Reflecting on ABC Justifications

by Steven Shamrak (comments on ABC online article)

Some Western and Muslim apologists for Islam are trying make justifications and clarifications in order to present ISIS as a fringe of the Muslim religion. Often the “silent majority” is mentioned, which is suspiciously silent. At the same time, imams and mullahs, even in the Western countries, are reluctant to openly condemn ISIS, the same as they have not come forward with condemnations of Al Qaida, Boko Haram, Jemaah Islamiyah, Islamic brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah – the list is too long!

They claim that Islamic State is representative of true Islamic teachings. The Australian official ABC news service, supposed to be balanced and unbiased according to the law, but in fact infested by leftist anti-Western stooges. Let’s review what they write and brain-wash Australian tax-payers with:

“The ideology of the Islamic State, to which the media typically refers with the initials ISIS, which stands for "the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria", is based on a complex system of fallacies that cut the sacred texts from their context, and on a series of devious stratagems that select from the corpus of the law what satisfies their twisted minds.”

Does it include countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, most of Afghanistan and a big part of Pakistan, where Sharia law is widely practised and enforced by beheading, cutting limbs and severe punishment by lashing? Are all of them inhabited by “twisted minds”? If so, good addition!

Another Muslim justification is: “The actions of ISIS contradict the Sharia, their claims to a caliphate are invalid, and fighting against them is an obligation for those in the region in order to dismantle their criminal entity.”

They do not actually say that ISIS is evil and is against teaching of Islam, but that the organisation has wrongly made: “claims to a caliphate”!

“The strength of Muslims is not in their numbers or material resources, but rather in their belief, humility and obedience to Allah Almighty.” Lest despair arise over the proliferation of this criminal group, I bear glad tidings to Muslims that victory over these Khawarij (enemies of the Caliphate) is imminent. Whoever dies at the hands of this group is the best of martyrs, and whoever remains patient shall be rewarded and shall witness victory.

This statement has another hidden message to Muslims, which advises them to be patient, but has the same intention and motivation. It tells potential “martyrs” to stand by and act later in order to reap a bigger reward and witness the victory of Islam! By referring to Khawarij, so-called apologies for Islam actually told Muslims in the West that victory over enemies of the Caliphate - Christians, Jews and all other infidels - is coming!

It looks like ISIS has the same goal as Muslim leaders in the Western countries, as well as Wahhabi rules of Saudi Arabia, who have been actively financing Islamic terror organisations, Islamic studies in universities around the world, especially in the West, and building mosques to justify future expansion of Islam! And the cynical part of the message is that these so-called moderate Muslim leaders are using the Western media to deliver their hidden militant Wahabi message!

“The distance between ISIS and the noble qualities of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) is as vast as the distance between the east and the west.”

They made this ‘lip service’ statement, which is immediately complimented by:

The followers of ISIS are destroying the religion from within, replacing the corpus of knowledge and principles of legal judgments with the words of ignorant men.”

As I wrote ISIS use the same Saria laws as the Saudi Arabia, but Islamic apologists worry mainly about divisiveness of the Islamic State, which kills not just infidels but Shi’a Muslims and members of other brands of Islam.

I just wonder when will the members of the Western left realise that they are the primary target of the any self-respecting Islamic movement. All of them hate not just the Western style democratic liberalism, but even more the godless commies, socialists, homosexuals, feminists etc! Have you got the message?