40th Anniversary of the Victory!

The Six Days War was the second, after the War of Independence, significant military victory of modern Zionism, over overwhelming odds, against our enemies.

Unfortunately, for 40 years after this victory most of the Israel’s governments did nothing to utilize the positive political dynamic and spiritual uplift among Jewish people it created to end the occupation of the Jewish land but Arabs. The self-doubt, corruption and apathy have squandered the opportunity for advancement of the Jewish national dream and facilitated the rise of Arab terrorism within Jewish land.

For 40 years Jews were wondering in the desert, because they feared to enter the Promised Land. After 59 years of independence, the process of shaking off mindset of the slaves is long over due. We must embrace the true meaning of the word sovereignty, which every independent state is entitled to.


Insincerity of Palestinian Refugees Policy.

Estimates of the final Arab refugee count range from 460,000 to 900,000 with the official United Nations count in 1948, at 711,000. The number doubled after the UN announced its intention to provide international assistance! Around 850,000 Jewish refugees have fled Muslim countries since!

WW2 left over 50 million refugees. Since then, a hundred million refugees have been resettled worldwide. War in Iraq has created over 4 million refugees, war in Congo and genocide in Sudan over 2 million refugees each. Only one group of ‘perpetual’ refugees, the so-called Palestinians, is artificially maintained, in order to assist and facilitate the destruction of the State of Israel!

General Progress Report and Supplementary Report of the United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine, Covering the Period from 11 December 1949 to 23 October 1950. (U.N. General Assembly Official Records, Fifth Session, Supplement No. 18, Document A/1367/Rev. 1) The Committee believed the estimate to be "as accurate as circumstances permit", and attributed the higher number on relief to, among other things, "duplication of ration cards, addition of persons who have been displaced from area other than Israel-held areas and of persons who, although not displaced, are destitute".

Israel: ‘Normal Life’ Under Rain of Terror. Hamas terrorists on Saturday stole about 80 bags of agricultural chemicals the agricultural school of Al-Azhar University to make bombs. Also: 1. Gaza terrorists opened fire on a number of IDF positions. 2. Hamas claimed responsibility for firing two Qassam rockets from Gaza toward western Negev towns Friday. Another Qassam rocket was fired at the western Negev, Saturday night,

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

If Moshe Dayan had waited for a decision from self-doubting Israeli politicians in 1967, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria would have remained under Arab occupation! Israel is still governed by the same politically inept elite.

Except for a one Jewish state solution, what are alternatives: education, negotiations or “land for peace” deals? Have they worked before? Will they ever work? Time to learn the lesson!

Criminals in the Government. The Israeli cabinet last Wednesday unanimously approved Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government reshuffle. Former justice minister Haim Ramon, who resigned in August 2006 due to allegations of sexually harassing a young woman and was found guilty of sexual harassment by court in January 2007, was appointed vice premier in charge of state policy and will be a member of the security cabinet. (We hardly can expect that the totally immoral and corrupt people in the Israeli government would promote the highly moral inspirations of Jewish people to regain the land of their ancestors!)

Hamas at Temple Mount. The Shin Bet has arrested 11 Hamas officials who have led an effort to take over the Temple Mount from the Jordanian Wakf. "Their goal is to gain full control over the Temple Mount," said a security official, adding that the Hamas terrorist party has built a bathroom and expanded its library and prayer rooms at the Temple Mount, where it tours and preaching Hamas ideology are conducted.

UN: Another Dirty Deal. After the loss of six members in a terrorist attack, Spanish UN peacekeepers cut a covert protection deal with Hizballah. They offered Hizballah intelligence and military collaboration in return for protection and agreed to set up a hot line for their exchanges. - DEBKAfile (After so many betrayals, some brainless and gutless politicians are still advocating a UN or ‘International’ force on Jewish land: Gaza, Judea, Samaria and even Jerusalem!)

