ISLAM is at WAR with the WORLD!

Muslims are killing Catholics in the Philippines and Indonesia

Muslims are killing Hindus in India

Muslims are killing Christians in Africa

Muslims are killing Buddhists in parts of India and Afghanistan

Muslims are killing Jews in Judea, Samaria and Israel

Tribute to Sydney Pollack: Sydney Pollack, 73, the acclaimed director of "Tootsie" and "Out of Africa," has died. Pollack, the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, along with directing numerous hit films and some of the industry's top stars also acted on television and in movies and television series such as "Will and Grace," "Fraser" and "The Sopranos."

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Common Jew-haters are not a problem. Hidden anti-Semitic political masters of Europe, USA and in the UN present a danger. Jewish self-haters and apathetic Jews present the main existential threat to Israel!

Educational Outing – Arab Style. An Arab teacher and his students pelted a Jewish driver on the road from Tekoa to the re-opened Efrat-Jerusalem highway. Israeli media have not reported the incident, one of several that occur on a daily basis but which have become accepted as routine.

Paying for Corrupt Business of the Enemy. The Bush administration and former President Bill Clinton's foundation have joined to help underwrite Palestinian businesses. The agreement signed in Bethlehem last week establishing the Palestinian Political Risk Insurance project will reinsure the National Insurance Company, allowing the PA insurer to broaden its own risk insurance capacity.

Hamas: Armed Struggle Forever. Chief Hamas terrorist Khaled Mashaal said, visiting Iran, that the terrorist organization would never forego jihad against Israel, and thanked the Iran for its ongoing support of terror activities against Israel and Jews around the world. (Only by removing ‘Palestinian’ occupiers from Jewish land will peace in Israel be achievable. Let them ‘struggle’ in Iran, Syria, Egypt!)

Quote of the Week:

"In Damascus, we have corrupt dictator Bashar Assad trying to escape indictment for the assassination of the late Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafik Hariri. In Jerusalem we have Ehud Olmert, trying to escape criminal indictment for accepting cash-filled envelopes and other things." - Yuval Steinitz, Member of Knesset - Corrupt leaders of the world united, regardless of their affiliation!

Present-day Jewish Refugees. Forty percent of Jewish families who were forced out of the Gaza region by the government almost three years ago still are waiting for lots where they can build permanent homes. The expellees are suffering from unemployment and the lack of adequate temporary housing. (No aid from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)! And, as usual throughout history, there is no international outcry or even interest about the plight of Jewish refugees!)

Delusional Progress Reports. A senior Israeli negotiator quoted in Yediot Acharonot said that reports of progress in talks with the PA have been greatly exaggerated. “What progress are they talking about? It’s clear that there are serious conflicts on all of the ‘core issues!’”

PA: Most Reject Two-State Solution. Most Arabs, 57.6 percent, living in the PA controlled territories reject the two-state solution, according to a new poll carried out by the Al-Najah University. However, more than two-thirds support a new Arab state based on the 1949 Armistice Lines. (This is not news. ‘Palestinians’ want it all! The plan is to destroy Israel by taking it a part, piece by piece.)

Olmert and His 'Bribe Diet'. A former New York limo driver, Avi Sherman, came forward to make the claims that he's the bagman who delivered suspected bribes to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Manhattan and Jerusalem - including cash hidden in cases of Slim-Fast given to him by the founder of the diet-food empire. Israeli police expanding probe of allegations that Olmert received $480,000 in bribes from a Long Island businessman, Morris Talansky, and others over a period of several years. (Any self-respecting and decent person would have resigned a long time ago!)

Hypocrisy of the 'Loaded' Headlines:

"Can Israel afford to live without the Golan?" - What a stupid question. It is only asked to create a perception that the Golan Heights is not integral part of Israel! Could the UK live without Wales or Scotland; Russia without Siberia…? Yes, but must they?

Money Talk. Shas head Eli Yishai said that Shas’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, had told him to withdraw the party from the coalition if the government did not raise child payments for large families. (Shamefully, the threat to Israel’s national security by secret negotiation with Hamas and Syria, as well as, string of corruption alligations against Olmert are not reasons for Shas party to quit well-paid government jobs!)

Another Peaceful 'Gesture'. With an Iranian $5 billion check, Damascus sent a large military delegation to Moscow, headed by air force-air commander Gen. Akhmad Ratyb to buy the latest Russian missiles, warplanes and other military hardware.

