Anti-Zionist Legal System of Israel

The Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Sunday morning sentenced Sheikh Omar Abu Sara to eight months in prison for inciting to murdering Jews in sermons he gave on the Temple Mount. The complaint against Abu Sara was submitted two years ago by legal aid society Honenu attorney Hur Nizri, in the name of Yehuda Glick, now a Likud MK, shortly after an assassination attempt on Glick.

A Jewish young man with hardly any influence, who was convicted last March of possessing a document that was never disseminated, was given two years in prison.

Back in March, the Rehovot Magistrate Court sentenced Moshe Orbach, 24, a rightwing activist from B’nei B’rak, to two years in prison plus a half year probation, for writing a document titled “Wicked Kingdom,” intended for limited dissemination. Judge Menahem Mizrahi wrote in his sentence that “the harsh character of the document, all of which is comprised of incitement to violence in its environment..." The judge added that the exceptionally harsh sentence should serve as a warning to anyone else wishing to follow in Orbach’s footsteps that the courts “will not belittle acts that have the power to damage or subvert the delicate fabric of Israel’s population.”

All of which appears to be targeted mostly at Jews, because an Arab preacher who actually advocated murdering the entire Jewish segment of said delicate fabric of the population received less than half of Orbach’s sentence — and he, the Arab, didn’t just scribble it on a mimeographed booklet, he proudly declared it on YouTube:

 “The Jews are the most wicked among Allah’s creatures. They are the worst villains who have ever walked the planet. We’re living in a time when the war against the Jews is near, and I say clearly to the Jews: It’s time to slaughter you. It’s time to fight you. It’s time to kill you. God willing, we are ready. We and the loyal Muslims, along with the armies of the Muslim Caliphate, who will come to liberate this land from your filth. We are anticipating the day - the moment - of your slaughter.”

Leshana Tovah Tikatev V’tichatem!

May you be written and sealed for a good year!

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Zionism is the Jewish national liberation movement! Liberal anti-Semites and self-hating Jews support any 'liberation' movement, even Islamic ones that present clear threats to our democratic values, but not the Jewish one!

Why do Only anti-Zionists have Freedom of Speech in Israel?

Ofer Golan, CEO of "Fighting the 'Palestinian' Lie," was taken for police questioning after publicizing a post criticizing former president Shimon Peres. "I am crying over the thousands murdered since Oslo, and for the thousands of widows and orphans who are still in pain," he wrote.

Government is the Biggest Problem of Israel!

Israel Police had announced that the Temple Mount is closed to Jews this coming Sunday, the eve of Rosh Hashana. “As is done each year, the Temple Mount will be closed to visitors on Rosh Hashana...” (But Muslims are allowed to celebrate a minor holiday, the Islamic New Year, Al-Hijra!)

Only Deliberate 'Mistakes' are Made at this Level

US president Barak Obama called Judea and Samaria 'Palestinian land' in contravention of the Oslo accords and international law, speaking at the UNGA. Obama said that "Surely, Israelis and Palestinians will be better off if Palestinians reject incitement and recognize the legitimacy of Israel, but Israel recognizes that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land.” Only the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) responded and protested the inaccuracy in Obama's words.

Israel Becoming an Energy Super Power

An Israeli gas consortium on Monday signed what Israel called a “historic” $10 billion deal with the Jordan Electric Power Company to supply the Hashemite Kingdom with natural gas. The agreement will provide Jordan with a total of approximately 45 billion cubic meters of gas from the Leviathan offshore gas field, turning Israel into its largest gas supplier.

Senate Overrides Obama's Anti-American Veto

The US Senate overwhelmingly rejected President Barack Obama's veto of legislation allowing relatives of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia. US citizens may soon be able to sue Saudi Arabia for damages.

