Prevailing Threat to Jewish Nation

by Steven Shamrak

They say “when in Rome do what Romans do!” Unfortunately, for almost 2000 years too many Jews have been following this saying, creating great existential danger to a nation of the Chosen people.

Assimilation is a common issue that many minor ethnic and cultural groups face when they are conquered by or interact with dominant national or religious cultures. Quite often, it leads to complete absorption into the governing societies - complete disintegration and disappearance of the unique culture of the minor ethnic or religious population.

Since its inception the Jewish people have continuously been exposed to this kind of existential threat from many dominant kingdoms and religions.

Though the history many Jews have been abandoned the membership of the unique nation under duress or willingly, adopting the culture of the rulers - during the time of ancient Egypt, Babylonian exile, Roman Empire, Christian Crusaders and Inquisition, as well as during and after the horrors of the Holocaust. Many of our brothers and sisters yielded to the threat of extermination or have surrendered to a temptation of better and more prosperous life or the illusion of personal safety if they confirm to the anti-Semitic dominance of Christian or Muslim neighbours.

During the Roman Empire, almost 2000 years ago, the Jewish population was 8 million, similar to the population of the Han ethnic majority of China which is around 1.2 billion now. Since the end of WWII, Jewish population has remained almost the same, around 12 million. The population of many other nations have tripled or quadrupled at the same time!

The biggest drawback of Jewish assimilation is the fact that many Jewish converts into Christianity or Islam, or the ones who lost the knowledge about their Jewish ancestry, due to the strong impulse to prove that they are good ‘Arians’, became active participants of the anti-Semitic drive that is often unleashed against Jews by dominating idiots. Some of them have become leading Inquisitors, Communists, Fascists and even Islamists!

For example, not long ago the most active anti-Semite, Csanad Szegedi - a founding member of the Hungarian Guard far-right party, discovered his Jewish roots. Before that he was elected into Hungarian parliament on the neo-Nazi party ticket and wrote a highly anti-Semitcally charged book.

The biggest threat to Israel and the future of the Jewish people is coming from the Jewish community of the United States. It is a six million strong, but divided and is weakened by the assimilation and political apathy. As a result many of them have subscribed to anti-Israel propaganda which has been successfully run by the US government and media. We must not forget that the similar level of complacency Jews had in pre-war Germany!

Jews around the world need to realize this existential threat to all of us from the current wave of assimilation. We need to regain self-respect, pride and understanding of the uniqueness of the Jewish nation, which has survived the enduring horror of persecutions.

Despite of almost two millennia of discrimination and genocides, the Jewish people have always been the vanguard and exceptional contributors to the advancement of the host countries/kingdoms and to the progress of humanity - from spirituality to successful trade/business and financial blood-line of societies; from art to advancement of science and technology!

In order to secure the future of the Jewish nation and fulfill our destiny we’ll have to make tough but necessary decisions. Occupation of the Jewish land must end and we have to stand up to international bigotry. But to do so we need establish coherent unity of our own first!