“Road to Nowhere” - Business as Usual

by Steven Shamrak (05.05.2003)

PHASE-1: ENDING TERROR AND VIOLENCE, NORMALIZING PALESTINIAN LIFE, AND BUILDING PALESTINIAN INSTITUTIONS. The plan calls for: An unequivocal statement reiterating Israel's right to exist in peace and security; Immediate and unconditional cease-fire; End all armed activity and acts of violence against Israelis anywhere; End of incitement against Israel. Visible efforts on the ground to arrest disrupt and restrain individuals and groups conducting and planning violent attacks on Israelis must be taken. Has it ever happened before? Is it going to happen now?

An old formula of two-state solution is offered again. Did you notice a relative silence after the “Road Map” was publicly disclosed? Even the Tenet plan created some excitement for a week. The great minds of UN, US, EU and Russia worked on this plan! It had been promoted as the solution to the Arab-Israel conflict. It is a shame that so much energy and time was wasted on recycling of unworkable ideas.

For many years, plans based on the same faulty premise, did not work! It is a common practice in science and engineering – if something does not work – a different approach ought to be considered. It’s called lateral thinking. But nobody is even interested in hearing alternative ideas!

There is already an Arab-Palestinian state, Jordan, where 70% of the population is “Palestinians”. It occupies 77% of the territory once called “Palestine”. The population relocation plan was presented to the League of Nations over 90 years ago. It was successfully implemented by several countries. It works! It is a proven, practical and moral solution!

Arabs have never seriously considered performing those “comprehensive security moves”. They have never abandoned the idea of total destruction of Israel and use the peace process as a tactical political maneuvering. Israel, for them, is a test ground of terror tactics now implemented worldwide.

I do not know any precedent when the creation of an utterly new country is declared (PHASE-2) prior to agreement on borders (PHASE-3).

It is written in The Book that Jews are the Chosen people, but not stupid!

It is “business as usual”. Israel again will be under pressure to make concessions, in spite of continuation of terror! The World community is unwilling to step out of the same useless frame of mind in search of a solution for the Arab-Israel conflict. Why would they think that the same stale and pointless ideas will bring a “happy marriage” now?

PS: One can still find and view PLO/PA’s a map of the intended state at  (Please, look at a top-center-right map – all Israel is covered by ‘Green’!)