Anti-Semitism has Become Politically Correct

by Ron Jager

We really shouldn’t be surprised that Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei only recently released a new doctrine explaining why it would be ‘legally and morally justified’ to commit genocide and wipe Israel off the map. “Israel is a cancerous tumour in the Middle East,” Khameini wrote for the ultraconservative Farsi-language Alef news site. “Israel is a satanic media outlet with bombers. Every Muslim is required to arm themselves against Israel.”

In short, despite his public claims that it is the moral obligation of every Muslim to destroy Israel and commit genocide against all Jews, nobody in the international community, none of the leading human rights organizations, not the New York Times nor any other known liberal outlet in the digital world has demanded that the ruling regime in Iran be perceived as an unacceptable apartheid regime harbouring and based on explicit Anti-Semitism inherently illegitimate and has no right to exist.

Hatred of Jews, demonisation of Israel, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism have all become interchangeable and analogous terms; acceptable politically correct superlatives in the public discourse in recent years. We hear it everywhere, whether from the mouths of Arab leaders, European organizations, academicians in the United States and Europe, and from leading journalists exercising their right of “free speech”, they all have elevated the hatred of Jews to socially acceptable. What we are witnessing without even realizing is the creation of an emerging new world order that is based on ridding the whole world of Jews. Sound familiar?

This narrative of making the hatred of Jews politically correct is being effectively conveyed by the Western media, bloggers, and NGO’s, in which Jews and Israel are being singled out and denied the basic right to exist, demonizing and de-legitimizing our very existence.

…What is remarkable for most of us, is that instead of rejecting the elevation of the hatred of Jews to being politically correct, many Jews and non-Jews belonging to the progressive intelligentsia have largely embraced it as rational and true. To a large extent this is because that same western intelligentsia has itself supplanted rationality by an ideology of hatred. Not only do they hate Jews and wish to rid the world of Israel, but they do so while accepting financial support and backing from organizations and countries that employ the systematic killing of civilians and glorify the murder of innocents.

…The gateway has been opened for the flooding of words and innuendo’s accepting the hatred of Jews and Israel as acceptable discourse in the public media. What seemed to have been an eradicated and forgotten ideology such as redemptive anti-Semitism has risen from the ashes of the Holocaust making the hatred of Jews and Israel once again a force that will lead to an inevitable clash between the forces of good and evil, between freedom and blind obedience. Anti-Semitism has become far more acceptable in the US and throughout the world. The volume of attacks against Jews has skyrocketed and the intellectual war against Israel and its Jewish supporters has grown ever more virulent. Now is the time to reject the politically correct anti-Semitic hatred of Jews and Israel.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is quite disturbing to watch support so-called “Arab Spring” receives from the Western democracies. In reality, it is just a replacement of dictatorial regimes by Islamic ones. Surprisingly, the United States and Europe, even usually politically passive France, are eager supporters and active facilitators of this change! They did not call for regime change when Russia waged war in Chechnya or China suppressed independence movement of Tibet!

Iran Waged War Against Israel

The terror bombings in New Delhi and Bangkok have unmasked Iran for the world to see its true face. "Iran is undermining the world's stability and harms innocent diplomats, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Knesset. Indian officials have said there are signs that confirm Israel’s accusations that Iran was behind the attack that seriously wounded Tal Yehoshua-Koren, the wife of an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi. Almost simultaneously, terrorists failed in an attack on Israeli diplomats in Georgia. Bombs found in a Thai house rented by Iranians were similar to devices used against Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia.

It is a Symbiotic Need for Security

The Ministry of Defense announced that it conducted a successful test on the “Arrow” anti-missile system. The exercise demonstrated the interoperability of the US Aegis and Israel's Arrow 4 ballistic missile defense systems and, most importantly, of their two radars. The successful collaboration of these systems has elevated the US missile shield to its operational phase ahead of a potential war with Iran. (The test went ahead only after Turkey had withdrawn its objections)

Egypt: Money – “Yes”, Peace – “No”

Essam El-Erian, a senior Muslim Brotherhood official  and chairman of the Egyptian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said that should aid from Washington be cut, the Brotherhood would consider changing the terms of Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel. 71 percent of Egyptians oppose US economic aid to their country. Congress has already approved $1.3 billion in military aid and $250 million in civilian aid for the current fiscal year. That assistance, however, is conditioned upon Egypt meeting all of its obligations under its peace treaty with Israel.

Norway Losing Jews as a Result of anti-Israelism

Leading Norwegian newspaper 'Aftenposten' warns country on verge of becoming a country without Jews. According to the paper, half of the membership fees from the Oslo synagogue go to security. During WW2 Norwegian 772 Jews were arrested and deported during, only 34 survived. The paper put the number of Jews affiliated with the two synagogues at 819, and said “the numbers are dropping due to migration and marriage out of the community.” (Norway covered up its cooperation with Nazis, including running of the POW labour camps, after the war. Anti-Semitism is still strong in the country, especially after the doors were opened to Muslim immigration. Through the history, many countries suffered economic and cultural stagnation and degradation after Jews left them!)

