Ayatollahs Saga MUST End!

Iran has Nuclear-Capable Missiles

France, Germany and the United Kingdom said that Iran has developed nuclear-capable ballistic missiles. Iran’s ballistic missile tests are a violation of UN Security Council resolution 2231, which enshrined the 2015 nuclear deal. (All of them are still in business with Israel-hating Iran! What does it make them – Jew-haters?)

Iranian Guided Missile Parts to Yemen Seized

A Navy warship has seized a “significant cache” of Iranian guided missile parts that was on its way to Iranian proxy rebels in Yemen. The missile parts seized now are far more advanced than those seized in the past. The US has accused Iran of illegal arms smuggling to the Houthi rebels who are at war with the Yemeni government.

Israel "Actively Countering Iranian Aggression"

Israel is working to stop Iranian belligerence throughout the Middle East, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in Lisbon, at the start of his meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the Portuguese capital, hours after Arab news outlets reported an explosion in an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) weapons depot at an airport near al-Bukamal on the Syria-Iraq border.

Iran Admitted it Shot and Killed Demonstrators

Iranian state television acknowledged for the first time that security forces shot and killed what it described as “rioters” in last month’s anti-government demonstrations — the deadliest political unrest in Iran since the 1979 revolution and the subsequent founding of the Islamic republic. Amnesty International has documented at least 208 deaths in the crackdown.

Demography of Iran

Iran is a multi-ethnic nation with different ethnic groups that includes Persians, Kurds, Lurs, Arabs, Baluchs, Turkmen and Turkic tribes.

Persians and their culture dominate the Iranian population. They are estimated to make up 61% of the population.

Azerbaijanis, also known as Azeris, are the second largest ethnic group in Iran, making up an estimated 16% of the total population.

Kurds are ranked as the third largest ethnic group in Iran. They make up approximately 10% of the population.

Arabs are a smaller minority group in Iran at an estimated 2% of the population. They primarily occupy oil rich regions in Iran. Ethnic Arabs complain of discrimination, and neglect by the Iranian government (as do most of the ethnic minorities in Iran.)


US officials are considering deploying more naval ships and up to 14,000 troops to the Middle East in order to fight against Iranian hostilities as early as this month. (Talks, resolutions and ‘isolation’ will not help! Decisive action, which will lead to regime change, is urgently needed to stop this terror-exporting, inhuman religious dictatorship!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel is #8 in the list of world’s most powerful countries

No other country in Israel’s position would tolerate continuous rocket attacks from an enemy! This is embarrassing and denigrating to any sovereign state. Many countries, members of the UN – ‘Ugly Nazi’, prefer dead Jews to real ones! At best, they deceptively condemn desecrations of Jewish cemeteries, but ignore attacks on living Jews in Israel. It is time for Israel decisively defeat the enemy and remove them from the Jewish land – nobody else will!

War Israel does not Fight

1. Hamas's propaganda department reported that in the month of November, 570 "combat operations" took place against Israel in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem, in which 14 Israelis were wounded.  Of these, 401 (71%) were classified as clashes, and 41 (7.25%) as various combat operations involving stabbing.

2. Some 4,000 Gaza residents arrived back at the border with Israel on Friday for the first time in several weeks to participate in “demonstrations” led by the Hamas.

3. Three rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip were aimed at Sderot and Shear Hanegev. Israel targeted military camps and Hamas naval base, the Islamic militant group controlling Gaza. (Empty buildings attacked again!)

The US State Department's 'Old Bag of Tricks'!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted on Sunday that he did discuss the possible annexation of the Jordan Valley and other parts of the West Bank with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a meeting they held last week, despite a denial of the claim by the US State Department.

Jewish Self-Hating Stupidity is Limitless!

The French National Assembly voted to approve a resolution equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. On the same day, Le Monde, which during the cold war was known to be the KGB’s key outlet for spreading anti-American and pro-Soviet disinformation to the French media, published an open letter from a group of 127 Israeli and Jewish intellectuals who want France to kill the ‘Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism’ resolution!

US House Supports Two-state Solution

The United States House of Representatives approved a resolution expressing support for the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while also warning Israeli against any attempts towards annexation of territory in the West Bank. The resolution was non-binding, and was an expression of disapproval aimed at the Trump administration’s reversal of US policy regarding the legality of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. (Democrats showing their true anti-Israel colours - from Carter to Pelosi!)

Idiots of the anti-Zionist Left and Neturei Karta

Far-left activists and members of the radical anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement faced off at an event hosted by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, celebrating the ‘International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People’. They condemned not only Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria, lamenting the US State Department’s declaration last month that Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria do not violate international law, but also the existence of the Jewish state per se. (These crazy Jews do not remember that Jewish appeasers of Communists and even Nazis were treated the same as all other Jews in concentration camps!)

