Antisemitism has Many Ugly Faces

Word "Stupid" Offends Polish Anti-Semites

A Polish diplomat, Jaroslaw Nowak, tasked with enhancing communication with Jews around the world has been fired after he criticized his government’s controversial law regarding Holocaust speech. He described the 2018 law that regulates what can be said about Poland’s role in the Holocaust as “is one of the stupidest amendments that was ever done by any law.”

A Church Leader Claims ‘Zionist Extremists’

The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem claims that “Zionist extremists” and “Israeli radicals” are trying to rid the Old City of Christians through intimidation and attacks. Similar charges were made by another Christian Jerusalem church leader, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Their joint accusations mentioned unnamed “radical groups” who allegedly assaulted priests, desecrated holy sites, and bought property in the Christian Quarter “with the aim of diminishing the Christian presence” in the Old City. The Foreign Ministry rebuffed the criticism, noting that it was baseless and “distorted the reality of the Christian community in Israel.”

Holocaust is a ‘Minor Matter’

The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) party published a declaration calling on the government to focus on “meaningful subjects” such as “hard sciences, Romanian language and literature, and the history of the Romanian nation,” and criticize the school system for teaching what it deemed “minor matters”: the Holocaust and sex education. “We’re Christians, so we can’t be anti-Semitic,” said the Alliance co-president after Israel’s ambassador condemned the party’s message. (Christianity laid the foundation of Antisemitism around 1600 years ago.)

Jew/Israel-Haters Love Jewish Doctors

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been recently receiving medical advice from an Israeli doctor Itzhak Shapira - a trained cardiologist - from Sourasky Medical Center Deputy Director-General Prof.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Christian leaders are quiet about 'de-Christianisation' of Bethlehem. The "intimidation and attacks" have been used by Muslims to reduce Christian population of the city to 20%, from 80%. They were silent when Palestinian terrorists desecrated the birthplace of Jesus - the grotto, using it as a toilet, during a siege of the Church of the Nativity in 2002.

Citizenship Law Saga

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked intends to bring an amendment to the Citizenship Law for approval by the Knesset this week. The purpose of the Family Reunification Law is to prevent the flow of Arab families from the Palestinian Authority into Israel proper.

Antisemitism has many Forms and Colours

South Africa’s Judicial Conduct Appeals Committee issued a statement, giving former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng 10 days to make an “unconditional apology for becoming involved in political controversy” - for defending Israel. Mogoeng refused to apologize, saying South Africa’s judges should not be “censored, gagged or muzzled.” “I’m under an obligation as a Christian to love Israel, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which actually means the peace of Israel, and I cannot, as I Christian, do anything other than love and pray for Israel, because I know, hatred for Israel by me and for my nation, can only attract unprecedented curses upon our nation,” Mogoeng stated in July 2020.

Shas Leader Resigned from Knesset

Shas leader Aryeh Deri submited his resignation from Knesset, following a plea deal over tax offenses. Deri says he intends to continue leading Shas with 'full strength and faith'.

Corrupt, anti-Israel 'Money Pit' Needs More Funds

The UN agency for 'Palestinian refugees', UNRWA, appeals for $1.6 billion in funding. Despite Biden restoring $300 million in funding to the agency UNRWA has said it is still struggling. Created in 1949, UNRWA supplies aid to more than three million of the five million registered “Palestinian refugees” in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and territories assigned to the Palestinian Authority, and it is also notorious for its anti-Israel activities.

No Brave Leaders in Likud

MK Miri Regev said that she would run for the leadership of the Likud after current Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu steps away. (There are also other 'ladies in waiting' in Likud that are waiting for Bibi to step down, but unwilling to challenge him.)

Finally Illegal Arab Squatters Evicted

The Israel Police evicted a family of Arab squatters from buildings they had illegally constructed in an eastern Jerusalem neighbourhood. In 2017, the municipality allocated the city-owned property in question for a special-education school that would serve the Arab-majority neighbourhood. Despite the fact that various courts repeatedly upheld the city’s right to use the land that was zoned for public use, the EU falsely claimed that this was a case of eviction and demolition that “are illegal under international law.” (What law? They never say.)

Quote of the Week:

"The State of Israel has reverse racism towards its Jewish citizens, The Arabs claim that we are an apartheid state. That's true, but only in the opposite direction. The apartheid is towards Jews. It's unthinkable that there should be quick enforcement against a Jew who moves a millimeter out of bounds, when in the Bedouin settlements the law doesn't even exist. We give them everything, and they make us into laughingstock - and we're the ones at fault, because we are racist towards ourselves and we take care to destroy our country. I would have preferred the trial take place according to Sharia Law, because then the rapist would have received an appropriate punishment." -  Father whose 10-year-old daughter was raped in her bed by Bedouin Arab intruders from southern Israel. He blames the government authorities for the anarchy in the Negev.

The Jewish National Goal

by Steven Shamrak.

Many Jewish groups, organizations and individuals are actively involved in signing petitions, writing letters and monitoring anti-Semitism worldwide. These are very important activities, but they all are missing direction.

Jews must unite behind the most important objective - the Jewish National goal: "Jewish people have the right to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land". Only by uniting behind the National Goal will Jews have the chance to survive the modern, internationally orchestrated, anti-Jewish onslaught!

This is the only goal that is worthwhile to pursue. It is the right of the Jewish people and must be pursued regardless of a political affiliation and external factors such as the Arab intentions to destroy Israel, and international anti-Semitism! It is the National right that the Jewish people have dreamed about for 2000 years! Therefore, regardless of the political affiliation of any Jewish group, political party or individual, communist or capitalist; Orthodox, Secular or Atheist - all of them can support and be united behind this goal. And it would not contradict their ideology.

It is impossible to achieve anything without setting an objective. We need to revive, re-ignite and be clear about the Jewish National Goal and aspirations. We can’t afford to waste time anymore. Our enemies declared their intention clearly, recently and in the past. Our ambiguity is just inflaming their hate!

Jewish national aspirations are not against Arabs or Muslims. It is about the identity and rights of Jewish people. The International community has done everything possible to deny Jewish people the achievement of our destiny. The time has come to take control of our own destiny!

The useless internal political bickering has to be stopped. The Jewish National Goal must be the main priority and motivation for all Israeli politicians, Jewish people and organizations around the world. The personal ego has to be put aside. This idea is the only one that can unite Jewish people.

History is full of examples of a great number of people who became idealistic and enthusiastic when they were led to the achievement of seemingly, unattainable goals. They were unstoppable and pursued worthwhile goals with zeal.

Jews have this goal embedded in the Jewish soul. It would be more natural and easier for Jews to support the creation of the Jewish state on all Jewish lands. On the contrary, it is unnatural and self-destructive to impose on Israel the agenda of our enemies and the duplicity of their supporters!