The Arab War Against the Jews

by Professor Ruth Wisse

(She has summed it well - please, watch her revealing interview)

People talk about the ‘Arab Israel conflict’ I think the term itself is a lie, and if at all possible, the term should be avoided. What you have is the Arab war against Israel and I would put it even more strongly; what you have is the Arab war against the Jewish people.

The Arab league was created in 1945. It was created the same year as the United Nations and I think one of the main reasons that the Arab League was created, it was not that these Arab countries were so much in love with one another - as we can see the conflicts in the Arab world among the countries themselves are almost as great as their conflict with the Jewish State - but the Arab League came together around one thing more than anything else and that was the prevention of the creation of the State of Israel, and then what has remained the glue of the Arab: of pan-Arabism, of the Arab League formerly, and of what the Arab League represents: the common enmity to a Jewish state, so that the role of opposition to Israel is at the very foundation of Arab politics...

Well, what we’re talking about is not that kind of conflict. It is the conflict of countries, over 20 countries, with an enormity of land, with more land than they know what to do with, that refuse to allow one people its land. It is a very essential refusal to accept the principle of pluralism, to accept the principle of the possibility of the existence of another people with its own legitimacy. And until that realization begins to be spoken of more openly, and until that realization is really forced back into the Arab world, we don’t have a chance of ever solving what that conflict is.

And it’s not enough for people outside of the conflict to begin to recognize this truth. The most important thing is for people within the Arab world to begin to acknowledge what they have denied the Jewish people for over 60 years...

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Palestinians Attacked Their Supporters

Two women from the far-left Machsom Watch organization were attacked by Arabs in the Palestinian Authority village of Azzoun in Samaria. The activists traveled to Azzoun to encourage and support the Arab villagers. “The stupidity of the far-left takes them into similar situations every time, and they do not understand the constant danger to their lives,” a military source said.

"Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!"

Please, read and distribute!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Inapt Israeli leadership has forgotten that Gaza is part of Eretz-Israel and demonstrates lack of Jewish national vision! Re-occupation of Gaza only, taking control over the enemy population, is not really an option. The enemy population must be removed from Gaza to Sinai. Only then will terror attacks cease! No other party – Egypt, not even the US, and definitely not the UN – will co-operate with or help Israel to end the Arab terror against the Jewish people. This is the duty of the government of Israel to reunite Jewish land and end its occupation by enemies!

Idiocy of ADL Irrelevance

Abraham Foxman, the former national director of the Anti-Defamation League, says Israeli officials should not have supported President Trump following Pittsburgh massacre, after a number of Israeli officials have praised Trump’s response to the killing of 11 worshippers at The Tree of Life synagogue. (ADL has forgotten its mission and became politically biased and partial! Often, its statements could be even viewed as anti-Israel!)

Gaza is Experiencing Car Tires Shortage

Months of Hamas-led border riots have taken their toll on the strip's auto businesses as prices of tires, which are set alight and tossed at IDF troops by the demonstrators during weekly protests, skyrocket making a pair of tires an unaffordable luxury. (After incendiary balloon attacks, will there be a fuel shortage? Must Israel wait?)

Israel Closer to Arab states - Forget Palestinians!

1) The unannounced visit -- the first by an Israeli leader to Oman in more than 20 years -- is the clearest sign yet of the warming relations between Israel and the Arab states. Oman and Israel do not have diplomatic relations, but that didn't get in the way of the meeting. 2) When Israeli athletes won gold at the competition, the country's flag was raised, and the national anthem was played, marking a big difference from one year ago. (It is well known fact that so-called Palestinians have been used as a political pawn against Israel! It looks like they are reaching their expiration date.)

Case of Another Fake Friendship - Druze

Hundreds of Druze Arabs, some carrying Syrian flags, gathered outside the gates of a polling station on the Golan Heights, trying to block their townspeople from voting. Protesters chant "The Golan's identity is Arab and Syrian". Druze religious elders declare 'social prohibition put upon' those who run in the elections or vote. (As most non-Jewish residents of Israel, Druze are enjoying the benefits of living in a prosperous democracy, but still hate the Jewish state!)

Stupidity of Ceasefire and Purposeless War‏

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is inclined to exhaust all diplomatic efforts to reach a ceasefire agreement with Hamas before deciding whether to embark on another war in Gaza. "...there are no volunteers to take Gaza off our hands. If there was someone willing to take responsibility for the strip, we would have taken over it tomorrow," the source stressed.

'Red Line' Must be Moved to Sinai

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas said: "The salaries of the shaheeds (martyrs) are our red line. We absorb a lot of pressure, but we will not compromise or give up on this matter, the money will go to them - until the last expulsion." (Salaries are paid to employees! The PA, PLO, Hamas... are terror organizations supported by the so-called Palestinian population. Remove all enemies from the Jewish land!)

Stop Supporting the Enemy - End Terror!

