Where are Watch-dogs of Democracy?

by Steven Shamrak

There is no real democracy in any Muslim country. Islamist movements are driven by ideological hate and terror. They will not bring, and are not intended to bring democracy or even the appearance of economic or social normality to their countries.

Considering an international policy point of view, including the treatment of Israel, there is no real difference who is sitting in the White House, Democrat or Republican. I am more concerned about the guardian of the democracy - the so-called free press! Where are brave investigating reporters?

Why don’t they ask tough questions about the current president of the United States? Like - Who did pay for his education? Why have he and his wife dropped their Illinois law licenses? Why was he awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his ‘intentions’ to bring peace?

Following the same pattern of selective reporting, the press also does not scrutinize the true agenda of Islamic expansion and terror, lead by the ‘friends’ of the US, Saudi Arabia and Iran; the failure and unwillingness of the Western democracies to effectively fight the “War on Terror”. Why is the extent of crimes committed by Muslims in the West swept under a carpet, as well as the persecution of foreign workers, including Westerners, in Arab countries?

Where are those watch-dogs of democracy? Why are they scared? Who paid them off? Or, have they been betraying us and our way of life willingly?