Be a Proud Sovereign Nation!

by Steven Shamrak

Israel must stop looking for approval from international anti-Semites and so-called friends. It will never get it! Since 1948 they have been undermining Israel’s independence and even its existence. Only by exercising self-respect and determination to remove enemy terror threats and reunite Jewish ancestral land will the Jewish people be able to live peacefully in Eretz-Israel!

Why is Israel constantly seeking approval and searching for unattainable high moral ground? No matter how hard Jews have been trying it - this is futile exercise; we have never received any respect, understanding and appreciation of our aspirations and humane efforts in dealing with enemies from international anti-Semites.

Contraire, Israel is denigrated by the endless successive resolutions eagerly adopted by the vicious attacks from numerous anti-Israel organisations, as well as by Arab appeasing states - like the EU and BDS supporters, Oxfam, Amnesty International, the Red Cross and innumerable others!

Why does Israel have to prove its "right to exist"? No other country has this pathological need – this is a strategy for losers!

Always on the defence, Israel behaves as if it's done something wrong, by allowing others to accuse it of crimes it has never committed. Israel’s leadership is persistently unable to make a psychological transition from the historic scars of anti-Semitic persecution. It needs to shake off the shtetl mentality and start acting as a proud nation!

The Jewish leadership is unwilling and incapable of recognizing that Israel is a modern, highly developed sovereign state with a powerful and capable military. Does Israel have an overriding sense of a viable political and military strategy or clearly defined direction for deal with its adversaries? This absence of clearly articulated and identified national goals and lack of self-respect has robbed Israel of decisive victory in its last five conflicts in Lebanon and Gaza.

While engaging in endless military conflicts, Israel proudly announced that it trucks supplies to the enemy during the conflicts – adding and abetting the enemy! Israeli military gave advance notice to enemies in Gaza of its next military action, and even provides details about immanent targets. It is irrational behaviour – no army in the world acts like this during a military conflict!

Israel provides medical treatment to enemy population, including the extended families of Abbas, and Khalid Meshal and Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, all of whom have openly declared genocidal intent towards Israel and Jews. This behaviour also deifies any rational logic and comprehension!

Wars are not won by winning the high moral ground, which international anti-Semites will not allow Israel to attain anyway - they are won on the ground, by decisively defeating enemies and not having to replicate the same conflict over and over, and over! It is well known that Israel’s enemies, Arab and Muslim states, respect only strength and have contempt for display of weakness – that how they perceive Israel’s behaviour!

The most insane of all, was bringing the exiled PLO terrorists into our backyard, legitimizing them and laying the foundation for yet another Arab State on Jewish ancestral land.

By giving up Sinai, three times, ceding the Temple Mount, unilaterally withdrawing from Gaza, and most catastrophically signing the Oslo Accords for a delusion of peace, and many more so-called confidence building jesters Israel validates Albert Einstein famous quote: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

By these bizarre displays of weakness, Israel only gives its enemies the hope and expectations that they will eventually be triumphant in destroying the Jewish state. This behaviour only encourages their perpetuating aggressions against Israel.

Jews are considered, even by their enemies, as smart people – this is not intelligent behaviour that one expects of an advanced military and industrial state! Jews need to change our shtetl mentality and stand as a proud nation and get rid of this incessant need for approval from others!


Leshana Tovah Tikatev V’tichatem!

Wish you a Happy and Sweet New Year !

FOOD for THOUGHT by Steven Shamrak

The Israeli justice system is traditionally heavily infested by leftist - anti-Zionist personnel. It has systematically been harassing Zionist activists, religious and secular, and has been ‘blackmailing’ politicians and members of their families by legal investigations and threats of persecution, which usually run endlessly for many years!

Persecution or Intimidation of Patriots?

Chabad Rabbi on Trial for Incitement - Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo, who has been indicted for inciting soldiers to disobey orders to evacuate settlements in the Land of Israel. His trial has been going on for more than three years. Rabbi Wolpo was active in the protest movement of 2005 that fought the “disengagement” from Gaza. Following the failure of that campaign he organized a rabbinical conference entitled “We shall never forget and we shall never forgive.”

Widespread Child abuse in 'State of Palestine'

A new report by the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, revealed large numbers of Palestinian Arab girls forced into child marriages, rampant beatings of children, and forced labor. According to the UNICEF report, "2% of all Palestinian women aged 15 to 49 years married before the age of 15." In addition, the report noted that nearly one quarter of Palestinian Arab women "marry" before the age of 18. "In the State of Palestine, 70 per cent of students are exposed to violence at school. A staggering 92 per cent of children aged 1 to 14 years experienced violent disciplining at home..." (Society built on lies is the ugly one!)

