Why all Solutions have Failed?

by Steven Shamrak

There are several commonly known solutions to the Israel-Palestinian conflict:

  1. Two-States solution – Israel and new state of Palestine.
  2. Palestinian autonomy - under Israel or Jordan supervision.
  3. One-State solution – Israel absorbing all enemy population.
  4. Jordan is Palestine – moving all so-called Palestinians to Jordan.

None of them have worked or will work!

The intentions of the PA/PLO/Hamas have always been destruction of the Jewish state, not independence! We also must not forget that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are part of Eretz-Israel - Jewish ancestral land!

All the above have failed because they require agreement and co-operation from the PA (Fatah and Hamas), Jordan, and Egypt. How has it worked so far? Anti-Israel international players, like the UN and the EU, have never missed an opportunity to condemn Israel, and they will not allow/agree to any settlement of the conflict which would bring peace to Jews.

 “The Sinai Option” (see below) – removal of a hostile population from Jewish land – is the only plan that has a chance to succeed!

“The plan can be implemented humanely and gradually under the supervision of the International community or Israel can execute it unilaterally…” when an opportunity presents itself.

“Israel must be ready to implement the SINAI OPTION at any time!”

There is one more option which all our enemies, including traditional international Anti-Semites, would like to succeed:

  1. One-State solution – Palestine, with no Jewish population remaining!

Would you like to see it implemented?