This War Must not be in Vain

 by Steven Shamrak.

Since the Israel's Withdrawal from Gaza several months ago, Gaza has become a launching pad for various Arab terror groups. Over 1,000 rockets and an uncountable number of mortar shells were fired toward Israel. Last months attack on the security post and the kidnapping of an Israeli solder by Hamas was the last straw. If anyone thinks that all of this is just a random act of terror - they are mistaken.

The coordinated war against Israel had been waged even before the inception of the Jewish state. It had been carried out on the fields of battle and in the corridors of the United Nations (and League of Nations). It is well co-ordinated, greased by oil and anti-Semitism effort!

Immediately after the military escalation in Gaza, Hezbollah was prepared for military operations, with well planed attacks on Israeli border patrols and the firing of hundreds of long-range missiles. At the same time the diplomatic war was activated. It did not take long for Qatar to prepare and table an anti-Israel resolution in the U.N. Security Council. Contrary to the belief of many, the US support for Israel will not last long. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has already urged Israel to exercise restraint, as has President Bush.

Arab neighbours forced Israel to fight many wars against them. A while ago the late president of Egypt Saddat said: "We only need to win one war!" Fortunately for Jews, Israel has won each of them, so far. Every time Israel was about to end conflict by decisive victory over her Arab enemies the International community, including the USA, stepped in and denied Jews the victory by threat of military, economic and political actions against Israel.

The Lebanese government is responsible for Hezbollah's hostility against Israel. Since Israel left Lebanon in 2000, it disarmed all militias but Hezbollah. The Lebanese army was not deployed in Southern Lebanon and for years the group was given complete freedom of action. At the same time, the Olmert government, as the executioner of a Disengagement plan, is completely responsible for the escalation of Arab terror from Gaza. It is a well know fact that for Arab Palestinians nothing is going to be enough, even if Israel gives it all up: Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem. But gutless self-hating and corrupt Israeli politicians chose to ignore this fact!

For how long do Jews have to tolerate the stupidity of their own governments, the duplicity and blatant anti-Semitism of the International community and the openly expressed intention of Arab countries to destroy Israel? The time has come to use the military advantage Israel has at the moment and crush our enemies once and for all. Otherwise, with the rising oil crises and the world’s oil dependency, as well as possible development of Islamic WMD, it will be too late. Israel must regain full control over Jewish land and remove terror infested hostile populations from our land - Eretz-Israel. Israel must not miss this opportunity. We must act now!