Two-State Concept is Path to War!

by Steven Shamrak.

It looks like Donald Trump has begun playing the same game as all Presidents of the United States before him, since the establishment of Israel.

Apparently, regardless of what he said publicly, he ignores those around him who tried to explain him that a two-state concept is not viable. He is talking now about making a deal, as a way of reviving the two-state solution from death. By doing so, he is setting himself for a failure, as most of the previous ‘ambitious’ occupiers of the White house.

He fails to understand, or pretends to, that the fake Palestinians and their leadership in particular have no intention to have peace with Israel or plans for creation their own state. Because the destruction of Israel is the agenda of the enemies of the Jews and they used the artificially created fake people as a tool to achieve it!

Quite soon, President Trump will learn that the so-called Palestinians will not become rational. They are not going to give up their dream of destroying Israel. Creating a new Arab Muslim state may not even be their intention. They will not submit to his powers of persuasion or will agree with Jared Kushner that Jews have a history and affiliation with the land. They do not care about the concept of sharing the land, and living side by side in peace with anyone. It is not in their blood - Muslims are not even able to do it among themselves, forget about Jews!

Abbas will tell Trump that he wants to live in peace with Israel on the 1967 lines with Jerusalem as the capital of a new Muslim state, where Jews will not be allowed to live. He will tell that if Israel agrees to that and to the right of return of millions of fake refugees to Haifa, Jaffa, Safed... there will be peace.

All parties know that this is lie, and completely unreasonable and unacceptable demands. This would be suicidal for Israel to accept these conditions. But they still play the two-state stupidity game and Israel has continuously been humiliated in the process!

As the first step to self-destruction, Israel has to move over 400,000 Jews out of Judea and Samaria! It has been done before – Jews were removed from Trans-Jordan, to facilitate peace with Arabs in 1922; 8,500 Jews were forcefully removed from Gaza, in the name of peace, in 2005. As a result, there were more assaults from Arab/Muslim states, more wars and thousands of rockets were fired from Hamas controlled Gaza!

The PA is not going to take 300,000 ‘Palestinians’ living beyond the Green Line in Greater Jerusalem of course or 2,5 million Arabs residents of Israel. Why is it out of the question?

At first they have been playing a victim game, after that a foot-hold is obtained over land which is not under Israel’s control, Gaza. Next step is to make more demands and unleash more terror. If Israel agrees to the PA demands, the Arab population will be eventually used to advance the agenda of Israel destruction through terror and intimidation.

Nobody cares that Abbas does not control Hamas and many other Palestinian terror groups, and that ISIS is moving in. The only thing that restrains them from killing each other is the common hate toward Israel and Jews!

So far, most presidents have tried to make history, at the expense of the Jewish state, by attempting to create a Palestinian state on Jewish land! This has never worked! It has only created opportunities for a new escalation of violence or war.

Unfortunately, the government of Israel is weak. Netanyahu should unequivocally explain to President Trump that a two state solution is dead end, and is a curtain path to war and not peace.

Ceding more of Jewish land to enemies is not an option. Israeli must exercise sovereignty over all our land! There are many peace options that can accommodate Palestinian independence ambition, if they have one. But they have not been seriously considered or even acknowledged. We can endlessly talk about them, but the main prerequisite to all of them to work is in the answer to a simple question – Do Palestinians want peace with Israel? At the moment, we can only say “Let wait and see” if he really has intention to “Drain the Swamp”! His first test will be on 2nd of June.