When People are Divided, Corruption Rules.

by Steven Shamrak.

A recent poll concluded that 37 percent of Israelis energetically dislike Orthodox Jews, 15 percent said the same of new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and 13 percent named settlers.

Unity of Jewish people is the goal we must achieve in order to free our land and fulfil the destiny of Jewish people. Regardless of common illusion, the unity was always problematic in Jewish society. Even before the establishment of the state of Israel.

First it was Socialist against Jewish nationalist (Labour vs Igun). Since than, most of the Israeli governments used perpetuated security matters and Arab terrorism as a smoke screen, which allowed them rule the country without any accountability.

Israel is being ruled by the principle “Divide and Conquer!” or to be more accurate “Divide and get Rich!” Corruption is the ruling party in Israel. It unites all Israeli politicians, regardless of their political affiliation.

When people are scared they do not care about a few million dollars pocketed by politicians. When people are divided by hate, they are not able to unite and make the government accountable for failure to stop and destroy the enemies, in spite of having military means, moral and legal rights. Disunited they elect the same gutless and self-serving mob.

For years the hate, that divides Israeli society, has been fostered and directed toward ‘Moroccan’, ‘Yemenites’, ‘Russians’, now Hareidis and Settlers. In order to keep people happy, a lip service is paid to ‘feel good’ slogans of Jewish unity and destiny during the international conferences and public meetings.

When we understand that we are one nation, we’ll be able to defeat all our enemies. First we must start with the self-serving, corrupt Jewish traitors!