United We Can Achieve It!

Steven Shamrak

We write good articles full of facts supporting the rights of Israel to exist and exposing lies of our enemies, protest anti-Israel media bias, sign an endless stream of petitions, call our political representatives and still wonder why nothing has changed. Meanwhile, the situation in Israel is getting worse! All of these activities are very important, but in order to defeat our enemies and bring peace to Israel, if we honestly examine the history, we have to admit that these efforts will never change the world’s attitude toward Jews and Israel.  It has never really worked! Only a strong Israel and a self-respecting Jewish nation will be able to change the current ugly reality.

We must set our own goals, develop a plan of action and execute it. That’s what people do in sports, business and in their personal life to make a difference. The biggest secret is - any goal can be achieved - one just needs to have a burning desire, followed by action, to achieve it!

Our enemies love when we squander our time and resources on a rebuttal of their stupid accusations and anti-Israel smear campaigns. This takes our attention away from the pursuit of our national goals. Hazborah is an important part of the process of defeating enemy propaganda, but it leads nowhere without action toward reunification of all Jewish land, freeing it from Arab occupation and establishing all of Eretz-Israel!

Unfortunately we have corrupt and inept current Jewish political leadership in Israel and in the Diaspora at the moment! Therefore, only the network of people dedicated to true Zionist ideals can make a difference. Idealists who are united by one goal are needed!

Currently, our most important step must be to unite and combine our efforts  in order to become a more effective and formidable political force. The goal is much bigger than just promoting support for Israel, because unfortunately for quite a while Israeli governments have not been representing Zionism – the Jewish independence movement. There is another two-state solution, which may bring peace to Israel. It is the Sinai Option!

In order to achieve our goal we need less debate and more unity. Please, visit and read following links:


http://www.shamrak.com/sh_articles/EA_The Jewish National Goal.htm

http://www.shamrak.com/sh_articles/EA_Sinai Option.htm

Let me know if you would like to be involved and make a difference. I’ll try to match you with people in your area.