Why there are Israeli Arabs? Why Transfer Jews?

by Steven Shamrak.

Critics of Israel love to mention UN resolutions, but they do not like it when people in fact read them. Quite often interpretation of the UN resolutions has nothing in common with the actual text:

Resolution 181 (II). Future Government of Palestine, adopted on 29 November 1947, address the issue of citizenship of the future population of Palestine. http://domino.un.org/unispal.nsf/0/7f0af2bd897689b785256c330061d253?OpenDocument

Chapter 3 - Citizenship, international conventions and financial obligations

“Citizenship: Palestinian citizens residing in Palestine outside the City of Jerusalem, upon the recognition of independence, become citizens of the State in which they are resident and enjoy full civil and political rights.”

At the time of declaration of Israeli independence most Arabs were not residents of Israel, but the proposed Arab state. Therefore, they should be citizens of an Arab state. It is not Israel’s fault that Arabs rejected the UN partition plan.

“Persons over the age of eighteen years may opt, within one year from the date of recognition of independence of the State in which they reside, for citizenship of the other State, providing that no Arab residing in the area of the proposed Arab State shall have the right to opt for citizenship in the proposed Jewish State…”

The UN resolution allowed Jews to live outside the official border of the Jewish state. I would like to ask if Arabs are allowed to live in Israel, why Jews must leave territories, regardless of the outcome of future negotiations? Therefore, I would suggest that transfer of Jews from territories contradicts UN Resolution 181, as well as recent UN resolutions related to population transfer.

The issue of Jews living in the West Bank and Gaza is used as another propaganda decoy tactic. Most forgot by now ‘big and important issues’ like: construction of by-pass roads, Sharon’s visit to Temple Mount etc. They all have one purpose – To hide Arab’s intention, probably not only Arabs, to destroy Israel!