Army Ready Combat Cyber-Attacks

Amid 'significant rise' in cyber-attacks on army systems, Computer Services Directorate sets up special war room to detect hacking attempts, launch counter attack.

Although it is impossible to be prepared for every possibility - since new types of attacks are being created all the time - the IDF is “reasonably ready” to meet and defeat an attack by hackers.

Israeli systems are attacked thousands of times a day, and hackers from all over the world - including Iran, Turkey, and Arab countries - are constantly trying to hack into government and defense web sites.

Head of the IDF's information technology department said that the IDF was confident that even if attacked, hackers would not succeed in taking over or closing down computer systems. In recent months the IDF completed establishment of a special army anti-hacking unit, where soldiers are trained to identify and prevent an attack before it can do any damage.

The new war room will be manned 24 hours a day by some 20 soldiers who graduated from the IDF Cyber Shield course. The war room will allow the IDF to monitor and respond to any hacking attempt at all levels - from tank computers to the IDF chief of staff's personal computer.

The information technology unit was initially established about ten years ago in order to ensure proper security levels for computers in the IDF and other security organizations and to provide encryption for important information, and to ensure smooth running of the IDF electronic data systems.

Will Israel Ignore this Declaration of War?

A group of PA attacked an Israeli Nahal Haredi military position at Einav with gunfire and fire bombs after midnight last Wednesday.  In the firefight that followed, two raiders were killed. It was the first organized armed attack the PA has staged on an Israeli military post inside the Green Line in eight years.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

They say “People learn from their own mistakes” and “A smart person learns from mistakes of others”. Stupid ones are unable to learn even after making obvious mistake many times. Old guards of political leadership of Israel are not idiots but self-serving traitors or psychologically damaged victims of Arab terror. If not for them the Arab-Israel conflict would be resolved and Jews would live in peace on reunited ancestral land a long time ago!

Mosques Bombed - Arab League is Silent

Iraqi cities hit by wave of mosque bombings. Four car bombs went off near Shia mosques across the Iraqi capital, leaving at least 14 people dead and 35 wounded. In Kirkuk four people died and 71 were wounded by another car bomb targeting a Shia mosque. Among the wounded was Mohsen al-Battat, a representative of Iraq's most revered Shia religious leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali Husseini al-Sistani. (To defeat Islamic expansion the West just needs to exploit the murderous hate of various Islamic fractions)

Israeli Energy Revolution Begins

The first gas from Israel’s offshore Tamar gas field was piped 90 km to the Ashdod power station, enabling the big facility's conversion to the use of domestically produced energy. The impending exploitation of big Israel offshore gas and oil fields, including the giant Leviathan well, takes the Israeli economy into a new era and transforms its strategic situation. The United States and Russia are taking Israel into consideration as a major energy power since geological surveys identified vast reserves of gas and oil yet to be tapped.

Turkish ‘Brotherly Love’ did not Last Long

The UN refugee agency criticized Turkey for sending home at least 130 Syrians without its scrutiny and urged it to investigate the riot which sparked the departures. The refugees were forcibly deported to areas of northern Syria held by rebels fighting President Bashar Assad.

Obama Visit was Like Oslo Stupidity Revisited

Minister of Economy and Trade, Naftali Bennett, Chairman of the Bayit Yehudi party, wrote: "Last week I took part in the events in honor of President Obama and I even got to talk to him," Bennett wrote. "The general atmosphere reminded me of the Oslo era. The feeling as if… 'if we only will it, if we are only able to cede enough ground, the  long-awaited peace will come.'" "My great lesson," summed up Bennett: "I will never be silent even if everyone thinks otherwise. I suggest you do the same."

Syrian ‘Rebels’ Re-sale Arms to al Qaeda

The West has initiated an arms embargo against the Syrian rebels fighting Bashar Assad since discovering that some of the weapons are being resold to al Qaeda for its conquest of southern Syrian and takeover of positions on the Jordanian and Israel borders and Yarmuk River.

Stop Buying Ha'aretz - Paper is Run by Traitors

In a column published Wednesday, Ha'aretz writer Amira Hass, who lives in the PA city of Ramallah, wrote, “Throwing stones is the right and the duty of anyone living under foreign rule.” Later in the column she termed rock-throwing “a metaphor for resistance.” Hass is the official Ha'aretz correspondent for what the newspaper labels the "occupied territories". (Leftist daily newspaper Ha'aretz incites Arab violence and promotes self-defeat in Israel.)

