US Treats Enemies Better than its Best Friend!

Cuban intelligence officer Gerardo Hernandez was released from a US jail. After 16 years in US prisons, he was given a hero's welcome in Havana.

In 2001 he was convicted by a Miami court and handed down two life sentences for sending intelligence back home to Cuba. The court said his actions assisted in the murder of Cuban exiles - in the shooting down of two planes - who were attempting to overthrow the Castro government.

He was a spy, but Hernandez, and the other members of the so-called "Cuban Five" spies captured on US soil are now released and free. What hadn't been revealed was that in an unusual diplomatic gesture of good will, officials on both sides had worked to send Hernandez's sperm to Panama, where his wife Adriana Perez was waiting for artificial insemination. 

On arrival in Cuba Hernandez said “I will do it again if I have to!” (In order to create his ‘legacy’ before the retirement from the presidency, after all his international endeavors have failed, Obama is willing to do anything: Sign useless and dangerous agreement with Iran and even free the Cuban spy and killer. At the same time, Johnson Pollard, who gave information to Israel about enemies of the US and Israel, which the US as a friend was supposed to provide anyway but did not, is still in the US jail for 30 years by now! Even Soviet spies did not have such a harsh treatment.)

Business as Usual

The Israeli Air Force attacked an infrastructure target in Gaza on Thursday morning in response to a rocket that was fired from Gaza. Rocket fire on southern Israel has been on the rise over the past several weeks, including an incident in which ISIS affiliated terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula fired on Israel.

Father of Tennessee Shooter is ‘Palestinian’

Mohammed Youssuf Abdulazeez, who murdered five US Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was the third Muslim of Jordanian-Palestinian descent to massacre US military or intelligence personnel in six years. Ironically, the father of this terrorist, despite the fact that he used to be on the FBI terrorist watch list, is employed as an unarmed special policeman by the Chattanooga City Council. (They have been terrorizing Jews in Israel for almost 70 years. Now they have moved to the US and Europe! Israel and American people have the same enemies - the White House is still unwilling to face the truth.)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The name of the Nobel Peace Price has to be changed to “Wishful Thinking” prize. A while ago it was given to Yasser Arafat and Rabin; recently President Obama and Al Gore also got it. But, there is no peace between Israel and Arabs; wars are still thriving in Afghanistan, Iraq and have spread to Syria; global warming is in or out, regardless of fake Gore’s activism. After receiving his ‘bribe’ for not challenging Bush after questionable presidential election, Gore lost his passion for the promotion of global warming! Note: The chairman of Norway’s Nobel Peace Prize committee, Thorbjorn Jagland, the former Norwegian prime minister, who oversaw the selection of Barack Obama to receive the honour has been removed from his post.

ISIS, Free Syrian Army, al-Qaida - What the Difference?

The militants of Free Syrian Army, being supported by the West in the convoluted fight across the Middle East, have been found to be fighting alongside ISIS and al-Qaida.

Raising Historic Herd of Red Heifers in Israel

The Temple Institute is working together with an Israeli cattleman to raise a red heifer in Israel, in strict accordance with the Biblical commandment. The end result of this program will be the introduction of the Red Angus breed into Israel. (We are one step closer to the Third Temple!)

Now Obama is Looking for ‘Cooperation’

Obama’s National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, said that Washington is interested in deepening its security cooperation with Israel following the Iran deal. "In every area where it was supposed to prevent Iran attaining nuclear arms capability, there were huge compromises," said Netanyahu. Netanyahu later made clear that Israel “is not bound by this deal with Iran.” (Obama completely destroyed the trust and good relationship between Washington and Israel, as well as with Saudi Arabia, - now he began playing a fake PR friendship game!)

Israel is Destroying ‘Palestinian’ DNA?

