Triumph or Blunder of Democracy.

by Steven Shamrak.

This letter was sent to the “Australia Jewish News” newspaper.

It could be said that the fact that 128 Jews have been able to create yet another Jewish organization dedicated to criticizing Israel is a tribute to the triumph of democracy in Australia.

I have been publishing an Internet editorial for over five years, covering the Arab-Israel conflict from a Jewish national prospective and promoting the ideas of the original Zionists. Throughout all of this time, not one of my many critics has been able to name even one Muslim/Arab organization which would openly and completely support Israel’s right to exist. Not one, anywhere in the world!

I have been trying, with little success, to form a Jewish group in support of true Zionism in Australia but anti-Israel organizations, driven predominately by Jews, are popping up like mushrooms. It is amazing how many Jews seem to be willing to provide moral support to the enemies of the State of Israel in particular and the Western world in general.

Why should this democratic right of freedom of expression only be limited to the right to criticize Israel? Why is Israel blamed for the problems that were created by Arab/Muslim countries with the enthusiastic assistance of a hypocritical International community? Why are most Jews, who are living in democratic countries, still scared, and unable to proudly and openly support the Jewish national liberation movement – Zionism?