Bibi still Plays Delusional Game of Peace!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implored right-wing leaders to unify behind him in future peace efforts, promising that he would not bring a “tragedy” upon the settlements and that not a single settler would be uprooted as part of a peace deal with the Palestinians.

In his remarks in the Knesset, during an event marking 50 years since the Six Day War and the beginning of the settlement enterprise, Netanyahu also hinted that US President Donald Trump was sticking to the traditional peace-making formulas: "No one will be uprooted from his home,” he reiterated, to applause. Netanyahu has in the past floated the suggestion that settlers be allowed to remain in Jewish enclaves within a Palestinian state, an idea forcefully rejected by the Palestinians. (It doesn’t matter whether the “settlement” is in Judea or Samaria, or if it is Tel Aviv. Goal of our enemies - all Jews must be removed from ‘Palestine’!)

Benjamin Netanyahu was apparently prepared to accept a framework agreement drafted by officials of previous US administration that set the pre-1967 lines as the basis for negotiations with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu sought to have the words “territorial contiguity” removed but was rebuffed by Washington.

Two drafts of a document meant to set the parameters for negotiations during US-brokered talks in early 2014 recognized Israel as a Jewish state, dropped the Palestinian demand for a “right of return” and set Jerusalem as the capital for both Israel and Palestine.

The PA President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the first draft and did not respond to the second one. (All sides know that enemies of Israel do not want peace with the Jewish state, but its destruction! And yet, they are still playing the idiotic ‘peace’ game putting Jewish lives in danger. Only by removing all enemies from Jewish land real change will come!)

Do not Conquer Gaza - Clear It from Enemies!

The Israeli army is not planning to conquer the Gaza Strip if another war were to break out with Hamas, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said, in an apparent turnaround from his repeated insistence in previous years that reoccupying the territory was the only way to stop rocket fire. (No wonder Hamas and other PA terrorist groups do not fear IDF. Jews need to vote idiots out of the leadership of the country!)

FOOD for THOUGHT by Steven Shamrak

President Donald Trump is not afraid to confront the world on many issues: He has annulled TTP, abused China and Europeans, repealed Obama-care, lectured NATO members, attacked Syria, shown ‘disrespect to Saudi king and withdrew the US from Paris climate change agreement. The only problem for him is to fulfill the promise he gave to Jews! It seems that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem presents ‘the greatest threat’ to the US national security! More than Iran and North Korea and all other world problems and conflicts! Although, I think, I understand his strategy. If he is going to do it, most likely it will be before the US mid-primaries Congressional election, which is on Tuesday, November 6, 2018!


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US is Testing Arrow-3 Missile Defense System

Testing of the Arrow-3 missile system will begin in 2018 in the US. The system was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and Boeing Co., and is co-managed by the Missile Defense Agency and the Israel Missile Defense Organization. (The US benefits greatly from the ‘aid’ to Israel, unlike the aid to other countries!)

Green Light to Build

US administration refrained from condemning Israel’s approval for 2,600 new housing units in Judea and Samaria, signaling a significant policy shift in Washington. While every administration over the past half a century, from Lyndon Johnson through Barack Obama, has chastised Israel for the construction. The Trump White House made no comment on the subject since inauguration. (Not that a sovereign country needs outside approval! Unfortunately, the galut mentality still controls minds of Israel’s leadership.)

Hamas Tunnel Underneath UNRWA School

Terrorist tunnel was discovered under a school in Gaza run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA). The cruelty of Hamas knows no bounds as they use the children of Gaza as human shields. Instead of UN schools serving as centers of learning and education, Hamas has turned them into terror bases for attacks on Israel,” said Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon.

Now it is President Trump Move!

The US Senate unanimously passed a resolution, marking the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War.

The resolution, which passed by a 90-0 vote, calls on President Donald Trump to "abide by" a 1995 law which stipulates that the US Embassy in Israel to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It says that “Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel in which the rights of every ethnic and religious group are protected.” (December 1 is the next deadline!)

