Silence Doesn’t Work!

by Steven Shamrak.

Someone must scream because the lives of Jewish people are in danger again! You have to ask:

1. Where does the policy of endless concessions, uncertainty and stupidity of withdrawal lead Israel to? – Self-destruction!

2. What results have previous concessions brought to Israel and Jewish people? – Escalation of terror and an increase of anti-Semitism world-wide!

Only strong, decisive, actions against our enemies can stop terror and re-gain self-respect and respect of others, including anti-Semites.

The rights of Jewish people to live in peace on all Jewish land must not be the subject of the Left or Right of politics, or be subjected to political revisionism of history.

People have to consider the history (ancient and modern), knowledge of facts, human psychology before they form an opinion about the Arab-Israel conflict. The time has come to say - Enough!