Happy Pesach!

Israel needs true national leadership,

 that will take Jews out of internal Mitzraim, slavery!

Let’s Hope it is the Beginning of a New Era

The Likud and Habayit Hayehudi parties agreed in their coalition agreement to advance a controversial Basic Law subverting Israel’s democratic identity to its identity as the state of the Jewish people.

The coalition agreements signed with both parties make almost no mention of the peace process…Habayit Hayehudi added a clause to the agreement requiring the government to pass a law within 90 days mandating a referendum over any agreement that includes handing over territory.

The actual Coalition Guidelines first paragraph reads:

To the Jewish people the inalienable right for a state in the Land of Israel, its historical national homeland of the Jews.

And the second reads:

Israel will strive for a peace agreement with the Palestinians in order to arrive at a diplomatic arrangement with them that will end the conflict with them. If such an agreement is achieved, it will be brought to the Government and Knesset for approval and if required by law, for a plebiscite.

One negative element is the use of “Palestinians”.

A positive element, is that a “two-state solution” and the Bar-Ilan speech are not mentioned. (One can only hope that the newly emerged political leadership, Lapid and Naftali Bennett, will keep their promises and implement their Jewish national and social reforms agenda. They have a difficult task ahead, fighting Labor infested judicial system and Netanyahu’s chameleon behavior!)

Inaction - More Islamic Threat for the US

The Islamic regime ruling Iran is in preparation for a major cyber attack very soon on major US facilities - to send a warning to the US that the regime is capable of harming America’s infrastructure. It would be intended as a message to the Barack Obama administration that Iran’s nuclear rights must be accepted and sanctions relieved.

A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander has warned America and Europe that al-Qaida operatives will soon attack them.

The potential targets in the US include high-voltage towers to create blackouts, cell towers, water supplies, public transportation and various buildings belonging to the Defense Department and military.

Six US politicians who have promoted tougher measures against the regime are on the hit list, along with such targets as the Washington National Cathedral and Lincoln Memorial in DC and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

PA's Welcoming Fireworks for Obama

Two of the four rockets fired from Gaza early Thursday landed in the town of Sderot as US President Barack Obama was making his first official visit to Israel in four years. The attack was launched from the Hamas-ruled enclave the day of visiting US President Barack Obama’s side-trip to Ramallah. As a presidential candidate Obama visited in 2008 Sderot, which is frequently targeted by rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. It was the second such rocket attack since the end of the eight-day confrontation between Israel and Hamas in November, when 933 rockets hit Israel, while another 421 were intercepted in mid-air by the US-funded Iron Dome air anti-missile system.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Both countries, France and the United Kingdom, were main instigators and enforcers of the international arms blockade during the Israel’s War of Independence, hoping that advancing seven fully armed Muslim armies would finish what the Nazis started - Holocaust - genocide of Jews! But now they are threatening unilaterally break an international arm embargo and supply weapons to Islamists in Syria! Isn’t it another example of blunt international anti-Semitic hypocrisy?

Obama’s Visit was not Welcomed in Ramallah

Palestinian police scuffled on Tuesday with scores of demonstrators protesting against the visit of US President Barack Obama to the PA controlled Judea and Samaria. Dozens of officers and plainclothes policemen prevented the crowd from reaching the main offices of Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

Fatwa Against Muslim Travel to Aksa Mosque

The PA Scholars Association, a radical Islamic issued a fatwa banning foreign Muslims from visiting the Temple Mount as long as Jerusalem is under Israeli control. The fatwa came in response to reports that pilgrims from some Islamic countries have recently been visiting the Temple Mount as part of tourist trips. (It does prove again that the al-Aksa Mosque is not a Muslim holy site. Israel must issue its own ‘fatwa’, which would ban Muslims from entering the Temple Mount. Non-Muslims are not allowed to visit Mecca, why should Muslims be allowed visit the Holiest Jewish place?)

Americans’ Sympathy for Israel is at a 22-year High

Ahead of Obama’s visit, a poll finds 64% relate more with the Jewish state, just 12% with Palestinians. The figures mark a 22-year high in sympathy for Israel. The last Gallup poll that showed 64% sympathy came in 1991, at the height of the First Gulf War and in the midst of the first intifada. (Israel does not need anyone’s sympathy! The United States must stop sabotaging Israel’s efforts - decisively defeat enemies and reunite all Jewish ancestral land, Eretz-Israel, as it was defined even by the League of Nations in 1922!)

Egypt Worries about Its National Security

The Egyptian army continued destroying tunnels from Gaza. There are indeed large-scale ongoing military operations underway on the Egypt-Gaza border. The Egyptian army is using modern technologies, surveillance cameras and dogs. Egyptian security interests are leading Egypt to crackdown on the tunnel smuggling. Last August, jihadists in the Sinai killed 18 Egyptian soldiers. Closing of the tunnels has led Hamas to turn to the border crossing with Israel for trade and makes Hamas more dependent on Israel. (The international press is silent about this Egyptian initiative, but anti-Israel bigots were extremely ‘passionate’ about every Hamas tunnel destroyed by Israel.)

Contradiction of Principle and Imposed Reality

On Day One of his visit to Israel, President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu put to rest their long dispute over an Israeli strike on Iran. In principle, Israel had the right to independently defend itself, they acknowledged, but in practice would not exercise this principle without first consulting with Washington.

Torture of Christians in Libya is not Headline Material

Dozens of Coptic Christians were tortured inside a detention center run by a powerful militia in eastern Libya. An estimated 50 Egyptian Christians have been detained in Libya on suspicion of proselytizing. During four days of detention they were flogged, forced to take off their clothes in cold weather and stand at 3am outdoors on a floor covered with stones. (International bigots have been facilitating replacement of Arab dictators with Jihadist anarchy!)

PA’s ‘Monumental’ Political Game

The Bethlehem Municipality has removed a stone monument, which ignores the existence of Israel, out of concern that US President Barack Obama would see it during his visit to the city. But rather than wait for the end of Obama visit, Arab activists together with some municipal council members, put the monument back in place. The monument depicts a map of historic Palestine without Israel!

US-backed Terrorists Behind Attacks on Israel

It was the Syrian opposition and not the Syrian government behind the firing Sunday and yesterday at the Israeli border. The Syrian official accused the jihadist opposition of attempting to draw Israel into the conflict to aid the rebels by targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Israeli forces shot two Tamuz rockets at the Syrian position in Tel Fares, in the southern Golan, after establishing the source of the gunfire which damaged Israeli military patrol vehicles

Quote(s) of the Week:

"All the current troubles in the world are all because of that shitty little country Israel. Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?" - Daniel Bernard, French Ambassador to England, December 2001 - Anti-Semitic bigots do not care about diplomatic protocol or niceness, where Israel is concerned.

Jews Must be the Chosen People

Studies show descendants of Jews from Medieval Germany, throughout Europe have IQ 20% higher than global average. That’s 10 points higher than the “accepted” IQ of their biggest competition, Northeast Asia.

According to the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, “Since 1950, 29% of the Oslo awards have gone to Ashkenazim, even though they represent only 0.25% of humanity. Ashkenazi achievement in this arena is 117 times greater than their population." (If Jews are descendants of Kazars, as many Arabs and traditional anti-Semites claim, why is such difference of IQ from neighbouring Russian and European population?)