Talks Off and On Again.

by Steven Shamrak.

Israel has officially severed contact with Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), following last Thursday’s Gaza-district terrorist attack and his stated refusal to fight terrorism. Six Israelis were killed in a Gaza Strip bomb attack.

Sharon said that PA security forces have not "lifted a finger" to combat terrorism. The bombers and gunmen who carried out the attack were let through several levels of PA security to reach the targeted area.

Raanan Gissin said that the Israeli army had its hands free to launch operations because the PA, although it has 30,000 armed men in the Gaza, has not lifted a finger to stop the terrorists from acting and killing Israelis. "Under no circumstances can we allow Israelis to continue to be killed or the pullout from the Gaza Strip to be executed under fire," he said.

Just empty words and charade, including the game played with military response. No real actions are taken. Business as usual: “Cops and Robbers”. Talks had been tried and failed many times before. They do not work! It took one week, one empty promise from Arabs and Israel is reversing a total ban on contacts with the PA. No wonder, Arabs are still believe in and do not reject terrorism!

The ‘wishful thinkers’ refuse to face the truth and admit reality – Nothing will change the Arab’s attitude! It is time to pursue the original Jewish resolution of the conflict!