Racism or Religious Hate in Australia

by Steven Shamrak

Before accusing Australians of racism, which is partially true, we must look at the facts and background of the violence in Sydney.

For many years Muslim youth, particularly Lebanese, continuously perpetrated acts of hate toward the non-Muslim community, including the gang rape of several Australian girls. Prior to the outbreak of violence on Cronulla beach, three life-guards were abused and assaulted by Muslim youth. It was the last straw for some Australians.

The indiscriminate riots of hate that followed are not justifiable by any racial tension. Innocent people were injured. Cars and businesses were destroyed. It was an act of religious hatred performed by Australian Muslim radicals. The same ugly acts of hate were performed by Muslim rioters in France, Belgium and Denmark not long ago.

This is not racism but the global religious conflict inspired by radical Islam Wahabism - ideology that propagates hate toward all Infidels: Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus. All heart-broken liberals and do gooders are on this hate list too! The time of inept political correctness has passed. The sooner we face the truth, the faster the problem can be resolved.