Quote of the Week:

“It's about an Arab political culture that is the most hostile to Western concepts of individual citizenship, liberty or the rule of law of almost any culture on the planet. Arabs… are tragically not very interested in self-government as the West understands it, and never have been. They are interested in family, tribe, religion and, when all else fails (and often when it doesn't), brutal violence… What you see in Gaza, moreover, is what you see anywhere in the Arab world where order is not imposed by overwhelming force or a police state or a monarchy. You see total anarchy and barbarism.”  by Andrew Sullivan, “The Sunday Times”.

Mass Arab Emigration. Newly-appointed Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has admitted that between 40,000 and 50,000 PA Arabs have fled the region recently due largely to internal fighting between terrorist groups. It was the first such admission of widespread Arab emigration made by a PA official. (It is hardly mass emigration, but it is the first step in the right direction. Even better that the Arabs carry it out by themselves!)

The Hebrew Secret of the Runes of Scandinavian. There is a proof of ancient Hebrew migration to Scandinavia from linguistic evidence and archaeological finds. This work proves that in ancient times Israelites settled in Scandinavia, especially those areas of southeast Sweden. Runic inscriptions are similar in form and appearance to scripts known in the ancient Middle East, which were actually written in the Hebrew Language or in Aramaic. The work of Orjan Svensson shows how the Israelite authors of the Runic Inscriptions encrypted messages within their script!

War with Syria is Looming. Former US Middle East envoy Dennis Ross said there is a danger of an Israeli-Syrian war breaking out this summer. "Nobody made a decision to go to war, but the Syrians are preparing themselves for one," "Syria has armed Hizbullah to the teeth – there needs to be a price tag for that," said Ross.

IDF uncovers 8 rocket launchers in Gaza. Givati Brigade troops operating in northern Strip uncover Qassam launchers, some of them installed with a timer. Hamas said it fired two rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel on Friday. At the same time UN secretary-general expressed “deep concern” over IDF's activity in Gaza. (No ‘concerns' about Qassam launchers and rockets sent at Jews!)

UK Political Prostitution. Twenty British lawmakers want to engage Hamas after its help in freeing BBC reporter Alan Johnston in Gaza, ignoring the fact that the Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit whom Hamas-led raiders kidnapped a year ago is still in captivity. (If not anti-Semitism, what is British lawmakers motivation to support the terrorist organization?)

Saudi Arabia – Evil Kingdom.


WASHINGTON: The US House of Representatives has voted to deny all aid (largely symbolic - $2.5million in 2005) to Saudi Arabia. Similar measures on aid to Saudi Arabia have been passed by the House before, but bypassed by President George W. Bush, using a loophole that had allowed the administration to waive these bans by invoking requirements of ‘the war on terror’:

1. Hamas received more than 50 per cent of its financing from Saudi Arabia, and last month alone, the Saudi Government planned to send $300million to the Islamist group.

2. The Saudi government of undermining US military efforts by making "no official move" to stop about 3000 Saudi nationals fighting US troops in Iraq.

3. Sheik Saleh al-Liuhaidan, head of the Saudi Arabian judiciary, had approved the transfer of money and men to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (former head of al-Qa'ida in Iraq).

4. Up to 61per cent of suicide bombers in Iraq were of Saudi Arabian descent.

5. Saudi clerics continued to preach hate towards the US, Israel and their allies, while the Government cracked down against those calling for democratic reforms.

6. More than 40 Saudis are fighting with Fatah al-Islam terrorist group against Lebanese army in Palestinian camp near Tripoli

The US should not be rewarding Saudi Arabia for "their record of broken promises and disturbing terrorist ties" said congresswoman Shelley Berkley. (War in Iraq can be considered as a diversion of public opinion from real culprit and facilitator of international Islamic terrorism - Saudi Arabia, the country, which made the family of US president Bush rich! – There were 15 out of 19 hijackers during 9/11 attack on United States, who were citizens of Saudi Arabia!)