Beware of Trump Bearing Gifts

Officials close to US president Donald Trump stated that after his telephone call Friday to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Trump intends to convene a regional peace conference in Jordan or Egypt. The administration is keen to restart the peace process in the Middle East and the officials stated that Trump himself would attend a regional peace conference, according to a report by Yediot Aharonot.

The Prime Minister's office refused to relate to the matter, but Foreign Ministry officials said they were aware of the initiative.

According to a statement published by the White House after Trump spoke with Abu Mazen, the president that said that he "believes that peace can be reached and that its time to make a deal" but stressed that America will not force a solution on the sides and that the peace will be attained through direct negotiations.

(On the surface Trump has been seen as a pro-Israel president of the United States, although, contradictory messages are coming from the White House: “direct negotiations”, a regional peace conference and push to “make a deal”. What deal? To cede Jewish land to the enemies-terrorists who will only be satisfied when Israel is destroyed and all Jews are killed! Will he sacrifice Israel for the sake of his ‘making a deal’ reputation in order to ‘make history’?)

Duplicity Game Again?

PA chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, is invited to visit White House during his first phone call with President Donald Trump. The phone call was the first contact between the two leaders. The American president, whom Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu anticipated would be far more supportive of Israel than his predecessor Barak Obama, went out of his way in the call to leave Abbas feeling upbeat. Trump’s invitation thus constitutes a political lifeline for Abbas. The PA president can hardly be derided as irrelevant if he’s being hosted by the president in Washington, DC. (Why would President Trump give legitimacy and a life-line to terrorist as his predecessors did, if he is true supporter of Israel?)


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Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

When a Zionist block wins an Israeli election, the press writes hysterically that Right-wing coalition could isolate Israel and increase tension with Palestinians. They do not write that the tension with Arabs has always existed even before the establishment of Israel, and have never warned Israeli voters that a Left-wing coalition would betray the aspiration of the Jewish people and compromise the security of Israel! We must remember that Israel has always been isolated and condemned to destruction by anti-Semitic bigots, even before its creation. Many Christian countries have even become friends with their Islamic enemies, just to satisfy the pathological need to destroy Jews!

Israel-Haters are not Allowed!

The Knesset approved in its second and third readings a bill restricting entry to Israel to those who support BDS against Israel. The proposal states that no visa of any type will be granted to those who are not Israeli citizens or permanent residents if he or the organization or body which he is working for, published a call for boycotting Israel or committed to taking part in such a boycott. (Self-respect is gaining momentum in Israel - Israel haters are kept out!)

Iranian Threat is Real

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are now reported to be present in Syrian-government controlled territory along the 1967 ceasefire line in the Golan Heights, which has seen months of Israeli air strikes met with rockets fired towards the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of using the Syrian civil war to “gain a foothold to fight Israel”. (Iran is intentionally inciting tension in preparation for a war with Israel!)

‘Reasonableness’ is Open to Interpretation!

In an interview, Trump declined to say if legislation advancing the annexation of even small parts of the West Bank, such as the Jerusalem suburb Ma’aleh Adumim (which is generally agreed will remain part of Israel under any conceivable peace deal), would be considered as “not reasonable” in this context. (As any independent country Israel has rights to build its own rightful future. It does help to have a supportive US president for a change!)

Treatment Instead of Criminalization

The government’s cabinet amended the law so that those caught using cannabis in public will not be prosecuted until their fourth offence. It signals a major change in approach for a country that is seen as a world leader in marijuana medical use research. Marijuana has been decriminalized in Israel which hopes to emphasize “treatment instead of criminal enforcement”.

Arafat Street Signs are Down

The town of Jatt in Israel’s “Arab Triangle,” east of Hadera, removed its offensive “Yasser Arafat Street” signs. The move was in response to Interior Minister Arye Dery’s 48-hour ultimatum, driven by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Arab-Israelis have no loyalty to the country. Most of them are enemy within!)

Who is Liberman Working for - Not Israel!

