The First Step.

by Steven Shamrak

This is not just another nice reading material, it is a call for action!

The time for action has come! By voting for Hamas the Palestinian Arabs declared clearly that they support the destruction of Israel. Now, more than ever, Jews must unite behind the Jewish National Goal (JNG): "Jewish people have the right to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land." Only our true friends will support us in this endevor, the false ones will always find the ways to sabotage our efforts.

Unfortunately, we can't rely on the leadership of the official Jewish organizations, including Zionist ones. They are completely convoluted by apathy and self-serving interests. Therefore, the creation of a grass-roots Jewish National movement, actively dedicated to the achievement of the Jewish National Goal, is the only alternative.

Jews dont want to be victims any more! It is up to each one of us to say: "I can make a difference!" and "If not me, then who; if not now, then when?" or "God helps him who helps himself." Therefore, become active and take your first step:

1.      Learn facts and become familiar and comfortable with them. Facts are on our side.

2.      Talk to your friends and members of your community and form an active local Jewish group. Members must completely and unquestionably agree and support the idea of the Jewish National goal.

3.      Participate in the activities of your community. Challenge and refute any anti-Zionist rhetoric publicly and privately. Educate members of your community about the facts behind the Arab-Israel conflict and Jewish rights in the Holy Land. Teach them self-pride and self-respect. Be confident and concise in your communications. Most Jews are afraid to speak up, but they will share your ideas if you become their champion!

4.      Talk to your local non-Jewish groups. Let them know your intentions and gain their trust and support. Introduce them to the factual truth behind the Arab-Israel conflict and the Jewish right to the land of our ancestors. You’ll be surprised how many Jewish and non Jewish supporters are out there.

5.      Do not involve yourself in useless and endless polemic with Muslim and anti-Israel organizations or individuals. It gives them a feeling of legitimacy! They ignore the facts and base their views on hatred and self hatred.

6.      Contact people you know somewhere else and help them create a group in their locality.

7.      Contact your friends and relatives living in Israel and explain to them the importance of remaining optimistic and focused on JNG! (They need to understand what effect the long-term exposure to random Arab terrorism has on them and their political views.

8.      Let your community leaders know that inaction is not an option any more. The old way is insane, self-destructive and will lead to another Holocaust!

It is important to understand that the Jewish National aspirations are about Jewish identity and the rights of the Jewish people. By definitive actions toward the JNG we will be able to establish true peace in the Middle East.

Notes: 1. JNG is not negotiable! We do not want to waste time and energy on useless and endless arguments about essential Jewish rights. 2. In order to avoid any ambiguity and misunderstandings, I deliberately put "all" in the JNG statement