Anti-Israel Stooges and the War on Terror.

by Steven Shamrak.

In the face of mounting skepticism over the upcoming American-backed summit, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Jewish activists recently that progress toward a two-state solution is vital to confronting Iran. She had even deliberately misinterpreted recent opinion polls to justify the useless conference in Annapolis. Why are so many elaborate lies being made in order to deprive Jews of their ancestral land and blame Israel for every ugly policy of Arab/Muslim countries and for each folly of US international policy?

Rice said that Israelis must be prepared for "difficult and painful sacrifices" for some of their longest-held aspirations to be met during upcoming talks with Palestinian leaders. She never asked for “sacrifices" from Arabs, only Jews must make them! Arabs may continue with the occupation of the Jewish land; terrorism in Israel and around the world; mafia style blackmail of the world and milking UN and the international organizations as a cash-cow!

There have been many similar anti-Israel stooges before Condoleezza Rice. All of them have used the ‘friendship’ card; economic, political and military pressure and outrageous lies to force Israel into submission. The list includes: Former US president Carter, Hilary Clinton during her husband’s presidency (at the moment she is quiet due to the elections), as well as strings of US envoys, the UN secretaries and endless number of international hypocrites. It is time to say a decisive “NO” to all of them.

Peace in Israel and the Middle East will only be possible after Israel regains control of all Jewish lands and Arabs understand that their deceitful games and manipulations do not work any more. For this, we need an Israeli government that cares about the future of its own people and puts the interests of Israel first. We need that Jews come to the realisation that no one else will bring us peace. The goal is achievable only if we all, regardless of individual level of religiosity or political affiliation, unite and start work diligently toward the unification of our land, ignoring our ‘well-wishing friends’! The ‘old world’ must shake off its historically intrinsic anti-Semitism! They have never been interested in the welfare of Jews. Why should we listen to them?

We all must begin to face the reality. The only way to stop international Islamic terror is by starting to fight it! The pretence approach does not work. It is a Whitewash! Osama bin Laden has not been captured; Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Sudan and other quiet ‘achievers’ are still supporting terrorism with impunity. If only all of those anti-Israel stooges had the same devotion and interest to fighting Islamic terrorism? When the world becomes real about the war on terror, Islamic terrorism will be easily stopped!

Arab’s Gesture of Good-will.

Last week, Arab terrorists in Gaza attacked Israel with 35 mortar shells and 25 Kassam rockets. The rocket landed in one of the southern neighbourhoods of Ashkelon on Monday.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

If Jews are in control of the world, as many claim, why haven’t we been enjoying the freedom of self-governing in our own country, Eretz-Israel including trans-Jordan without the hostile Arab population and with full support of ‘Jewish controlled media’?

Livni May Be on the Right Track. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said, "The Palestinian state to be established will not be a solution just for the Palestinians who live in Judea and Samaria.  It is designed to provide a comprehensive national solution - for those living in Judea and Samaria, and the refugee camps, and even for the [Arab] citizens of Israel." Livni thus seemingly reiterated the straightforward situation that if a new state is to be formed exclusively for Arabs, then the other state that already exists there - Israel - could arguably be construed as exclusively for Jews. (She could add that with the size of Sinai peninsula, which was not a part of Egypt until the 1922 deal, almost the same size as all of the Palestinian mandate and with a population of only 250,000, it is the perfect place for the new ‘Palestinian’ state!)

Israeli Arabs Against Jewish State. In a unanimous vote on Saturday, the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee decided to reject an Israeli request that the Palestinian Authority recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” (Most Israeli Arabs do not want to live under PA rule; at the same time they are plotting the destruction of Israel demographically, insisting on the ‘Palestinian refugees' right of return. Wasn’t it called “the Fifth Column”?)

IDF Recruits Still Want Combat Units. 67 percent of those enlisting in the IDF in November have requested placement in a combat unit, according to the IDF. Many combat units still had far more applicants than open spaces, including the Golani brigade, which has 2.6 recruits for every available position. (Amazingly, in a country which is in complete political disarray, young Jews still retain the will to defend their country and they know that Israel is facing enemies who have only one intention – destruction of Israel!)

No Restrains Where Israel is Concerned. A senior Vatican diplomat who served as papal envoy to Israel has described Vatican-Israeli relations as worsening, blaming the Jewish state for failing to keep promises related to church land, taxes and travel restrictions on Arab clergy. (Is the Vatican similarly critical of the Muslim countries? The Holy See has been silent during the killing by Muslims of Christians in Lebanon and Sudan, and their almost uniform discrimination and persecution in the Muslim world!)

Fatah Forced Church to Hold Service. Members of the Fatah party, led by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, forced the Catholic church in Gaza to hold a memorial service for Yasser Arafat. "The church was obliged to hold the event for Arafat after Christian leaders participated in a Hamas event 10 days ago," a Christian source told journalist. WorldNewsDaily (No condemnation from the Vatican. With this silence, His Holiness continues to provide submissive support for terrorist thugs against Israel. All Christians are still quiet about the appalling desecration by ‘Palestinians’ of the Nativity Church, birthplace of Jesus, in Bethlehem several years ago.)

Quote of the Week:

“Power doesn't come from a badge or a gun. Power comes from lying. Lying big and getting the whole damn world to play along with you. Once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain't true, you get them by the balls” - “Sin City”, the movie. - Fascists did it in Europe, Communists did it in the former Soviet Union! The anti-Semites, in charge of world policies, have been doing the same and made Israel look like as a villain and Arabs as the victims.

U.S. Youth Disaffection with Israel. American Jewish youth are losing their emotional and spiritual connection to Israel, says a new study conducted by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Although, older Jews still retain a strong bond with the Jewish State. Those who were intermarried, however, felt less of a connection. (While Israel is led by self-hating and corrupt idiots and all rabbis being silent about sell-off the Jewish dream, it is a miracle that any connection still remains!)

Arabs are still Deliberately ‘Delusional’. Senior PA official Farouk Kadoumi recently told a Tunisian paper that Israel was responsible for the deaths of Yasser Arafat and former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.  Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon killed Arafat using poison, he said. (Peculiarly, Arabs do not want to know anything about Arafat’s paraphilia and homosexuality - AIDS was a cause of his death! This is just like Soviets pretended that they did not know that Lenin died from syphilis.)

Ethnic Make Up of Jordan.

by Ed O'Loughlin. “The Age”.

MOST people in Jordan are descended from refugees or wanderers. At least 40% of the kingdom's 6 million people are Palestinians (see Ethnic Make Up of 'Palestinians') who fled the "West Bank" of the Jordan river during wars with Israel in 1948 and 1967.

Most of the rest, the "East Bankers", are descended from the nomadic Bedouin tribes of the Syrian and Arabian deserts (Thrown out of the Saudi peninsula by house of Saud), with a sprinkling of Chechens, Circassians and Armenians displaced in the days of Turkey's Ottoman Empire.

Even the ruling family comes from somewhere else. Members of the same ancient clan as the Prophet Mohammed, in 1925 the Hashemi were driven from their Mecca heartland by the rival house of Saud. (Because this article about “Wealthy Iraqi refugees meet wave of resentment in Jordan”, the author made an ‘unforgivable’ in the journalistic world mistake and wrote the truth about make up of Jordanian population. He could add that trans-Jordan was a part of the Palestinian mandate and the land of Palestine was assigned for the Jewish state, but illegally cut off in a multifaceted deal between the British, French, Saudis and Egypt. But his article was not about the Arab-Israel conflict! Well, some of them do make mistakes occasionally and allow the truth out.)