Polling of Unqualified Population is Dangerous.

by Steven Shamrak.

Americans likely to vote in November strongly believe the United States should take Israel’s side in its conflict with the Palestinians, according to a poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. Sixty percent of those who say they will cast their ballots in the presidential election support Israel, according to a poll. Some 85 percent of respondents supporting Republican candidate Sen. John McCain, 62 percent backing Sen. Barack Hussein Obama and 58 percent of those for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton say America should stand with Israel during the current Israel-Palestinian conflict.

At the same time, 84 percent of respondents support a two-state solution and ceding Jewish land in order to create another terror infested Arab state. Of course the question about a two-state solution was not presented to the participants in the poll this way, otherwise most of them would have said “No” and it would contradict US foreign policy and the intentions of the ‘politicly correct’, if not self-hating, Jewish organisation which commissioned the poll! It is easy to manipulate public opinion by asking loaded or vague questions, or after exposing the population to a cleverly designed propaganda campaign. It is dangerous to base any policy on unqualified public opinion! Public support of the war in Iraq five years ago is a good example.

No one has asked the opinion of lay people about “Cold Fusion”. Most people don’t even know what it is. But, everyone has an opinion about Israel, the future of Jewish land, and is willing to express it. It is even unethical to poll a population which has no knowledge about a subject. Dictators, unscrupulous politicians and their masters have been manipulating public opinion to provide backing for their shady intentions.

Most Americans support Israel, but have not thought what the land of Israel, Eretz-Israel, means for Jews. They have not even questioned the legitimacy and intentions behind the Arab claim for Jewish land or the viability of a two-state solution.

Interestingly, the poll has shown that more than 50 percent supporters of anti-Israel candidates, Clinton and Obama, care about Israel. But, have those supporters bother to read what Clinton or Obama have said about the Arab-Israel conflict in the past or study their candidates’ foreign policy platform toward Israel? Do they really know the candidates they intend to vote for? Democracy must not be blind!