It Is the Law of the Land! Quoting from Israel's criminal legislation, Knesset Member Arieh Eldad (National Union-National Religious Party) said that relinquishing territory to Syria is a crime that entails the death penalty. Israeli law, clause 97 of the Penal Law, declared: “He who acts to remove state-owned territory from state sovereignty and cedes it to a foreign state is punishable by death or a life sentence.” The Golan, Jewish land, was annexed to Israel in 1981 and thus falls under the land defended by law.

Asymmetrical Propaganda War.

by Steven Shamrak.

When I started my weekly Internet editorial letters six years ago, the term Hasbara, pro-Israel propaganda, was dormant. Fighting the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda is only the first step. The main and ultimate goal is to unite Jews and our genuine friends behind the true Zionist inspiration and create a Jewish state on all Jewish ancestral land, Eretz-Israel. Generally speaking, I believe that it is a waste of time to reply to accusations and fabrications of anti-Semitic or anti-Israel bigots, if there is a difference. We must focus on our own goals and actively pursue them!

At the same time, because of the use of modern communications and the Internet by Jew-haters, in addition to the traditional anti-Israel media bias, it would be foolish to ignore or dismiss the damage being caused to Israel in the area of the public perception of the Arab-Israel conflict and the right of Jews to the land of Israel. For several years, I have been watching the rise of anti-Zionist activities on YouTube, MySpace, Wikipedia as well as in many blogs and chat-rooms. Information about Israel and Jewish history has being systematically distorted by Jew-haters, who are either twisted-minded hateful individuals or well organized campaigners of some interest groups, organizations and even governments.

Propaganda is a weapon used to manipulate people’s opinion. It is a very important tool of warfare. It has being successfully applied by many countries: Communists in former USSR, by Nazis in Germany, as well as by the US in order to join WW2. The Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels used to say: “The ‘Big Lie’ was simple - tell the biggest, most outrageous lie; tell it often enough; tell it loudly enough - and eventually people will believe it.” That’s what the enemies of the Jewish people have been doing for a long time unopposed. As a result even Jews start to believe in their lies!

Jew-haters have been resurrecting the same false accusations and fabrications even after they had been proven wrong many times over. Even now, some Christians still believe that Jews use the blood of Christian babies in ritual preparation of matzos. “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is still used by traditional anti-Semites and the book has successfully migrated from anti-Semitic Europe to the bookshelves of Muslim countries, where it has become a best seller and even made its screen debut as a TV serial.

Enemies of Jews do not care about facts! Their brains are completely short -circuited and consumed by hate. They are not just unwilling but unable to process or accept facts. They jump from one issue to another, from country to country in their hateful asymmetrical propaganda war against Jews! The aim is to create the perception that their lies have some element of truth. They often say: “There is not smoke without fire.” And, they are very good at creating lots of smoke!

Surprisingly, most of the so-called independent Western press, exploiting the anti-Semitic inclination of the general population, is a willing participant in the Israel-bashing game. Journalists are only too happy to report anti-Israel information, often without checking the source and its validity. Editors use screaming headlines like: “World Bank Blames Israel for Poor PA Economy”, “Olmert Ready to Give Up Temple Mount” or “Will Israel Return Golan Heights to Syria?” to increase the sale of their papers, but in the process they are creating the perception of Israel’s wrong-doing and an atmosphere of uncertainty which only encourages PA terrorists to perform their blood-thirsty acts. Many of those editors and journalists are quite knowingly and eagerly participating in this scam!

At present, many Jews do not believe in or even have any knowledge about the rights of Jewish people to the land called Palestine. They are even afraid to express any support for Zionist ideals. We are living in a dangerous time, when the corrupt and self-hating government of Israel is so eager to give up more of Jewish land to the enemies for the illusion of peace, but is not wiling to end Arab occupation of our land and finish Jewish suffering from terror in Israel.

From a Jewish existential point of view, we can’t ignore or dismiss the activities of our enemies as either naďve or harmless. That is why I implore you to participate in actively promoting and defending the Zionist ideals. By the co-ordinated effort of many supporters of Israel, we’ll be able to positively refute the disinformation, which Jew-haters and self-hating Jews have been spreading, and propagate the right of Jews to live in peace on Jewish ancestral land. I know that we are facing uphill battle, but somebody must do it. It was partially achieved 60 years ago. We just have to finish the job: “If not me than who, if not now then when?”