Is it the Behaviour of a Friend?

Egypt Remains an Enemy with the help of the US. The Egyptian military completed large scale training manoeuvres in the Sinai Peninsula which included an exercise to cross the Suez Canal as well as a simulation of an offensive thrust deep into what is termed as "enemy"- i.e. Israeli- territory. In 1979, Israel was pressured by United States President Jimmy Carter to surrender the entire Sinai Peninsula to Egypt when a (fake) peace treaty between the two nations was signed. Egypt currently receives massive amounts of United States military aid and is considered to be the second biggest recipient of American weapons in the Middle East. (Anti-Semitic ‘liberals’ around the world are not concerned if the US’ and Europeans’ weapons and ammunition that is sold to Muslim countries will be used against Jews - there are no demands to stop sales! Why are Jews the only people who are not allowed to defend themselves?)

Warm Words for Islamic Terror. John Brennan, Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security, called Jerusalem “Al-Quds,” praised Saudi Arabian religious tolerance (What a fraud!) and is encouraging of Hezbollah. These outrageous remarks were made by one of U.S. President Barack Obama’s top terrorism-issues advisors. (No wonder that, after 9 years since 9/11, the US is pretending that it is still fighting “the War on Terror”.)

Nuclear Non-proliferation. Many observers are surprised by the support tendered for the Arab-backed UN initiative by the United States, under the leadership of President Barak Hussein Obama. The resolution singled out "the importance of Israel's accession to the” non-proliferation treaty - yet did not mentioned Iran at all. (How about India and Pakistan, two confirmed nuclear powers?)

…and More of Worthless Guarantees. It was reported on Sunday evening that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received definite guarantees two weeks ago from United States President Barack Obama that Israel's strategic ability and deterrent would be maintained. Also included was a promise that no decision made by the United Nations conference on preventing nuclear proliferation in the Middle East would harm Israel's essential interests.

Saudi Kingdom Linked with Al-Qaeda Terror. An Iraqi news agency, Buratha news service, has revealed more evidence linking Saudi Arabia with terror - a secret document disclosing how much money the Saudi kingdom has transferred to Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The kingdom reportedly sends explosives and weapons to terrorists groups in Iraq. It was published shortly after former Saudi army officer Abdullah al-Qahtani was arrested in Iraq over charges of planning a terrorist attack during the upcoming FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The Saudi kingdom publicly condemns terror but frequently has been accused of financing terrorists and terrorism. It also has been charged with direct involvement in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. (For the sake of oil flow the United States and the rest of the world ignores the murderous habits of the terrorist kingdom. And no Saudi diplomats were deported!)

Flotilla Using Children as Human Shields. Organizers of the flotilla intended to break Israel's naval blockade of Gaza are using children as human shields to keep Israel from attacking the boats. Chairman Bulent Yildirim of the Turkish group IHH said so during an interview on the group's website, in which he was seen holding a baby that was on board the boat Mavi Marmara.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Anti-Semitism is the sickness of weak minds; anti-Israel attitude is the behaviour of wicked anti-Semites!

EU Diplomat Quits Delegation over 'Anti-Israel Propaganda'. Italian Member of European Parliament Gabriele Albertini, a senior foreign relations official, has stepped out of a delegation to Israel: "Out of the 25 deputies who are to take part in the mission, there are fewer colleagues than the fingers on one hand whom you could define as pro-Israeli or even neutral,” Albertini said. “Rather than a peace-keeping mission, it looks like an anti-Israel propaganda mission is being prepared!”

Syria, Hizballah are Building Wall in Eastern Lebanon. This massive fortification will run from Rashaya Al Wadi on the western slopes of Mt. Hermon in the south to the Lebanese Beqaa Valley town. When finished, the 22-km long structure running parallel to the Lebanese-Syrian border will be one of the biggest fortified structures in the Middle East. (Where is outcry?)

Bigotry of Eurovision. The Israeli Foreign Ministry sent complaint to the organizers of the Eurovision contest after they failed to show a map of Israel during the show. Maps of each participating country were screened prior to the performance by that country's contestant.

Why Bother with Concessions. “We are seeing a process in which every time we make another concession, we are spat upon in return,” said Naftali Bennett, a top Yesha Council leader. “After Netanyahu’s two-state declaration, the Palestinians tried to have our IDF officers arrested in Europe. After we announced the construction freeze, they started calling public squares after terrorists. Now we agreed to proximity talks, and they start burning our produce.”

No International Outrage. Turkish warplanes launched a series of cross-border air raids against suspected Kurdish separatist fighters in northern Iraq last Thursday. (and… silence again!)

