Alternative is Suicidal!

I just hope that during and after this election common sense and true political integrity will prevail and parties like Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Habayit Hayehudi, Ichud Leumi and Shas will set aside their differences and focus on the achievement of the Jewish National goal, Eretz-Israel. I agree that Israeli voters should have a better choice, but at the moment voters must realise that the alternative is suicidal!

Pretence War. Division General Ido Nehushtan, an Israeli air force commander, said that bombing the tunnels in southern Gaza is not the solution to shutting down the smuggling of weapons to the Hamas. (The present Kadima/Labor government is conducting a war with no indention of winning it. The main focus is to fool Israeli voters!)

Back to Ugly ‘Normality’. The sounding of the Colour Red alert in Sderot last week, just before 7 p.m. last Monday caused a break for students taking a matriculation exam in history at a Sderot school.

Hamas has Clear Objective. A Hamas political advisor, Ahmad Yussuf, said: ''the Hamas intends to take power in all of Palestine, not only in Gaza.'' (This includes Jordan! I wish that Israel had been as lucid and confident in achieving the Jewish national objective.)

Deliberately Deceitful Logic.

Newly-appointed American Middle East envoy George Mitchell said: "To be successful in preventing the illicit traffic of arms into Gaza, there must be a mechanism to allow the flow of legal goods. And that should be with the participation of the [Fatah-controlled] Palestinian Authority." (Logically speaking, wouldn’t the flow of the goods over land increase the ‘tunnel time’ for weapons and rockets smuggling into Gaza? And what is the chance for Fatah, another terrorist organization, to be in “control” of Gaza and end Islamic terrorism? It seems that the Middle East has got another official anti-Israel stooge, one of many!)

‘Humane’ Enemy! Hamas terrorists seized three hospitals and expelled entire medical teams from the facilities on Saturday. A statement issued by the PA ministry in Ramallah said that Hamas terrorists had taken over the medical centers and "converting them into centers for interrogation, torture and imprisonment."

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Our enemies are talking openly about creating yet another Muslim state on Jewish land, free from Jews. It is time for Israel to remove this hostile population and reunite all Jewish land! This will end terrorist attacks from minor players in the Middle-Eastern conflict game like Hamas and Fatah.

Demand of Loyalty is ''Legitimate”. Likud head Binyamin Netanyahu says the campaign against Israeli Arabs by extreme right wing Israel Beitenou head Avigdor Lieberman is ''legitimate.'' Netanyahu said, ''it is legitimate to ask citizens of a state to be loyal.'' (Time to understand that Israeli Arabs never had and never will have loyalty toward Israel.)

Kadima is Willing to Sell Israel off. Kadima party head and foreign minister Tzipi Livni said that for Israel to be a Jewish and democratic state, ''we must give up a piece of the country.'' (Giving up Jewish land will not bring peace. Removing enemies from Jewish land will!)

Thuggery which Even UN couldn’t Ignore. Christopher Gunness, a spokesperson for the UN Relief and Works Agency [UNRWA], said that Hamas policemen broke into a warehouse in Gaza City and confiscated more than 3,500 blankets and 400 packages of food that the UN planned to distribute to 500 families in the Gaza Strip.

Quote of the Week: "How many crimes are committed simply because their authors could not endure being wrong." This applies to Israel's ruling elites. Thirteen years of Arab terror and 6,000 Jewish casualties have cowed and stupefied these elites. Ehud Olmert (and Tzipi Livni) is committed to the policy of his comatose predecessor. Brainless and heartless, he promises more territorial retreat on the one hand, and the deportation of more Jews on the other.” - Albert Camus

We do Have Choice. Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel did not finish the job in Gaza. ''The next government will have no choice but to finish the job and eradicate the Iranian terrorist base next to Ashkelon'' (Israel must free Jewish land of enemy population. This is the only way to end terror from Gaza!)