Activists blocked Kerem Shalom crossing, preventing goods entering Gaza. “Enough is enough, we are sick and tired of this,” said one of organizers. “It is inconceivable that my kids need to wake up in the middle of the night and run to bomb shelters, or need to be afraid of balloons and kites..." “Decision makers must allow the IDF to achieve a decisive victory and restore quiet to the south. This is not only a struggle of the residents of the south, but a struggle of all the residents of Israel... We cannot tolerate a situation in which residents in our country are subject to unrelenting acts of terrorism,” said Schvartzer.

Iran is Hit by Virus More Violent than Stuxnet

Iranian infrastructure and strategic networks have come under attack by a computer virus similar to Stuxnet but more violent, more advanced and more sophisticated. The report came hours after Israel said its Mossad intelligence agency had thwarted an Iranian murder plot in Denmark, and two days after Iran acknowledged that President Hassan Rouhani’s mobile phone had been bugged.

US Put New Sanctions against Hezbollah

President Donald Trump signed legislation on Thursday that imposes new sanctions against Hezbollah, an Iranian backed terror group. "We will target, disrupt, and dismantle their operational and financing networks of which they had plenty," Trump said. Hezbollah was behind the bombing the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon where 241 American service members were killed in 1983.

Why not Voting Just in Jerusalem?

Arab residents of Jerusalem faced a new threat against voting in municipal election. Sheikh Akram Sabri, the sheikh of Al-Aqsa Mosque, convened the Council of Jerusalem sheikhs, which issued a fatwa (Muslim religious ruling) prohibiting participation in the election. “Taking part in the election assists the occupation in entrenchment of Jewish control over the city and changing its historic and religious character,” said the fatwa. (Why not apply the same logic to voting in any election in Israel? Even better, why not to leave the ‘offensive’ Israel and join your brothers in 22 Arab states?)

Quote of the Week:

“The proof of the God’s existence can be found in fact that Israel survives in spite of the government it has now” - Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz – It was a joke, or was it? Sadly, it is still baring so much truth!

Delusional Dream of De-escalation!

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu chose to elaborate on his security policy in the face of the Gaza Strip conflict.

Israel’s military restraint in the face of escalating Palestinian terrorist provocations from the Gaza Strip over the past seven months has drawn criticism and general perplexity about the Netanyahu government’s and IDF policy.

Netanyahu’s trip to Oman last Friday, Oct. 26, and talks with Sultan Qaboos bin Said were intended to impress the people with his wide range of strategic contacts in the Arab world and re-burnish his image

The Prime Minister had carefully timed his Oman trip to demonstrate that his good connections in the Gulf region were solid (to Israel’s municipal elections on Oct 30)

The ideas laid out by Netanyahu himself can be summed up as follows:

·       A resolution of the Gaza conflict should be sought through a negotiated truce arrangement rather than a major war which should be avoided.

·       Providing normal lives for the half million Israelis living within range of Gaza rockets is not sufficient justification for a full-scale war. (Why is the day-to-day ‘low level’ terror, Jews have been experiencing in their own country, still acceptable by the inept and gutless leadership?)

·       While the IDF is capable of capturing the Gaza Strip, no other parties are willing to take it off Israel’s hands.

·       Indirect negotiations with Hamas through the UN, Qatar and Egypt are the preferred course, while improving the lives of the Gaza population by supplying their essential needs.

Netanyahu is fully aware of the criticism he faces for this approach, but believes it has solid popular support. There is no gainsaying the large holes in the prime minister’s propositions and the strategy he has laid out, which hinges essentially on waiting patiently for Egypt, Qatar and the UN to sort out Israel’s security problems. (He will have to wait indefinitely for any co- operation from all the usual anti-Israel suspects!)

The Arrangement with Hamas is Illusion

by Ben-Dror Yemini

For years there has been talk about making a deal with Hamas, it had many names but it never materialized. Now, with a policy based on nothing but illusions, Israel is hoping to reach an 'arrangement' with the terror group, even though their leaders made it clear a long time ago that no potential ceasefire would ever be permanent.

We've been told for a long time that the ceasefire is on the way. It had many names in the past, such as tahdiah, hudna, and most recently - "an arrangement." On Friday, once again, reports started emerging that an agreement has been reached. Several hours later, southern Israel was hit with a barrage of rockets.

For years the Gaza Strip has been a pressure cooker bound to explode. The residents are groaning: a few hours of electricity per day, 60 percent unemployment, and filthy water. The conclusion, according to politicians and commentators, is unequivocal: Hamas needs an achievement, quiet, Hudna, arrangement, in order to lift the blockade and improve the situation.

There is only one problem with this theory. It is based on rational thinking. The logic of Hamas is different. Hamas does not want improvement. Hamas is putting in all the effort into preserving Gaza as the pressure cooker it currently is.

...There is a need for a coherent policy and not illusions. What we have right now is the opposite. We have no policy, and what we do have is based on illusions.