Why is Israel the first priority?

by Steven Shamrak, 2.04.03

Various large scale world atrocities and conflicts have occurred in the past few years: Saddam's annihilation of the Kurds, Syria's brutal occupation of Lebanon, East Timor, Tibet, Kosovo, Bosnia, Chechnya, conflict between India and Pakistan, North Korea, War in the Congo and Rwanda, Kashmir, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Bali, massacres in Algeria, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Philippines, West China, Bask region in Spain and France, Syria, the Lebanese civil war, and the Iran-Iraq conflict. The majority of the conflicts are instigated by Muslims against fellow Muslims or other ethnic and religious minorities.

There are many nations around the globe who once had their own statehood. They still maintain their unique national identity, culture, language and connection with the land:

The population of the Kurdish people is almost 35 million. Their homeland, Kurdistan, is divided between five countries. In his statements President Bush categorically rejected the idea of an independent state for Kurdish people - Kurdistan.

Basks, the ancient people of Europe are still divided and prosecuted by both France and Spain. Nobody is willing to even consider their independence. The EU is liberally vocal in expressing support for Arab-Palestinians but extremely mute about the future of the Bask people.

Addressing the question of Iraq President Bush and the other ally leaders felt a compulsion to raise the issue of a so-called Palestinian state. It is in spite of: there has never been an Arab or Muslim state in the territory called “Palestine”. Palestinians are just a mix of people from various neighbouring regions (some of them even came from Bosnia). Syrian Arabic is one of the most commonly spoken dialects among them. Their leader, Arafat, is Egyptian.

The war in central Africa claimed almost 3 million victims during the last decade. Nobody gave a damm! Still, Arab-Israel conflict is the top priority of US, EU and UN. All eyes are on Israel. I am still puzzled why?