Assimilation is a Destroyer of the Miracles.

by Steven Shamrak.

Being a Jewish single guy, I went to a lecture “Why marry Jewish?” During an hour of a well-prepared speech, the presenter, Doron Kornbluth, mentioned several reasons why intermarriage generally, and for Jews in particular is not a good idea…

The fostering of Jewish national pride and Jewish national education were omitted from his speech, most likely, in fear of offending any converts or their offspring in the audience. Why would they be offended? Every day Jews pray for the “righteous converts”. How many truly righteous converts do you know? The were no suggestions for teaching kids about the history of the Jewish people, concepts of Jewish unity and Jewish land, famous Jews and their contributions to the cultural, scientific and technological evolution of our planet. Zionism was not even brought up at all!

Contrary to common belief, the idea that being a Jew means just a religious observance is only two hundred years old. It had emerged when the loyalty of the Jews was questioned during time of Napoleon. Religious leaders at the time, quite justifiably fearing persecution from the megalomaniac French emperor, gave ambiguous answers about who are the Jews, nation or religion.

However Judaism is quite specific about the national character of the Jewish people. It is written in Torah: “and nation was born” at Mount Sinai. Several times it is stated that it is obligatory for a Jew to marry Jew. Nothing has changed and must not be changed just because on the surface modern society looks more tolerant and accepting toward Jews…

With assimilation rate over 50%, a non-Jewish notion that being a Jew is only a religious obligation, which does not work in a predominately secular society. Jewish people are losing their purposefulness in life to disillusionment and apathy!

There were 4 million Jews, almost 9% of the population, in the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. After the WW2, there were 12 million Jews worldwide. Sixty years later, the Jewish population has increased by only less than 2 million. Assimilation is not violent like the Inquisition, pogroms or the Holocaust, but it is deadlier and the damage it brings is irreversible.

One of the miracles of the world is that one nation with its number less than 0.2% of the world population has made a contribution to humanity disproportional to its number. In spite of our achievements we are still fearful to say loudly and openly “I am proud to be a Jew!” Why are Italians, Greek, Chinese, Russians and other nations unapologetically proud of their national heritage and sense of belonging. But not Jews!

The biggest miracle is that after 3,300 years, the Jewish people still exist. Many great nations has come and gone. But if, in this ‘friendly’ and politicly correct environment, we do not teach our children and grandchildren Jewishness, not solely religion; if we remain silent while they are marrying out; if we allow people like Prese, Olmert, Barak and other self-hating Jews squash out national spirit from inside – There will be no more Miracles!

Dear friends,

I am proud to announce that 6 years have passed already since I started publishing this editorial letter with intention of disseminating the truth about the Arab-Israel conflict in general and to fight apathy, indifference and even hostility among Jewish leadership and Jewish communities toward true Zionism. At the moment the letter is sent to tens of thousands of people world-wide. Anything is achievable with belief, desire, expectancy and persistence. Each one of us can help to change the world. Apathy is not an option!

Steven Shamrak

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Name any government or nation which, having military superiority over an enemy, would tolerate and endure decades of murderous thuggery. None, except Israel and Jews!

Twisted Logic of Political Idiocy. Israel won't be able to carry out a major West Bank pullback for years because it first needs a missile defense system in place to protect it against Palestinian rocket fire, Defense Minister Ehud Barak told a parliamentary committee. (Why give up Jewish land to enemies who are planning to destroy Israel? Israel needs a decisive plan that will free our land of its terror infested population!)

Terrorists for Shalit Video Only. Ahmed Youssef, an aide to Hamas's deposed Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, said that if Israel had reacted to the release of the previous audio and released women and children, it would have released a video of Shalit.

U.S. Arms Sales a Trap. Former Ambassador to the United States Zalman Shoval has warned that the proposed $30 billion arms sale to Israel is a trap that might "make aid to Israel a 'hostage' to Congress giving the go-ahead to the Saudi package." At the same time Saudi Arabia and Egypt will receive a total of $31 billion in weapons, putting the Egyptian air force on a par with that of Israel.

Lynching Narrowly Avoided. An IDF Major was rescued last week from a crazed Arab mob when he mistakenly entered the city of Jenin, in northern Shomron.  Arab residents who first saw him and realized he was Israeli threw rocks at him, forced him out of his car and began beating him. Shortly afterwards, residents burnt the car. (We must recognise that Israel is facing the Arab culture of hate and death. After that it will become clear what action needs to be taken!)

Quote of the Week:

"This is not the way to solve the Jewish question. I will never accept any proposals that will obligate the Jewish people to leave France, because to me the Jews are the same as any other citizen in our country. It takes weakness to chase them out of the country, but it takes strength to assimilate them." - Napoleon - (Jewish assimilation was in Napoleon’s mind. He also, as Martin Luther, tried to assimilate Jews using ‘Love’. 20 years later Luther called for burning of synagogues and killing Jews. Fortunately, Napoleon was not in power for so long!)

Hamas is Getting Ready for Large-scale Attack. Shin Beth estimated that 33 tonnes of explosives were brought in 2006, compared to six tonnes in 2005, in addition to 14,000 assault rifles, 150 rocket-propelled grenade launchers and 20 missiles. In August alone, some 13 tonnes of explosives and 150 anti-tank rocket launchers were smuggled into the Gaza Strip. Shin Beth has obtained information that 40 tonnes of weapons and explosives have been smuggled from Egypt into the Gaza Strip in the last two months, mainly through tunnels. The tunnels, dug in the last six months on both sides of the border with Rafah and surrounding areas, are several hundred metres long and six to 15 metres wide.

One Day of ‘Peace’.

Aug. 26, '07

Arab Youths Arrested for Throwing Rocks at Cars

Arabs Fire at Soldiers Manning Roadblock

Explosive Charge Safely Neutralized

Terror Attack Prevented Near Ramallah

Hamas Planning Mega Attack in Israel

Gaza Terror Rocket Explodes Near Kibbutz

IDF Confirms Hit on Gaza Rocket Launchers

Another Expulsion at Homesh

Kassam Attack on Western Negev

PA Operative Injures Self While Attacking IDF Troops

6 PA Youths Caught Trying to Infiltrate from Gaza

1 Terrorist Killed, 2 Caught in Anti-Terror Operation

Terrorists Throw Grenades at IDF Soldiers

Terrorist Trying to Infiltrate Jewish Town is Fatah Man

Netiv Ha'Asara Residents Spend Sabbath Locked in Homes

Nothing has Changed in Europe since WW2.

Lithuanian authorities have given permission to construct a new office building on the site of the Vilna Gaon’s grave. (The Shnipishok cemetery is the final resting place of the Vilna Gaon ,the foremost Jewish scholar of  the 18th century, as well as Rabbi Elijah ben Shlomo Zalman, a world-famous Jewish scholar who died in 1797. Lithuanian developers dismiss the idea that they are working on the site of the Jewish cemetery.)

Anti-Semitic chants against the Maccabi soccer team. In September 2006, when home-team fans of Altglienicke II chanted "Death to the Jews," "synagogues must burn," and "we're building a subway line to Auschwitz" during a game against Maccabi TuS. No one tried to stop the anti-Semitic catcalls.