End Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria

Jordan Valley Regional Council chief David Elhiani blasted Civil Administration, says body which governs Judea and Samaria is biased against Jews.

It is time had come to close down the Civil Administration, calling it an unnecessary intermediary between local leaders and government ministries.

Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) said that Israel would have to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria after the collapse of the Palestinian Authority which would happen at the conclusion of the era of Mahmoud Abbas’ leadership. (Why wait? Just remove the enemy, end Arab occupation of Jewish ancestral land, and make Judea and Samaria part of Eretz-Israel!)

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Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Few weeks ago, I met a Jewish guy on a street, wearing “Free Palestine” badge. We had a heated but civilized debate for a few minutes and parted – not abusing or killing each other. Just imagine what would happen to any Arab or other visiting person, wearing a badge “I support Israel”, on streets of Ramallah, Gaza, Riyadh, Cairo, Teheran etc... or even in Muslim areas of London, Birmingham or somewhere in Europe!

"Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!"

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'Normality' of the Ceasefire

A rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip on Saturday. IDF fighter jets retaliated by targeting two Hamas underground structures in the Gaza Strip. On Sunday, Hamas terrorists launched balloon bombs into Israeli territory using a model airplane. (What will it take to realize that this ugly status quo can’t last forever? Enemies must be persuaded to leave the Jewish land!)

Loyalty to Israel is Rare Among Arab-Israelis!

The family of a Muslim Israeli woman who is running as a candidate in the primaries of the ruling Likud party denounced her as disloyal to her people and said it would shun her until she recants. Tayeh, who was among a group of Arab Israelis who toured the US to campaign against the BDS movement that seeks to boycott Israel, and she has been a proud Likud member for six years.

Police arrest male nurse they say planned series of terror attacks, including assassination of Likud MK Oren Hazan. (What country/people do her parents belong to? Not Israel!)

Dark Side of US-Israel Friendship

After months of delay, a $500 million deal between Israel and Croatia to buy F-16 fighter jets is officially dead because of “unforeseen problems,” Israel’s Defense Ministry announced. Croatia, a NATO member, was preparing to buy 12 used F-16 Barak fighters from Israel in order to replace its aging fleet of Soviet-designed MiG-21s, which had originally entered service in 1959. The sophisticated electronic and radar systems had been a crucial factor in Croatia’s decision to buy the planes from Israel, rather than straight from the US, which was reportedly furious that Jerusalem would unfairly profit from the deal. (Quite often, the US have pressured Israel not proceed with lucrative international sale contracts.)

Egypt Blocks Entry from Gaza - No 'Outcry'!

Egypt is blocking the entry of all PA Arabs from Gaza since the Ramallah-based government withdrew its personnel from the Rafah crossing. Cairo has allowed the crossing to open only to returning residents of Gaza! (This is not reported, as usual, by the international press!)

Disintegration of Arab List

In the 'best' tradition of Israel politics, MK Ahmed Tibi submits request to withdraw Arab Renewal Movement from Joint Arab List. Last week MK Hanin Zoabi also announced she would not run for the 21st Knesset.

Anti-Semitism always has an Excuse!

Senate Democrats block package of bills which included codifying Israel assistance and protection for states which fight BDS. The major point of contention between Democrats and Republicans surrounding the package was the “Combating BDS Act,” which seeks to counter the global Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel. (And they say the Republicans and Trump are anti-Semites.)

Why is Turkey still a NATO Member?

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan waited for John Bolton, US national security adviser, to land in Ankara on Tuesday, Jan 8, before refusing to see him and casting relations into a fresh crisis. Bolton had planned to inform the Turkish president of Washington’s consent for the Turkish army which invaded Syria to stay in areas outside the Kurdish-ruled cantons. (Isn't it time to stop pretending that Turkey is an ally? The US must stop subsidising Islamic enemies!)

Quote of the Week:

As a young Scottish working class Leftists in the early 1970s going to Israel to work as a volunteer on a Kibbutz was something of rite de passage. Having worked on a Kibbutz won me lots of 'Brownie points' in Leftist circles and indeed pretty much across the board. If folks had known how much fun it was they perhaps wouldn't have been so impressed! Why the Left now hates Israel and supports Islamo-Fascism disgusts me and is beyond my comprehension. – a FaceBook message I received a while ago.

Arab Sector is Naturally Violent!

by Hassan Shaalan

The Arab population has recently seen a sharp spike in murder cases, with 17 Arab citizens, among them four women, being slain over the five weeks. Since 2018, 72 people have been murdered in the Arab sector, with one person slain every five days...

The women murdered in 2018 included Yara Ayub, 16, from Jish, a village in the Upper Galilee; Iman Ahmed Awad, 25, whose husband is suspected of stabbing her to death in their home in Acre; Shadia Moussati, 29, who was shot dead near her house in Ramle and Amena Asbarga, 37, from Lod, who was murdered with her husband still in their vehicle...

The police issued a statement saying, "Over the past few years, the police seized an unprecedented number of weapons, in particular in the Arab sector. As part of this ongoing battle, 3,300 suspects were arrested since the beginning of 2018, and some 1,250 indictments were filed for possession, trade and use of weapons, most of which after an intensified intelligence activity of the police." (This information is not reported by the Jew-hating international press! Death of Arabs from hands of Muslims is not news that sells papers. Just imagine how much worse it would be if Arabs did not have Israeli Jews to terrorize! Israel needs to remove this cancer of hate from the Jewish land.)