Jail the Best Place for Terrorists to ‘Earn’ PA Salary

Two Gaza terrorists, who worked with Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), were arrested after being caught when they cut through the Gaza security fence. They wanted to be arrested in Israeli after carrying out an attack so they could collect the monthly stipend provided by the Palestinian Authority for prisoners in Israeli jails. The PA maintains its budget with the help of funds from the United States and the European Union.

National Pride is Needed to Stop Assimilation

MK Danny Danon, chairman of the Knesset Aliyah and Absorption Committee, said that “150,000 Jews assimilate every year and are lost to the Jewish people. This committee is committed to Zionist activity on behalf of the Jewish people and I call on government offices to use the services of the WZO, especially advancing the work of the WZO on Hebrew ulpanim for adults. The committee also urges ministries to fund all groups that sponsor and promote aliyah.” The Knesset Aliyah and Absorption Committee on Monday conducted a discussion on activities by the World Zionist Organization to prevent assimilation - and how more activity was needed to ensure that Jews remain affiliated with the Jewish people. (Israeli government must set the national goal - re-unite all Jewish land and end by any means available Islamic terror - only than the Jewish national pride and unity will be restored. Anything else is just a ‘feel good’ useless activities!)

Policy of Blackmail and Confrontation

Abbas conditioned the resumption of direct negotiations with Israel on a full cessation of construction in settlements and east Jerusalem, Israeli acceptance of the two-state solution on the basis of the pre-1967 lines and the release of Palestinian prisoners and detainees, especially those who were imprisoned before the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993. Otherwise, Abbas threatened to return to UN Security Council, General Assembly for state recognition.

Defense Minister is US Puppet

By suddenly stating, contrary to all informed estimates, that Iran’s nuclear arms program has not yet reached the point of no return, Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak implied that Israel was in no hurry to strike its nuclear facilities, a message for which Washington has been angling for months. His words Thursday Feb. 16 contradicted the evaluations of the current and former Israeli Military Intelligence chiefs.

Gaza Goes Dark - Blame Egypt

Hamas announced the sole power plant in Gaza went dark after it ran out of diesel. Ahmad Abu al-Amrin, an official from Gaza's energy authority, called on Egypt "to assume its historical responsibility in supporting the resistance of the Palestinian people by ensuring they had all the necessary fuel to operate the plant". According to the UN agency for humanitarian affairs (OCHA) "Only half of the amount of fuel that entered in the previous weeks has been coming into Gaza for the past two weeks." (Islamic ‘Spring revolution’ does not care about ‘poor Palestinians’)

Quote of the Week:

“Today’s acts of terrorism against Israeli diplomats underscore the perilous nature of the world we live in. And they underscore the need to stand by our allies in the fight against Jihadism. The war against Israel is a war against all democracies, including our own. We can’t afford to let down our guard.” - Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney condemned the attempted attacks on Israeli diplomats in New Delhi and Tbilisi - Why are most US presidents are truthful about Arab-Israel conflict and are good friends of Israel only before election? After election the game of deception and lies continues! He has promised also, as many presidential candidates before him, to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Hollywood Needs Moral Reality Check

by Mark Silverberg

Just as Leon Uris's epic film on the birth of the State of Israel (Exodus) set the course for positive relations between America and Israel throughout the 1960s, so the films being generated now by Hollywood on Middle East events will have the exact opposite effect.

Charles Krauthammer wrote recently: "Nothing tells you more about Hollywood than what it chooses to honor." Nominated for best foreign film this year was Paradise Now, a sympathetic portrayal of two suicide bombers. Nominated for best picture was Munich, a sympathetic portrayal of Arab terrorism. Nominated for best screenplay was Syriana, a film that reinforces every negative perception of America, Americans and American foreign policy in the Middle East.

In Paradise Now, the audience is brought into the world of the suicide bomber and is left with the impression that these are not so much indoctrinated killers as ordinary, regular folk who are simply misunderstood, who act violently because of Israeli "repression", who suffer from the same human frailties as you and me, and who are consequently worthy of our sympathy for possessing such a pathology.

The movie justifies the murder of Israelis by suggesting that the Palestinians have tried every peaceful method for resolving "the problem of Israeli occupation and ethnic cleansing." In one scene, a Palestinian taxi driver explains that the settlers have "poisoned the wells by Nablus" in order to kill Palestinians. The passenger expresses no surprise at this primarily because the Palestinians have long since accepted the medieval anti-Semitic canard that Jews poisoned Christian wells during the bubonic plague that ravaged Europe in 1347. So, why not Palestinians wells, too? And just before these suicide bombers set out on their road to "martyrdom", they casually sit down to eat a final meal, together with eleven men, in the exact arrangement and with the exact number of participants as in Da Vinci's famous painting, The Last Supper. This parallel is by design, not by accident