Improvement or 'Window Dressing' in the UN?

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon has begun his term as Vice President of the UN General Assembly. The Israeli ambassador was elected to the position as a representative of the Western European and Others (WEOG) regional group. (Israel is still not in Asia!)

Israel Must Remove Illegal Infiltrators

After the High Court slaps 60-day limit on detention of illegal migrants, justice minister and interior minister convene a meeting to promote legal measures, including altering existing law and agreements with other African countries, to facilitate deportations without consent; ‘minor adjustments are required to the agreements... for the deportations to be carried out,' says Shaked.

Netanyahu expressed his outrage at how the high population of African infiltrators has impacted the lives of the residents of south Tel Aviv. Israel was the first country in the world to physically block the entry of infiltrators and at the time when 20,000 were entering the country per year. Netanyahu said he is creating a ministerial team to advance solutions to the problem. African nations are willing to absorb Infiltrators from Israel. Some 20,000 infiltrators have already been removed.

Israel at War with the PA Terrorism

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised Israel's Shin Bet, internal security service, reporting that the service had foiled 70 terror attacks in the months of July and August alone against Israeli civilians and servicemen and women. (There is no chance for the peace with the enemies – the fake negotiation process only encourages more terror attacks and loss of Jewish lives!)

Swedish Tradition of anti-Semitism

Jews in the Swedish city of Gothenburg were bracing for a neo-Nazi march scheduled to pass near the city’s main synagogue on Yom Kippur. Swedish Jews face anti-Semitism both from the nationalist far right as well as the far left, whose strong criticism of Israel sometimes veers into anti-Semitism.

Quote of the Week:

“Most people feel comfortable to express opinions which are in line with media reports. It is socially safe - that is all that is important! Stories are selected carefully; many truly horrendous events have never seen the light of day. Right now, glorifying all things Muslim has become a new PC, so they can do no wrong! They are always portrayed as victims in need of sympathy and help, regardless of what they have done. The terrible pattern of sexual abuse carried out by Muslims worldwide and disproportional crime rate committed by them is always hidden.” – Ruth Cohen Harif, a Facebook posting.

Pre-emptive Self-Defence!

- via Chris Moore (FaceBook posting)

Many people are asking the questions: Why must Israel take out Hezbollah and Iran's nuclear facilities and why the US must take out the North Korean threat?

I have never understood why a country has to wait till it is attacked before it can retaliate. YOUR ENEMIES DON'T HAVE TO WAIT! Your enemies aren't bound by such rules of engagement. Why should we be? (They are patiently have been looking for most advantageous time to strike)

A threat from a hostile enemy is enough reason to take action.
Take North Korean military buildup for example or Iran's numerous threats to destroy Israel.

These two countries haven't yet attacked, but they would have if and they will, when they become stronger. The question for me is a simple one:

Why wait until your enemy builds enough weapons to attack your country?

We all know what would happen if Israel or America was the weaker side. Both Iran and North Korea would have already attacked. That would be the end of both Israel and millions would have died in the United States.

If you have someone actively trying to plan a war against you, it is beyond stupid to allow that enemy to build up its strength to the point that you have to build up more deterrence and more weapons in order to keep up-to-date.


There are other risks involved with playing a waiting game, too many to list here. Let me give you a few great examples:

The threat from Hezbollah and Iran is one glaring example. Look at what has transpired since the last war in 2006. Had Israel taken them out completely, or taken action around 2007 when reports at that time indicated they were rearming, and then Israel wouldn’t be facing 150,000 missiles from Lebanon today. And now Iran has troops in Syria.

You see, it's self-defeating to delay and procrastinate. Iran has continued it program and Israel is now in a situation that should Iran complete their program, it could face a nuclear armed Iran. Imagine that nightmare. (Iran has already installed Russian supplied S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile system, and has developed its own version!)

Think also what would have happened had Israel not taken a pre-emptive attack against Iraq's nuclear program and Syria's?

In 1967, Israel had to act or face a total and resounding defeat. And look what took place in 1973, when Israel did not take a pre-emptive action against Syria and Egypt? They lost a lot of men unnecessarily and almost lost the war! That would have meant the end of the country and the slaughter of nearly every Jew living there.

You see, Israel cannot gamble or second guess what your enemy is planning or thinking. When they make such threats, eliminate that threat and do not procrastinate or delay. Delay only strengthens your opponent and only puts you at a disadvantage. Delay could very well imperil your very existence!