UNRWA Must be Dismantled!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Sunday for the dismantling of the U.N. agency that aids millions of Palestinian refugees, accusing it of anti-Israeli incitement. Netanyahu said UNRWA perpetuated, rather than solved, the Palestinian refugee problem. "It is time UNRWA be dismantled and merged with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees," Netanyahu said. He had conveyed his message to the US ambassador to the United Nations. The United States, Israel's main ally, was the biggest donor to UNRWA last year, pledging $368 million.

Will Russia Move Embassy to Jerusalem First?

Jerusalem Affairs Minister tells Russian Ambassador Russia has a chance to become the first nation to move its embassy to Jerusalem. “I cannot help but hope that you and your country will take advantage of the half-year break that the president of the United States has unfortunately taken, and in the next six months, to win the competition between the two powers and beat the Americans to the punch."

One Missile Makes a Difference

A single mystery missile, which could have been fired from the ground or the air early Wednesday morning, June 7, wiped out the entire top Islamic State command on the Syrian Golan. All 16 officers of the 2,000-strong Khaled Ibn al Waleed army, the ISIS operations arm on the Syrian Golan, were present in the targeted building.

‘Ugly Nazi’ is still Barking

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres slammed Israel for what he called its “occupation of the Palestinian territory” on the 50th anniversary of the its defensive 1967 Six Day War. (What document would support his notion that there was “Palestinian territory” before 1967? Judea and Samaria was occupied by Jordan, Gaza by Egypt! Since 1948 the UN has been deliberately keeping Arabs, who left Palestine, in well established refugee camps - that are really towns and cities!)

Gutless Netanyahu and Corrupt Turkey!

While Israel already transferred $20 million in compensation to the families of the 10 Turkish nationals killed in the IDF raid on the flotilla, the money is stuck in the Turkish Finance Ministry.

Quote of the Week:

We habitually use international aid funds to dedicate facilities in honor of those who committed massacres, to pay lifetime pensions to the perpetrators of such acts, and to support the families of those who were killed or captured in the attempt. Palestinian culture is all but defined by our devotion to uncompromising opposition to Israel, and that finds it most quotidian expression in the allocation of funds to those heroes and their families for purposes of glorifying their acts. Demands from Norway, the US, the EU, and now maybe even the UN... the institutions or individuals who issue those demands will face unwavering, possibly violent, resistance. You cannot define our culture for us! ...Killing Jews is an ancient element of our culture, and the one thing we should be able to agree on.” - Mustafa Massiqr - Israel must destroy this ‘culture’ – Cutting the PA financing is the easiest first step!

‘Incidents’ Will Happen Again

by Steven Shamrak (written, July 2005).

I wish I was wrong!

After the second wave of bombings in London I spent several hours watching news reports. Surprisingly supposedly independent news agencies were performing the same ‘routine’. All of them - CNN, FOX and ITV – were using the word ‘Incidents’ as a mantra. To my astonishment, the four bombs did not deserve to be qualified as an act of terror committed by Islamic terrorists, or should I say ‘militants’?

In his speech Tony Blair was very deliberate and used the word “Incidents” extensively. He was extremely sensitive in his attempt to avoid the use of the words Islamic or Muslim terrorism. His sensitivity had vaporized in a moment when he without any hesitation called the disputed territories - Palestine as a state. As usual, sensitivity is only applied to Muslims, not to Jews and Israel.

In order to achieve any goal one must know what he or she wants. To defeat the Islamic terrorism we must know our enemies. What are their motivations, goals and resources? Only after clearly identifying the enemy is it possible to form proper defense plans and execute them.

As long as ‘Tony Blairs’ of the West continue with the stupidity of political correctness (the terror acts are called ‘Incidents’ and terrorists – ‘militants’) the bombings will happen again. In London, Berlin, Rome, Moscow or Sydney - terrorists do not care. Their acts are indiscriminate. With the current attitude of the western leadership we have no hope in winning this war. Indecisiveness of the West only encourages Islamic expansionism and motivates the Muslim terrorists to intensify their hideous deeds!