When Zionists became anti-Zionists

by Steven Shamrak

Likud and other supposed pro-Zionist parties voted recently against the bill extending the application of Israeli law in Judea and Samaria - Judea and Samaria Law.

After Israel freed Judea and Samaria in 1967, the law has been ratified every five years by the Knesset, giving Jews living there the same rights as citizens in Israel. If this bill is not approved before the 1st of July, it will create serious legal and other problems for over half a million Israeli citizens.

Zionism-minded parties must stop playing petty self-serving politics!

After four inconclusive elections, the ridiculous coalition government was assembled, just to keep Bibi Netanyahu from the PM office.

Members of the Likud party should have removed Bibi Netanyahu from the leadership of the party a long time ago. Any self-respecting politician who really cares about the political future of his party and stability of the country would resign from politics after so many defeats in elections!

The problem with political parties in Israel is that they are created in affiliation and loyalty to a particular political personality and not necessary to an ideology.