Quote of the Week: "Israel is the very embodiment of Jewish continuity: It is the only nation on earth that inhabits the same land, bears the same name, speaks the same language, and worships the same God that it did 3,000 years ago." - Charles Krauthammer

Linguistic Clash is just a Symptom. Education Ministry official Dr. Tzvi Tzameret has caused a storm by suggesting that Arab schools in Israel do more to teach Hebrew, and criticizing Arab schools that teach exclusively in Arabic. The government must act to stop a recent trend which has seen the establishment of Arab colleges that teach entirely in Arabic, he said. Such institutions will graduate students who find it difficult to integrate into the Israeli workforce. (It is time to realize that Arabs in Israel do not want integration but instead the destruction of Israel!)

US Military Build-up? A US Carrier Strike Group sailed out of Norfolk, Virginia Friday, May 21, as the first element of a new US Air-Sea-Marine build-up opposite Iran? A US Carrier Strike Group headed by the Harry S. Truman sails out of Norfolk, Virginia, as the first element of a new American military build up in the Middle East. It will reach peak level of four-to-five aircraft carriers, most stationed opposite Iranian shores, in late July. (Will it result in a strike against the Iranian nuclear program or just another delay?)

“Get out of Gaza” - Message to UN. Dozens of masked gunmen have vandalized a U.N. summer camp being set up for some 250,000 Gaza children on Gaza's Mediterranean coast. The assailants tied up the guard, burned tents and vandalized bathrooms. U.N. officials said the attackers left behind bullets and a note threatening to kill camp personnel unless the U.N. cancels its activities. (Will the UN demand compensation for damages from Hamas?)

Syria Targeting Israel with 1,000 Ballistic Missiles. A colossal Iran-funded and directed armament program has enabled Syria to field 1,000 ballistic missiles and Hizballah 1,000 rockets - all pointed at specific Israeli military and civilian locations. Syria has smuggled most of its stock of liquid-fuel powered ballistic missiles over to Hizballah in Lebanon, while its own production lines have been working day and night for five months to upgrade its stock solid fuel-propelled missiles.

Jewish Contribution to the World:

Computers and Internet 100s of Times Faster. A new nano-based technology being developed at Tel Aviv University will make computers and the internet hundreds of times faster. “Right now, we could transmit all of the written text of the world though a single fiber in a fiberoptics cable in just a few seconds… But in order to handle these massive amounts of communication data, we need filters to make sense of the incoming information. Ours uses a plastic-based switch, replacing hard-to-fabricate and expensive semi-conductors,” said Dr. Koby Scheuer of the university's School of Electrical Engineering.

Over-reaction of Another Friend.

After offending Japan over whaling and our China cuddling, India over uranium sales and diplomatic slights, Indonesia over boat people, Singapore over Kevin Rudd’s ”Asia forum”, the Rudd Government now drives a greater wedge with our most reliable friend in the Middle East by expelling an Israeli diplomat:

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has told Parliament Israel was responsible for faking four Australian passports used in the killing of a senior Hamas official. (There is still no evidence that this operation was conducted by Israel, only anti-Israel assumptions propagated by the interested parties through the media!)

“Investigations and advice have left the Government in no doubt Israel was responsible for the abuse and counterfeiting of these passports,” he said.

Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister and Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop attacked the government for over-reacting and she accused the government of taking the decision to try to garner Arab votes in Australia's bid for a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council: "I am concerned this is a purely political decision," Ms Bishop told Sky News: "There is no absolute proof that the Israeli government did it." (Would Israel risk the lives of 27 Mossad agents in a hostile Arab country for one Hamas official? On the other hand, it would be most likely and logical to assume that Israel is being used as a smoke-screen to cover a CIA operation which was conducted with the sanction of the Dubai government.)

She also said: “It would be naive to think that Israel is the only country in the world that has used forged passports, including Australian passports, for security operations.” When asked directly if Australian intelligence agencies forge passports, Ms Bishop – a former cabinet minister in the Howard government – replied “yes”.

Current Foreign Minister of Australia, Stephen Smith, who has  ordered a diplomat at the Israeli embassy to leave after concluding that Israel was responsible for the forgeries, has confirmed that ASIO has been using the same practice by stating that ASIO and the Australian Federal Police briefed the deputy opposition leader on the issue prior to the expulsion announcement. “The deputy leader of the opposition has shown she is not fit to occupy a position of trust in the national security environment,” Mr Smith told Parliament. (All intelligence agencies, including ASIO, use counterfeited passports of other states - it is a part of the spy game! Why must Israel be different? Just imagine the effectiveness of Mossad agents with Israeli passports in an Arab country!)