WORLD CONFLICTS Why Focus on Israel?

Compiled by Steven Shamrak

Researchers have calculated that since 3600 BC, there have been 14,531 wars resulting in 3 billion deaths over the years (current world population: 5 billion).  Peace prevailed for a total of only 292 years on earth, about 5% of the time.

Most of the major conflicts in the world are sparked and sustained by extreme Muslim ideology. Islamic expansionistic drive, disrespect toward beliefs of others, that is what motivates modern day barbarians. Millions have been killed and displaced by those conflicts. This is a short list of some of the main current world conflicts inspired by Islam:

Algeria vs. Islamic Groups Religious vs. Secular Rule

Iraqis: Sunni vs. Shi'ite vs. Kurds Religious and Territory

India vs. Kashmir, Pakistan Territory and Religious

Indonesia vs. Irian Jaya and Aceh Autonomy and Religious

Philippines vs. Muslim Separatists Territory and Religious

Sudan vs. People's Liberation Army Ethnic and Religious

Yugoslavia vs. Kosovo Territory, Ethnic and Religious

Russia vs. Chechens Territory, Ethnic and Religious

Thailand vs. South Muslim Separatists Religious and Territory

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ISLAM is not a peaceful religion Map of Islam Motivated Conflicts. - scroll down to see the map.

Ongoing World Conflicts.