The Promised Land and Political Stupidity.

by Steven Shamrak.

It started two millennia ago. Zionism is the inspiration of the Jewish peoples to return to the land of their ancestors. Promises that the barren land of Palestine would be returned to Jews had been given many times, by various rulers. Unfortunately, promises to Jews are often not kept! Compromise after compromise, more and more Jewish land was given to Arabs. Desperate and politicly paralysed, by leftist ideology, Jewish leaders accepted humiliation from Europeans, Americans and United Nations. As a result, since 1946, Jordan and Syria have been occupying 82% of Jewish land. Any International acceptance of this fact does not make it right or fair!

After 56 years of independence Jews still are not able to take control of their own destiny in their own country. It is hard to imagine what would have happened if Zionist leaders had settled for the creation of a Jewish state in Tasmania or Uganda, where Jews have no historical or legal grounds at all. We must be grateful to Jabotinsky and his Russian Zionist fraction for rebuking those ridiculous ideas.

Israel has never been given a chance to consolidate her victories and establish peace. Time after time the International community robbed Jewish people of their victories over aggressive Arab states. In retrospect, it has proven to be an erroneous policy.  Arabs are not enemies of Israel only.  The language of power is the message they understand. And now all Western societies are paying the price for this mistake!

During the last twelve years many ridiculous plans and agreements were pronounced and even sighted. None of them are advancing the prospects of peace, only obliteration of the Jewish state. Most ludicrous ideas are still coming from the self-doubting Jewish leadership. Only recently we heard of the ‘Gaza Disengagement’. The plan will not bring peace but encourage more Arab terror and International pressure on Israel to make more concessions. It will destroy whatever residue of Jewish national unity remains!

There is a pressure on Israel to adopt the Fourth Geneva Convention. The US lead coalition had a free hand in fighting ‘insurgents’ and supporting the population in Iraq and Afghanistan, existing countries. At the same time, Palestine had never existed and Arab Palestinians are supporting terrorism. The International status of territories is not changed. They are still ‘Disputed Territories’, only because Arabs made illegitimate claims. Why impose double standards on Israel? Why should Israel treat Arab terrorists differently?

When will this stupidity of Israel’s political system stop? Those Israeli politicians and public officials who do not believe in the Jewish state on Jewish land should put their personal ambitions aside and leave office. Let others do the job!