Unity Needed Behind One Zionist Vision!

by Steven Shamrak

Not long ago over 1000 people came to Jerusalem and participated in the 3rd Conference on Israeli Sovereignty - please, watch this Youtube presentation - (here).

During his speech Moshe Feiglin, head of the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction of the Likud party, informed delegates that the amount of money Israel has spent on security since the Oslo Accords could pay every Arab family $500,000 to relocate from Jewish land (most of them would have happily moved out for much less)! The need for such expenditure is clear evidence that, in spite of all efforts and concessions Israel has made, the walls it has built and advanced weapons it has developed, Arabs will never agree to  peaceful co-existence with Jews - not just Jews!

The Conference also exposed a vital problem the Zionist movement is facing and urgently needs to address. It is its lack of united vision for the future of Jewish people! Delegates expressed diverse views about the future of Israel. Some of them still naively hope for “peaceful co-existence” with Israel’s genocidal neighbours. Others suggested granting so-called Palestinians autonomy, ignoring the fact that it will legalise the occupation of Jewish land by Israel’s enemies.

Most of those who spoke about Eretz-Israel, fearful of being branded as an extremist, were very careful to avoid mentioning the fact that Jordan comprises 77% of the Jewish land and is  currently occupied by Arabs and Bedouins. They also avoided any specifics related to the re-unification of the Land of Israel.

In order to unite Jewish people behind Zionist ideals, we need to set a true Jewish national agenda, including the reunification of all Jewish land and its liberation from enemy occupation. So-called Palestinians do not want and will never have peace with the Jewish state. This is well-proven, with the blood of many Jews - fact! We need courageous leadership, that will foremost care for the future of the Jewish people and could defeat not just enemies, this is the easy part, but withstand pressure from ‘friends’!