The Arab Spring and anti-Semitism

by Steven Shamrak

Some people are trying to explain the failure of so-called “Arab Spring” by blaming it on the anti-Semitic attitude of Arab ‘revolutionaries’.

What a BULL!

It is like saying that Nazis failed to take over the world because anti-Semitism. In the past there were people who tried to justify the failure of Nazi Germany by blaming it on anti-Semitic policy. Quite an opposite, solidarity with the Nazi anti-Semitic policy partially could be blamed for the delay of the opening of the Western front - Churchill wanted to open it in Greece.

During the WWII none of the concentration camps, not even a single railway line or a bridge leading to them, were bombed by the Western Allies or the Soviet bombers. The anti-Semitic attitude is the only policy all international bigots - Communists, Nazis, Democrats, dictators of all sorts and Islamists - have in common! It allows them to control and manipulate common idiots easily.

Through their history, Jews have been blamed for everything: for evil of Capitalism and Communism and for any political or economic failure of all and any political system or ruler.

"Arab Spring" has been hijacked by Islamists because there was never meant to be true democracy in a Muslim country!

The reason why both, Muslim dictators and 'revolutionaries’ resort to anti-Semitism is because it is easy to control idiots and the Muslim mob loves and supports the hate - and not just toward Jews - but for all “Infidels”!