyone - even idiotic Nazis, common anti-Semites or a religion indoctrinated ones, Israel-hating lefties and so-called humanists, hypocritical members of the international press, unscrupulous politicians and business people, or some Jewish lost soils! If, for any reason, you have been offended by some information published or statements made in this editorial, please re-examine carefully all relevant facts, and honestly re-evaluate your pre-conceived ideas and belief system.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

WE MUST NOT FORGET! I watched the 9/11 attack live on several US television networks. It was a late night in Australia and it was a quite shocking experience, even in the comfort of my home! But, the disgusting part of it was that after the first plane hit a tower, for over 30 minutes almost all TV news anchors repeated the same idiotic mantra - “accident”. If the West isn’t going clearly identify the enemy, and have the dedication to fight and eradicate them, we have no hope to win this war!

Rise of Islamo-Nazis Europe

Two Holocaust survivors brutally beaten in Amsterdam. Attackers called Shmuel and Diana Blog ‘dirty Jews'; beating left them wheelchair-bound and cost Shmuel his sight. Welcome to the new Europe, same as the old one, with imported Islamo-Nazis to do their bidding this time. The Europeans hide behind their Islamic thugs. And, leftist Jews actively support these attacks with their money and votes!

Israel Reduces VAT

Israel's sales tax to drop by 1% for consumers and 1.5% for companies. "With high taxes, the economy does not grow," Netanyahu stated. "In recent months, the state treasury accumulated a surplus of billions," said Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon. "This money came from citizens and we intend to return it to citizens." (Have any ‘normal’ states done it?)

No Media Hype about Saudi Concern over Iran Deal

King Salman of Saudi Arabia met Obama in Washington. During the meeting the king reiterated the concern of Gulf states over the recent deal on Iran's nuclear program. Gulf states had been repeatedly expressing their concern about the terms of the nuclear deal with Iran, warning that a final agreement could allow Iran to keep the technologies needed to produce nuclear weapons.

Israel Must Prove Khamenei Wrong

Iran’s supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a series of threatening tweets Wednesday, said Israel would not survive the next 25 years and Iran would reject any negotiations with the US, or the “Great Satan,” beyond the nuclear deal. (Only by adopting the national Zionist plan and its decisive implementation Israel will be able to end enemy aggression, defeat them and reunite Jewish land!)

India Buys Israeli Drones

India and Israel's military relationship grew further last week, after Delhi quietly purchased ten armed Heron TP drones from the Jewish state in a $400 million deal. Herons are used for precision strikes and can carry over 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs). The ones being supplied to India will be equipped with air-to-ground missiles for destroying terror targets.

The Ugly Nazi at Its Best

The UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved the Palestinians' proposal to raise their flag, along with that of the Holy See, at UN headquarters - a symbolic step in the Palestinians' pursuit of statehood. The Palestinians and the Vatican are the only two observers. (The ‘Ugly Nothing’ made the fake and terror-infested nation “as holy as the Pope”! Only seven countries voted with Israel against this anti-Semitic international hypocrisy!)

Quote of the Week:

“Let’s say you are a human rights activist, and you want to express your positions but you don’t want to die for them. In this case, you’ll come to Israel, shout a little, they’ll interview you, you’ll give academic lectures, and you are successful, you will become a human rights celebrity in certain circles. If you try to do the same thing in Rabat, Morocco, that will be your last lecture. Israel is too soft on protesters and that makes them come here.” - Professor Eugene Kontorovich, expert in constitutional and international law - Israel has become a country that is easy and convenient to oppose, criticize, defame and smear!

Blackmail by the Oslo Accords Cancelation

by Jack Moore

Mahmoud Abbas is considering opening a "new chapter in Palestinian history" in his UN General Assembly speech later this month, with the PA leadership "in favor" of voiding the Oslo peace accords with Israel, according to a PLO official.

The Oslo Accords, the first signed in 1993 and the second in 1995, outlined a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians with the aim of fulfilling the "right of the Palestinian people to self-determination."

The accords created the Palestinian Authority (PA), which today controls the West Bank and (sometimes) coordinates with Israel on security matters. It also created Areas A, B and C of the West Bank, with A under the PA's control, C under Israeli control and B under shared control.

The official confirmed that discussions over the move are continuing and that it has support from the majority of the Palestinian leadership.

"What Majdalani said, it's something that is being studied and is very popular. Most of the leadership are in favour of that," the official said.

"I think that the president, when it comes to an issue like this, does not comment until the decision has been made," the official added. "But what I can tell you is what Majdalani said is indeed being discussed and I think that people would be surprised if I told you the names pushing for it."

Abbas has routinely made symbolic statements in his annual UN General Assembly speech. Last year, he said that Israel had committed "genocide" during the seven-week Gaza War. In 2011, he announced in his speech that the Palestinians would seek membership for a state of Palestine at the UN Security Council. (This is a good new development, If they decide to void the Oslo Accords, which has expired 10 years ago, it will open the way for Israel to implement the Sinai Option.)