Saeb Erekat leveled the charges at a press conference that “Israel is using Teva-manufactured pharmaceuticals to destroy the organisms carrying the DNA which proves Palestinian ancestry to the exclusion of the spurious Jewish claim.” Last year Erekat claimed that so-called Palestinians were descended from the Canaanites. (This is another idiotic attempt to justify an illegitimate Arab claim on Jewish land!)

So Much for Blockade

Gaza is expected to receive a record volume of imports this year, around 140,000 truckloads. This is approximately double the number of truckloads which entered the Gaza Strip in 2014, before and after Operation Protective Edge.

Arab States Fear Nuclear Deal

Some Arab nations are worried that the deal may allow Iran to fund proxy wars and extend its regional influence. Arab countries have deep fears of Iran gaining a nuclear weapon, and some have been skeptical that a deal will prevent that from happening. Saudi Arabia issued a pointed warning, saying Iran must use any economic gains from the lifting of sanctions to improve the lives of Iranians, "rather than using them to cause turmoil in the region, a matter that will meet a decisive reaction from the nations of the region," in a statement carried on the state news agency. "This agreement, from our point of view, represents an indirect threat to Gulf and Arab interests and peace," said Tariq Al-Shammari, a Saudi analyst and president of the Council of Gulf International Relations.

Quotes of the Week:

"I'll remind you that the West signed a deal with North Korea, said it would make the world a safer place, and of course all the words evaporated and North Korea acquired nuclear weapons. This is a rerun of North Korea." - Naftali Bennett, Israeli Education Minister - Many Arab analysts are saying that in the nuclear deal with Iran is the same mistake that West made when it appeased Adolf Hitler in 1938.

“This deal is an American Munich… Barack Obama is trying to appease the mullahs in Tehran by making one concession after another. The result will be not just a nuclear Iran, but half a dozen nuclear weapons states in the world’s most volatile and dangerous region.” - John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.


by David Horovitz

(The deal wasn’t about Iran’s nukes, but to prevent Israel from doing anything about them!)

Ahead of the accord reached between the P5+1 and Iran it was reported that it was expected to be a “political agreement,” not a “legally binding treaty.”

The two sides would “announce understandings” and will not “sign” anything. It will take months of additional negotiations to develop the relevant implementation documents. It will allow the Iranians to claim that they never truly “signed away” their nuclear capacities.

Iran gets to keep its nuclear facilities, and there will be no truly intrusive international supervision!

- The Iranian regime is not required, as a condition for this deal, to disclose the military dimensions of its nuclear program.

- Iran will not halt all uranium enrichment. Thousands of centrifuges will spin at its main Natanz enrichment facility!

- Iran will not shut down and dismantle its Arak heavy water reactor and plutonium production plant, and its underground uranium enrichment facility it built secretly at Fordow.

- Iran will be able to continue its missile development!

- The deal allows a very protracted process of advance warning and ‘consultation’ to before inspections.

- No procedures are established to respond to Iranian violations, to ensure that the international community can act with sufficient speed and efficiency to thwart a breakout to the bomb.

- The Iranian regime will be able to arm, finance and train  terrorists of Hezbollah in south Lebanon.

- Incitement of hatred among its people against Israel and the United States will continue!

In an interview with a notably hostile, even antagonistic BBC anchor, Bennett outlined perhaps the most glaring hole in the deal: the fact that Iran will receive nearly a month's notice prior to any inspections of nuclear sites - ample time to hide evidence of illegal, bomb-making activity.

"Here's the thing - in order to go and make an inspection, you have to notify the Iranians 24 days in advance. That's a farce!" said Bennett. "Of course within the 24 days they're going to clean up the facility, get away with the inspections and continue with what they do… Imagine a local police station raiding a drug baron and telling him a month in advance that we're going to raid you".

One particularly interesting detail: Tucked away near the very end of the deal’s massive text is a section entitled “Nuclear Safety, Safeguards and Security,” which stipulates that the West (consisting of the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China, as well as the EU) will train Iran to thwart sabotage against its controversial and covert nuclear program from all threats. (This makes the Munich agreement look tough.)