Bills Postponement Syndrome

- Debate over a bill by Otzma Yehudit MK Limor Son Har-Melech to remove students who support terrorism from universities will be postponed for a month. Students who express support for an armed conflict by an enemy state or terrorist organization against the State of Israel, who express support for acts of terrorism or in terrorist organizations, or who wave a flag of an enemy country, terrorist organization or the Palestinian Authority will be suspended from their academic institution for 30 days, the bill says. If a student commits one of the above a second time, he or she will be expelled from the institution permanently and will not be able to receive an academic degree in Israel or recognition of an academic degree from a foreign university for five years.

- Succumbing to foreign pressure, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to suspend debate on a Likud resolution denying the tax credit enjoyed by Israeli donors to NGOs that receive contributions from a foreign entity.

- Netanyahu announces a delay to the judicial overhaul plan. He announced delay to his government flagship judicial reform to the next parliamentary session, saying he wanted to give time to seek a compromise over the contentious package with his political opponents. (They do not want democratic change to the judicial system in Israel - they do not seek a compromise.)

IDF soldiers Lia Bin-Nun, 19, from Rishon Lezion, and Ori Yitzhak Illouz, 30, from Tzfat were killed by an Egyptian police officer near Har Harif on the Egyptian-Israeli border. Later, Ohad Dahan, 20, from Ofakim, was killed while searching for the terrorist who killed Lia and Ori.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

When a head of democratic country, which has been subjected to wars and terror attacks for many decades, cares more about his international image, political survival and ‘legacy’, he is unlikely to make any prudent decision that will change the ugly status quo, and secure the peaceful future for his people and country. Even when his coalition partners propose changes, that are long over-due, he may sabotages and undermines them. During his long tenure as the PM of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu has done very little to promote the Zionist values of the Jewish people, which were the foundational ideology of Israel’s creation and, especially, his own party - Likud!

People in the White House are not Friends of Israel

- First Lady Jill Biden plans to avoid Israel during her trip to the Middle East. The president's wife revealed that she is visiting the Muslim-majority countries "to build on our longstanding partnerships and meet with young people across the region" (but not Israel). The trip comes as the Biden administration has refused to directly meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since his election victory in November.

- Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, said that the Americans are making a “serious mistake” by not having yet invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit Washington.

Israeli Strucked Hezbollah Training Base

Airstrikes in the Damascus area that were attributed to Israel targeting a Hezbollah terror group training base. The unit training at the Dumayr base - known within the Iran-backed terror organization as the Golan File - operates in southern Syria near Israel’s border.

This is not US Business

- US Ambassador to Israel, Tom Nides, sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him not to move forward with the so-called “Non-profits Law”, that would limit the ability of Israeli nongovernmental organizations to raise money from foreign governments. (Internal laws of Israel must not be subject to bulling by fake friends. The government of Israel should address this external interference as another form of Antisemitism.)

- US Ambassador to Israel, Tom Nides, marched in the Jerusalem pride parade last Thursday, calling it a tribute to the LGBT community in Israel and Jerusalem. (This is a public display of contempt for the Jewish state. He would have never done it in any Muslim country!)

New Gas Reservoir Discovered

A new natural gas reservoir off Israel’s Mediterranean Coast has been discovered is considered the fourth largest gas field to be discovered in Israel since 2010, with 68 billion cubic meters (BCM) of natural gas.

World is Tired of Fake Palestinian Refugees

Despite a dire warning from the UN chief that the UN agency for Palestinian refugees "is on the verge of financial collapse," donors provided just $107 million in new funds - significantly less than the $300 million the UNRWA hoped for to keep over 700 schools and 140 clinics open from September through December. (So-called Palestinians are the only refugees in the world that have been supported by the UN for four generations. None of the other legitimate refugees enjoy this ‘privilege’. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the only other UN agency for refugees does not define descendants of refugees to be refugees themselves. Only UNRWA does, and only the so-called Palestinians have their own agency.)

Iran has High Quantity of Enriched Uranium

The UN nuclear watchdog (IAEA) said that Iran's estimated stockpile of enriched uranium had reached more than 23 times the limit set out in the 2015 accord between Tehran and world powers. Iran's total enriched uranium stockpile was estimated at 4,744.5 kilograms as of 13 May. The limit in the 2015 deal was set at 202.8 kilograms.

Israel Frustrated with the IAEA Iran Deal

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) closed two investigations into Iran's nuclear program after drastically limiting the monitoring equipment installed at Iranian sites. Israeli expressed frustration with the IAEA for lax enforcement that could lead to Iran obtaining dangerous levels of nuclear material. "The dangers facing the State of Israel are increasing, and we may be required to fulfill our duty in order to protect the integrity of Israel and especially the future of the Jewish people," said Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

IDF Simulating Attacks from Iran and Lebanon

The Israel Defense Forces launched a two-week-long military exercise intended to simulate multi-arena combat in air, sea, land, and the cyber sector. Active military and reserve IDF forces from all commands, arms and wings are taking part in the exercise, which is expected to simulate attacks on Lebanon and Iran.

Quotes of the Week:

“We have stopped being naďve. We will fix the judicial system. We are not impressed by the threats you make against us.

A post-Zionist minority is trying to dominate its values through the judicial system. Change will only come from a deep and fundamental change, when someone who views equality as real will be sitting in. We must not miss this opportunity. If we do not take care of this - we will end up doing nothing." - Yariv Levin, the Justice Minister accused the Supreme Court of “post-Zionist” judicial activism.

Iran’s Policy Needs a Decisive Response

by Steven Shamrak

I wrote this article on 15 Jan 2007. New Iranian leadership has the same objective. The situation become even more urgent, as Iran is able to build a nuclear weapon now.

After the collapse of Iraq, the government of Iran took over the leading role in the war against “Infidels”. This war is not just against Israel, but against the entire Western and non-Islamic world. The objective is: World domination by the darkest form of Islam. And our enemies do not hide their intentions. They openly state them and act toward the achievement of the goals they have set:

1. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made several definite statements about Iran’s intention of destroying Israel. He stated that the "Zionist regime" should be "wiped off the map," and has repeatedly denied the Holocaust. (As has the current Iranian government.)

2, According to the IAEA, Iran had more than 1300 centrifuges enriching uranium at an underground facility in Natanz as of May 13th and could reach its goal of industrial-scale production, with 3000 centrifuges running, by the end of June. That number could make enough enriched uranium for a bomb in a little less than a year. (Iran is expanding the assembly of centrifuges by 300 a week.)

3. Syrian and Iranian generals are in intensive war consultations.

4. The anti-Syrian leaders are being assassinated in Lebanon.

Hezbollah has built a network of underground military bunkers under the feet of United Nations peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon close to Israel’s border. It is estimated that it has stockpiled 20,000 rockets. (100,000 now)

5. Hamas helps Iran build Gaza into an anti-Israel base.

Iran, Syria, Hamas, Fatah, Hizballah and many other Muslim and Arab ‘friends of Israel’ made it clear – the war is coming. The objective is customary – destruction of Israel! Jews have to realize that only pursuit of our own rights with unapologetic determination will bring true peace to the region. Our civility and humanity are always viewed as a weakness! Must Israel wait till her enemies are strong and ready?

Iran is just a small step away from creating an A-bomb. Iranian leaders have stated many times their intention to annihilate Israel using a nuclear weapon. Israel must not wait any longer. The time to strike Iran is now, hopefully, this will help the Iranian people to remove despotic regime!