Right Wing Extremism?

by Steven Shamrak

Point 1: Most people base their ideas and opinions on emotions, beliefs and assumptions, not on facts. Blinded by personal psycho-emotional history, we dismiss out of hand the logic of the facts and create assumptions to fit and support our own belief systems.

Point 2: Completely opposite ideologies: Communists, Socialists, Fascists, many Christian branches and Islamists find themselves united on one issue only – Hatred of the Jewish State. At the same time, the Western democracies, Russia and the Arab states are quite happy to maintain instability in the Middle-East region, which allows them to raise the price of oil, using Israel as a scapegoat.

Quite often I am accused of being a Right wing propagator. I wonder why? I do not promote Communism or Capitalism. and I am not a member of any political party. I can't understand why, in relation to Israel’s right to exist and to the right of Jewish people to live in peace on the land of their ancestors there are Right or Left wing political points of view. Isn't it supposed to be a point of view based on historical facts? Why do those ‘bleeding-heart liberals’ jump with unconditional support for any national minority liberation movement, but not the Jewish one?

Just because I do not support the stupid ‘political correctness’ of current the Jewish leadership, do not like the self-hating attitude of many Jews (which has been developed after the sanctuaries of enduring anti-Semitism) and refuse to bow to Jew-haters – it does not make the Right wing extremist. But, because I base my conclusions on facts, logic and self-respect it makes me Right!