Even Hamas Called Blair's Stupidity. Hamas insulted Blair, calling his suggestion that the group be involved in negotiations “utterly foolish and useless.” Blair's call for dialogue would “grant the Zionist enemies the excuse to commit their crimes,” and the message “testifies to Blair's stupidity,” said Hamas official Mushir al-Masri. (When it is come to their objectives Hamas does not lie and does not worry about politeness. It is also time for Israel to call Tony Blair, Jimmy Carter and other international anti-Semites by their true name!)

The White House in Pollard Spin. The White House confirmed that President Bush did not reject Jonathan Pollard's petition for a pardon as he left office and left it active. The Committee for Pollard's release explained that Bush's decision means that Pollard can still be released at any time. (President Bush just passed the buck to President Obama. It is easy to release drug dealers, tax cheats etc… But not a Zionist Jew!)

West Bank: Torturers Financed by the British taxpayer. The horrific torture of hundreds of people by Palestinian security forces in the West Bank is being funded by British taxpayers. An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has found that the forces responsible get £20million a year from the UK. The victims – some left maimed – are rounded up for alleged involvement with the militant Islamic group Hamas. (At the same time in Gaza Hamas tortures and kills Fatah supporters. Well done ‘humane’ Westerners! But it is Israel you have ‘problem’ with.)

Unsafe at Home: Three Arabs stabbed a young Jew who got lost on his way to Hebrew University at Mount Scopus on Sunday morning.

Hypocrisy of the 'Loaded' Headlines:

“Turkey probes IDF 'war crimes' in Gaza”An international probe for crimes against humanity committed by Turkey against Armenians and Kurds is long overdue. Why is this headline missing?

They Don’t Talk to Each Other, but Israel Must? 1) The Hamas declared it does not want to engage in talks with Mahmoud Abbas as long as the PA President states that the Palestine Liberation Organization is in charge. 2) PA President Mahmoud Abbas rejects reconciliation with the Hamas.

Faking Justice. A Pakistan court declared disgraced nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan a "free citizen" on Friday after years of de facto house arrest (not prison) because of his alleged role in leaking atomic weapons technology to countries including Iran, North Korea and Libya.

Welcome to Islamostan. Iranian police raided more than 300 hair salons in the Ispahan region, and closed nine of them because ''western and feminine styles violate Islamic law for men''.

Time for UNRWA to Say Sorry to Israel. One of the most highly publicized incidents in the recent Cast Lead operation in Gaza was an alleged Israeli strike on a United Nations school. Now, the UN's Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has apparently changed its story, and now says there was no Israeli strike on the school, but rather a mortar shell incident near the school that did not cause any deaths within the building. (Do you remember the ‘Jenin Massacre’, which never happened? Fatah dug up corpses to boost the number of ‘civilian’ casualties. In the end, the UN cancelled its investigation in order to avoid embarrassment, and not in order to prove Israel right?)

Staged Outburst - Look Who is Talking. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stormed out of the World Economic Forum after a war of words with Israel's President Shimon Peres over the Gaza conflict. "A new era has begun. Turkey is not just any country. Turkey is large and important. Anyone who looks into history will see that," Erdogan said. (The aim was to promote how “important” Turkey is, not the conflict in Gaza. Israel could easily walk out because Turkey still has not admitted the genocide of up to 1.5 million Armenians and has been killing Kurds in Turkey and Iraq! Erdogan demanded respect for Turkey but had only contempt toward Israel and other participants, who remained mute about his despicable outburst.)

Similar Conflict - NO ‘Outrage’!

Humanitarian groups have said a major crisis is looming for 250,000 civilians with reports of hundreds killed during ongoing offensive against the Tamil Tigers by the Sri Lankan army. (No humanitarian corridors, No ceasefire! The Sri Lankan government uses artillery in populated areas, but there is No ‘emergency’ for UN resolutions! Just because it is Sri Lanka not Israel, or should I say because Jews are not involved! Note: Tamils are a non-indigenous Hindu minority of Sri Lanka. They are fighting for independence from the native Ceylonese, Buddhist majority.)