“Minister Liberman is mistaken and misleading when he says that the application of sovereignty would lead to a crisis with the American administration,” say Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, leaders of the Women in Green group. “We do not know who Minister Liberman has been talking to, but from our sources, it is clear that the policy of the Trump administration has not changed,” Katsover and Matar wrote in an email release. “Only yesterday there was a delegation from Congress here that came to arrange for the transfer of the embassy. Our sources in Congress continue to say that Israel must consolidate her policy positions and these will be honoured by the American administration and the White House. The Trump administration does not intend to force any plan upon Israel”. (Hasn’t Trump stated several times that it is up to Israel, as of any sovereign country, to set its own policies? Liberman is just another criminal element, one of many, in the Israeli government!)

Arab School on Jewish-Owned Land

Plans to build Arab school in Jerusalem are on hold as evidence emerges of Jewish ownership of land. Recently, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat received evidence and testimony that the land was formerly owned by Jews. Barkat launched an investigation into the matter and froze all construction at the site until the court gives its verdict on who owns the land. (Israel needs to create a comprehensive land and property register, which would cover all Jewish land!)

Quote of the Week:

“No public diplomacy campaign for Israel will work as long as people (Jewish self-haters) go around the world and say our land must be divided. The world respects people who want to keep their land. The world will be with us when we will stand up for ourselves.” - Naftali Bennett, Bayit Yehudi leader – No nation has so many self-hating members as the Jewish people. This unique trend is a result of generations of exposure to relentless anti-Semitism inspired by the Church!  Jews must regain self-respect and begin appreciate the positive side of their uniqueness and stand up to international bigotry. I often say, “Nobody respects one who has no self-respect!”

Imagine it is America

by Steven Shamrak

In 1964 a "Mexican Liberation Organization for Independence of the South-West states of the USA" - MLO - was created with the help of the Mexican Government.

In 1972 the MLO murdered the members of the US wrestling team at the Munich Olympic Games.

Since then, the citizens of the United States have been subjected to random acts of terror by the members of various factions of the MLO.

1993: Mexican and US representatives met in Oslo and signed a breakthrough agreement of mutual recognition between the USA and the MLO Organization, which began the US-Mexican peace process.

The chain of agreements that followed, were facilitated by Israel - Wye River Memorandum, Camp David, summit at Sharm El Sheikh, Tenet Plan, the Road Map.

During all this time the MLO organization continued terrorist activity against the USA and ignored all agreements it had signed.

The UN and EU observed the suicide bombings, kidnappings and homemade rockets fired across the border by the MLO, but financially, politically and morally supported the MLO and the Mexican Government’s struggle against the USA.

Ten months ago the US government announced its decision to withdraw from New Mexico and transferred full control of the territory to the MLO.

Six months ago the US government ignored the protest of its people and deported the non-Mexican population from New Mexico, hoping to save lives and reduce the cost of the conflict.

The MLO responded with an escalation of the terror. Katusha rockets landed on the soil of the United States. Suicide bombings and kidnappings never stopped.

A week ago MLO members used a tunnel to attack a US military border post. Two US soldiers were killed, 4 wounded and one kidnapped.

The MLO made a demand to release Mexican terrorists from US jails.

The US army in order to free the kidnapped solder and punish the MLO entered New Mexico. A power station, bridges and the Interior ministry building was bombed.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman called for restraint and advised that diplomacy is a viable option.

The President of Mexico asked the United Nations for help in freeing the MLO members. The UN special envoy for the Middle East, Alvaro de Soto, says he will discuss the issue with the US government.

The US's four-day military offensive in New Mexico prompted recriminations during a UN Security Council debate sought by Spanish speaking countries.

For how long would the United States tolerate this? At least the Mexican people have a legitimate historical right to claim the south-west of the USA – Arabs and others, who call themselves Palestinians, have none!

Only Israel is denied the right of self-defense by the US governments and other international anti-Semites. The biggest problem is that Israel has been submissive to these pressures!