Will Professional Boycotters Retaliate?

by Steven Shamrak

The Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank fired a Christian employee who refused to wear a scarf to cover her hair as part of uniform for female staff. Salameh said that she “refused to wear the partial head cover because it is against my principles,” and is religious coercion. “The bank uniform registered at the trade and industry ministry does not include wearing anything to cover my hair,” she added.

Hijab - traditional Muslim dress - is not required by law in Jordan and not all Muslims, let alone non-Muslims, choose to wear it. Queen Raina of Jordan is frequently seen in public and on TV without a headscarf. She has stressed that all women should have the right to choose whether to adopt hijab.

Just imagine how much news it would create if a Muslim woman was sacked by a Western bank for her religious beliefs! This is a perfect opportunity for Israel’s antagonists to prove that they are not anti-Semites. Will they protest against this act of discrimination and call for boycott of Dubai oil and its banks?

There have been many anti-Israel boycotts instigated in recent history by so-called Palestinian supporters. Those people who have been supporting them have a perfect opportunity now to prove that they are not anti-Semites. Will they start a boycott movement against the Dubai Islamic Bank? Will they exercise the same ferocity and zealousness protesting against Muslim countries, including Palestinian Authorities for discriminating against Christians and other minorities? Will they protest against discrimination and abuse of women? How many Westerners must rot in Islamic prisons of so-called friendly to the West Muslim countries and denied justice in the shadow of deafening silence due to the Western countries’ oil dependency?