Jewish Contributions to the World

Israeli Scientists Found Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the hardest cancers to treat. Most people who are diagnosed with the disease do not even live five years. A new treatment developed by Tel Aviv University could induce the destruction of pancreatic cancer cells, eradicating the number of cancerous cells by up to 90% after two weeks of daily treatment.

Legal Interference is Harming Israel Security

Soldiers feel hampered by legal definitions of what is proper use of force and fear they won’t have backing if they make a wrong decision in the field. Sixty-two percent of the 500 soldiers surveyed answered that the military’s legal department limits the IDF’s ability to carry out its objectives. (A split second often is vital on a battlefield! Israeli legal system put doubts in the minds of IDF soldiers, causing loss of lives!)

What about Jewish Refugees?

UN envoy Danon accuses world of 'focusing only on Palestinian refugees while erasing the story of hundreds of thousands of Jews, 850,000, from the history pages,' referring to those who were driven out of their homes and countries in the period of the creation of the State of Israel. (It does not suit the anti-Semitic agenda of 'Ugly Nazi'!)

Just Do It!

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (New Right) met this week with European Union's (EU) ambassador in Israel, telling him that Israel's defense organizations are no longer willing to make peace with the uncontrolled illegal construction in Area C encouraged and funded by Europe. "If you want to invest in the Palestinians, it's worth focusing on humanitarian activities and not illegal construction," Bennett said. Attending the meeting were representatives from Germany, France, Italy, Holland, and Denmark. (Talk is cheap, especially before election!)

2,600 Rockets in Two Years - Nothing is Done!

According to numbers released by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), more than 2,600 rockets and mortars have been fired over the past two years from Gaza. 1,500 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel in the past year alone. In May 2019, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) launched 690 rockets and mortars towards Israel, again over the span of less than 48 hours. (Any self-respecting country, with the military capability Israel possesses, would have obliterated the enemies long time ago. It is time to leave the ghetto mentality and remove enemies from Jewish land!)

Quote of the Week:

“The Jews of the Middle East are outnumbered by the Arabs of the Middle East 60 to 1, and by the world’s Muslims 200 to 1. Half of the Jews in Israel are there because their families were forced from their homes in the 20th century not by Christians in Europe, but by Muslims in the Middle East. Israel currently has Hezbollah on its northern border, al-Qaeda on its north-eastern and southern borders, and Hamas in Gaza. None of these groups seek an end to the occupation, but rather openly wish to destroy Israel. But it is naïve to point out these facts!” – FaceBook posting - (Anti-Semites, especially those at the ‘Ugly Nazi’, do not care about facts)

Imagine if it was America

by Steven Shamrak (July 2006 – still good).

In 1964 a "Mexican Liberation Organization for Independence of the South-West states of the USA" - MLO - was created with the help of the Mexican Government.

In 1972 the MLO murdered the members of the US wrestling team at the Munich Olympic Games.

Since then, the citizens of the United States have been subjected to random acts of terror by the members of various factions of the MLO.

1993: Mexican and US representatives met in Oslo and signed a breakthrough agreement of mutual recognition between the USA and the MLO Organization, which began the US-Mexican peace process.

The chain of agreements that followed, were facilitated by Israel - Wye River Memorandum, Camp David, summit at Sharm El Sheikh, Tenet Plan, the Road Map.

During all this time the MLO organization continued terrorist activity against the USA and ignored all agreements it had signed.

The UN and EU observed the suicide bombings, kidnappings and homemade rockets fired across the border by the MLO, but financially, politically and morally supported the MLO and the Mexican Government’s struggle against the USA.

Ten months ago the US government announced its decision to withdraw from New Mexico and transferred full control of the territory to the MLO.

Six months ago the US government ignored the protest of its people and deported the non-Mexican population from New Mexico, hoping to save lives and reduce the cost of the conflict.

The MLO responded with an escalation of the terror. Katusha rockets landed on the soil of the United States. Suicide bombings and kidnappings never stopped.

A week ago MLO members used a tunnel to attack a US military border post. Two US soldiers were killed, 4 wounded and one kidnapped.

The MLO made a demand to release Mexican terrorists from US jails.

The US army in order to free the kidnapped solder and punish the MLO entered New Mexico. A Power station, bridges and the Interior ministry building was bombed.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman called for restraint and advised that diplomacy is a viable option.

The President of Mexico asked the United Nations for help in freeing the MLO members. The UN special envoy for the Middle East, Alvaro de Soto, says he will discuss the issue with the US government.

The US's four-day military offensive in New Mexico prompted recriminations during a UN Security Council debate sought by Spanish speaking countries.

For how long would the United States tolerate this? At least the Mexican people have a legitimate historical right to claim the south-west of the USA – Arabs and others, who call themselves Palestinians, have none!

Only Israel is denied the right of self-defense by the US governments and other international anti-Semites. The biggest problem is that Israel has been submissive to these pressures!