MDA Terror Attacks Statistics

MDA presents statistics from the past year of terror attacks. The number of people killed from attacks stands at 40 killed and 459 wounded. MDA also treated 143 individuals who were in shock. The medics and paramedics provided medical treatment at 131 incidents of stone throwing, 123 knife attacks, 27 car attacks, 25 shootings, 4 attacks involving car accidents, one rocket attack and one bus explosion. (This is daily reality in Israel. Europe and the US, due to their own stupidity, are having a taste of it now!)

Anti-Semitism Unites Nazis and the Left

1) A senior member of Britain’s Jewish Labour movement Mike Katz, the national vice-chair of the organization, was heckled on stage at the party's conference on Tuesday as he denounced the anti-Semitism in the party. Katz was quoted as having said that he was "dismayed" that Labour's ruling body had failed to include rule changes to root out anti-Semitism in its package of reforms.

2) Fliers calling to "Take America back from the Jews" were dropped in a Jacksonville, Florida, neighborhood that is home to Jewish residents and several Jewish institutions. The leaflets, which also claimed that the Jews are "plotting the minds of our government" and it was up to the recipients to not "let them destroy what your European ancestors built."

Israel transferred $20 million to Turkey

Turkish press claim that in accordance to the reconciliation agreement signed in June by Israel and Turkey, Israel has transferred $20 million dollars, which will go toward aiding the families of the Turkish activists who were killed during the Marmara flotilla raid in 2010. (Where is your self-respect, Bibi – SHAME!)

Quote of the Week:

“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” - Thomas Mann

No Eulogy – Just a Sad Jewish Story

(Shimon Peres was present at the founding of Israel – the Jewish state. But, as many leaders of his party, he had chosen corrupt, self-serving anti- Zionist way quite a while ago! We must be honest about it – only by reviewing the past and its mistakes will we be able to build a new and brighter reality!)

Shimon Peres leaves the presidency of Israel, after promising the world an era of peace in the Middle East.

Peres reiterated his belief in peace at his final visit at the White House in June, when he proclaimed that Abbas, now serving the tenth year of his four year term as PA president, was a partner for peace.

Peres’s proclamation was based on the following ten illusions that Peres had implanted in the public peace process mindset, as if…

1. The PA never made an accord with Hamas, defined as a terrorist organization

2. The PA ratified the Oslo accord with Israel, which it never did.

3. The PA changed its charter to destroy Israel, which it never did.

4. The PA adopted a peace curriculum, which it never has done.

5. The PA renounced the “right of return”, which it has never done.

6. The PA settled for a Palestinian state in the 1967 lines, which it never did.

7. The PA denounced “armed struggle” to liberate all of Palestine, which it never did.

8. The PA Arabic language media conveyed a message of peace, which it never did.

9. The PA recognized the state of Israel as a Jewish state, which it has never has.

10. Abbas renounced his PHD that “Zionists assisted Nazis”, which he never did.

Yet until the Gaza aerial attacks struck every nook and cranny of Israel, the people of Israel, suffering from PPTSS, believed the Peres narrative:

1. Peres adopted the Arab League position, that the PLO represents the Palestinian Arab people.

2 Peres dropped negative information on the PLO from the Israeli government.

3. Peres claimed that the country had an obsession with Kassam missiles, which were not lethal

4. Peres falsified the biography he gave to the Knesset, claiming that he had served in the IDF

5. Peres refused to answer questions about incitement which emanated from Arafat & Abbas.

6. Peres claimed that videos of Arafat’s speeches in Arabic were doctored

7. Peres accepted grants from 18 governments for the Peres Center for Peace (including the United Nation – ‘Ugly Nazi’)

8. Peres benefited from his financial investments in PalTel, the Palestinian telephone company.

9. Peres did not deny providing gratuities in order to receive the Nobel Peace Prize

10. Peres claimed that he was in contact with Abbas for 30 years - which meant that Peres was in contact with the PLO ten years before it was legal to do so.

Time will tell if Shimon Peres led the people of Israel as an idealist or as an illusionist.