Ugly Blindness!

Temporary Knesset Speaker Shimon Peres, serving as such by virtue of his being the oldest of the Knesset Members after suicide bombing in Tel-Aviv. He said that the "Palestinian nation", which just three months ago voted overwhelmingly to entrust the Hamas terrorist organization with its government, is "not an enemy. It is a long-suffering people, most of which understands that they must live with us in peace." (Wishful thinking!)

Despite findings to the contrary, Peres said that terrorism is the enemy "of both peoples; not only our enemy, but also of the Palestinians." Just last month, a poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research found that 52.4% PA Arabs support "armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel." Close to a third of those who support the attacks said they "strongly support" them.

Like Peres, President Katzav sidestepped the overwhelming majority by which Hamas had just been elected to power when he said, "We want to believe that the political approach of the Hamas government is not the way of the Palestinians. I believe that most of the Palestinians support peace with Israel…” (Who commits the attacks against Jews? - The people who “understands that they must live with us in peace” - Arabs! I have not seen the outrage or protests against the terror attacks and in support of peace by, so-called, "Palestinian nation". Who do Peres and Katzav deceive? Self-deception was the Jewish self-indulgence seventy years ago. It cost us cost the 6 million Jewish lives. Only Sinai Option or similar plans that include complete transfer of all Arab population from all Jewish lands can bring peace, prosperity and happiness to Israel!)