Who to Vote for?

by Steven Shamrak

Quite often, during election time in Israel, I have been asked: “Who would you vote for?” As a true believer in democracy and the Jewish tradition of respect for the rights of individual to “Free Will”, I am reluctant to advise people who to vote for, but I have no problem about pointing out who Israeli voters must not vote for.

Based on the experience of many decades and the performance by the Labor party and recent political creations like Kadima, I would strongly recommend voters in Israel to remove from the Knesset as many as possible members of:

Labor party. Since 1948, the Labor party has been the dominant political force in Israel. For decades it has used its political power to corrupt and infest governmental infrastructures, including defence and the Israeli judicial system, by its own cronies! (That is the reason why vitamin “P”- Protectsia – has become the most important ‘product’ in Israel). And now, the Labor party is actively promoting the bogus idea of a Two-state solution. It is willing to sacrifice more Jewish land and betray Jewish inspiration for the National homeland just for the need to stay in power and appeasement of our enemies, both old and new!

Kadima party. This is a new political innovation, just like the Shinui party of not long ago if you still remember it. Kadima was formed by corrupt and unscrupulous ‘political survivors’ who had opportunistically run away from the Labor and Lukud parties. These self-serving personalities, like Olmert, wanted to stay in power at any cost and needed to keep themselves protected from the law. That is why members of Kadima are in political unison with the Labor party.

Unfortunately, there is nothing can be done to change the ideologically skewed minds of the Meretz party supporters. I have never been able to understand why seemingly intelligent Jews with political affiliations to the Communist or Leftist ideologies are so motivated to facilitate the destruction of their own country and people. Don’t they understand that Islam is repulsed by their principles and hates their guts even more then Zionism! How is it compatible with their ideology?

I just hope that this time common sense and true political integrity will prevail, and parties like Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Habayit Hayehudi, Ichud Leumi and Shas will set aside their differences and focus on the achievement of the Jewish National goal, Eretz-Israel!