PA Abuse of Human Rights is not Scrutinized

A PA resident, Anas Ismail, 29, of Salfit, near Nablus, was found guilty of “libel and slander” for clicking “Like” on a Facebook status criticizing a PA official and sentenced to six months in prison on the same day as another PA court in Bethlehem sentenced a journalist to one year in prison for sharing a photo on Facebook that compared PA President Mahmoud Abbas to a villain. (As usual, the international press found it not news worthy)

Why is King Abdullah is ‘In charge’ of Jerusalem?

The illegitimate PA leader Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah II take a new stand on Jerusalem by accepting the king as Custodian of the Holy Sites, with authority over the Waqf. By laying the foundation for internationalizing the oversight of Jerusalem’s holy sites, the document faces trouble in Israel and also among fake Palestinians. (This agreement is another proof that there is no such nation as Palestine and the Arabs’ claim on Jewish land is geo-religiously-politically motivated!)

Ugliness Dutch Try to Keep Quiet

During the war (WWII) many Jews had their homes confiscated, ostensibly for failing to pay taxes. City officials continued trying to collect taxes from survivors for years after the war. Last year the Dutch government made headlines with its ongoing refusal to apologize for the apathy that the Dutch government-in-exile demonstrated toward the roundup and murder of most of the country’s Jews during the Holocaust. (During the WW2 there were not many decent people in Europe. Therefore, many anti-Semites had reinvented themselves, with the help of Jews who were looking for a sign of some sanity and decency!)

Ancient Jewish Synagogue Burned in Damascus

Jobar Synagogue of Damascus, traditionally built by the biblical prophet Elishah, is looted and burned. Many great rabbinical scholars held court there over the centuries. A bullet-marked plaque near the damaged door reads: “Shrine and Synagogue of Prophet Eliahou Hanabi, Since 720 B.C.” (Did you hear any international condemnation?)

Segregated Schools in Hamastan

Hamas movement ruling the Gaza Strip will bar men from teaching at girls' schools and mandate separate classes for boys and girls from the age of nine. Hamas parliamentarians in Gaza acted alone to approve the new education law, and the movement's critics have for years accused it of trying to build a separate state in Gaza. (UN and Western aid keeps those schools open. As usual, international anti-Semites are silent!)

Quote(s) of the Week:

"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." - Ecclesiastes 10:2

Why the Left isn't Right

by Dan Calic

It has been said doing the same thing repeatedly yet expecting different results is one definition of insanity. One can make a case this applies to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Since this attempt at Israel's destruction (during the Independence war) there have been numerous wars, two intifadas, thousands of Israeli victims of terror attacks and a host of terror organizations birthed, all with a singular goal - the destruction of Israel.

Yet the Left would have us believe two states for two peoples is the only answer which can bring a lasting peace to the decades old conflict. However, there is a major problem. Sixty-five years after rejecting a two-state solution (in 1947), the Arabs have yet to change their mind. They still refuse to accept it.

It's not that they don't want their own state. They certainly do. However, if accepting the existence of Israel as a Jewish state is a requirement in order for them to have their own, they prefer to remain stateless…

A 2012 poll jointly conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion and American Pollster Stanley Greenberg contained the following results:

61% of Arabs/Palestinians do not accept two states for two peoples

66% would accept two states only as a first step toward one Arab-Palestinian state

92% said Jerusalem must be the capital of Palestine only

Other polls have produced similar findings. These views reflect a belief that all the land Israel sits upon belongs to the Arabs. Why? They controlled it several hundred years ago, therefore it belongs to them forever. The Jews are seen as "occupiers."

However, there is a fundamental flaw with this presumption. If you look back in history, is it fair to stop several hundred years ago, simply because it suits their agenda? If we are going to use 'historical connection' to make a case, why can't the Jews point to theirs, which predates the Muslims by well over 2000 years? (It is not rocket science, but self-hating Jews are still unable to face facts and stand up for Jewish self-determination in Eretz-Israel, as true Zaonists did in the past!)

Who is not Fulfilling Their Obligations?

“Apparently Israel wants a third intifada,” Abbas said after Israel used lethal force against stone-throwing demonstrators and several rocket attacks from Gaza. “They want to avoid fulfilling their obligations. They are apparently not interested, as a matter of principle, in any step toward peace.” Meanwhile, members of Fatah’s armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, told reporters in Hebron that they are waiting for a “green light” from Abbas to “respond to Israeli crimes.”