Yin and Yang of ME Politics

by Steven Shamrak, July 2005

Just one day after the London bombings by Islamic terrorists, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced, quite inappropriately, the G8's 9 billion dollar 'aid package' to the Palestinian Authority (PA). For the next three years the infrastructure of terror will receive an extra 3 billion dollars a year from Western countries. Arab Palestinian terrorists are so happy and grateful for this generous gift! To leave no doubt of their appreciation they unleashed suicide bombers and a rain of rockets on the Israeli population.

What a 'wonderful' gift!  I wonder how many more Jews will have to die from bombs purchased using the money from Israel's ‘friends’? How many families of suicide bombers will receive generous pensions for the 'achievements' of their sons? How many Arab schools - actively propagating hate, martyrdom and Jihad - will benefit from this disgusting 'generosity'?

Nobody pays attention to the fact that the same ideology of hate motivates Arab Palestinian terrorists in Israel and Al-Qaida 'militants' worldwide. Billions of dollars are flowing into the hands of PA terrorists each year. They promised peace at Oslo. But the terror never stopped!

In 1992, United Nations Security Council Resolution 799 reinforced the Fourth Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949 to all the 'Palestinian' territories occupied by Israel since 1967, and affirms that deportation of (any) civilians constitutes a contravention of its obligations under the Convention. The resolution does not exclude Jews. Sharon and his cronies are in the process of violation of International Law! They must be charged with crimes against humanity and stand trial! The silence and inaction of the UN has exposed the deep anti-Semitic nature of the organisation and has nullified the Law, which was adopted with the prime purpose of preventing Jews from taking control of Jewish ancestral land.

Since the International community has not objected, but actually strongly supported, the forceful deportation of Jews from Gaza by Sharon government, the option of re-settlement of Arabs from the Jewish lands has become appropriate and legitimate from the point of view of International Law! The money can be better spent on repatriation of all Arab population from Jewish land to 22 Arab states or Sinai. This is a viable option, not racism, and it has been used many times to resolve international conflicts. This could stop the Arab-Israeli conflict. Nothing else has worked so far!

This decisive action could send a strong message to Islamic terrorists and their masters in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria etc… - subscribers to the Islamic Expansionism, that Western democracies are serious about War on Terror!

But are they?